The tech world was set on fire yesterday with images of what appeared to be a nearly-assembled next-generation iPhone. While we’ve seen similar parts, separately, over the past few months, put together they seemed to carry a lot more weight.

But if you’re still having a hard time with the proposed two-tone design, or feel like it doesn’t differ enough from its predecessor, you may want to check out this video. It shows the claimed partially assembled next-gen iPhone in all of its glory…

As you can see, the parts in the video look very similar to the ones we saw in yesterday’s images (they may even be the same ones). First the camera zooms in on the inside of the back panel, then the front is added, and finally we see a side view.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this clip is that it shows the new iPhone in a person’s hands. This gives us a better idea of the size of the device. And as far as we can tell, it’s taller than the current model, and considerably thinner.

The screen in particular is noticeably elongated, and is roomy enough to fit the rumored 4-inch Retina display. The device is also slimmer than its predecessor, likely thanks to its in-cell touch panel and smaller dock connector. Previous reports have suggested that the sixth-generation iPhone is 7.6mm thin, compared to the 9.7mm iPhone 4S.

So what we’re [potentially] looking at here is a new iPhone with a larger display, a much thinner profile — 2mm thinner, so imagine as thin as the metal band by itself from the iPhone 4/4S — and substantially upgraded internals, including LTE and a faster processor. Oh, and it also has a newly-designed back plate which you may or may not like.

Sounds good to us.

Of course, we won’t know for sure what the real thing looks like until we see it waived on stage at a media event. But at least we don’t have long to wait. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone on Wednesday, September 12.


  • Love it or Hate it, Everyone will still most likely buy it

    • Not me! They allready got smashed by Samsung this Q.
      Bringing this not so changed design that looks worse will not help.
      The blue GS3 looks better than this sh**.
      Someone please confirm this is gonna be it I’ll get another phone right NOW!

      This is iphone 4 with less Class.
      On the other hand dont think Jony Ive will let this design fly !!!
      So my hopes is still somewhere to be found.

      • Wait so you decide which phone to buy by which company sold more?

      • Nahhhh… Wait to see how its going to look like not à 2 year old design.

      • and best of all he does not know how many s2 or s3 samsung sold. their numbers include their $100 smartphones all the way up to thier $600 smartphones, i think its around 50 different smartphones!

      • when iphone was ahead it was ahead of all these ”50 smartphones” too so what are you trying to say ?
        Sales went down due to the less interest for the iPhone 4S.

      • Just wondering what you and the rest of the world thought of the original iphone? The two toned design on the back sold like hot cakes. So……?

      • 2007 ?
        the year you left pre-kindergarten

      • Are you replying to me?….

      • Iphone is the number one phone and most desired phone no matter what android makes…

  • Just hope this isn’t the next iPhone …. The speaker grills and dock connector and the tall screen look downright ugly …

    • yup making it only taller is a bad idea… need to be evenly scaled.. but there are no other parts or indcators of other designs floating around any more so tis is it..

  • Kok Hean

    Seems legit.

  • I dont really think this would be the new iPhone, until the video got pulled of YouTube. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

    • Remember, CEO changed, Philosophy changed, so we can’t know.

  • Pretty confident this is just a shell that was used for testing, if they were planning to redesign the iPhone, they wouldn’t make it this similar. I don’t even give rumors much hope anymore, after they were so dead wrong last year.

    • yes they would just as they dud with the

  • plp will buy it of course – no matter how it looks. they spent so much money in apps that it would just hurt too much to switch to android. consumers are kind of trapped through the app store.

    the source web site doesn’t looks reliable. they call the new iphone ‘iphone 5’. maybe they didn’t count previous models?

    i think this is just another click collector, helping a small site to more clicks and bigger sponsorings. nothing else.

    • Will Walker

      Good point about switching over to other brands. That’s how I felt, I have purchased to many apps, but I made the change anyway and so far haven’t regretted it. I have the iPad and mac book pro anyways. One way or the other you have to have an iDevices of some sort in your arsenal.

      • yeah i have mac pook pro imac ipad iphone ,,,lol had mac pro and mac mini before also..

    • Just because Apple upgrades there phones doesnt mean anyone needs to upgrade. If you think its a shit phone gtfo and keep the pre-orders low so the people who actually appreciate the design can order them.

      • I did not say anything about that i think it’s a shit phone. maybe your cognitive abilities are a little disturbed. i own 2 iphones, an apple tv2 and an imac. so what’s your problem?
        21st of september is my birthday and i will preorder to keep the preorder high. just because. and just to annoy you 😛

      • What a great rebuttal, i definitely need to go back to kindergarten. Have fun with a design you hate 🙂

      • BLEH.

      • your diaper is full!

      • i didn’t say anything about the design.

      • and btw:
        you better go back to the kindergarten and play with your toys.

  • Howard Ellacott

    Surely if it was apple would’ve tried to get it back by now?

  • Israel Rouimi

    This means there’s probably the same shitty battery. Adding a bigger screen and LTE wont help it last through the day. Make the thing a tad bigger and add a bigger battery!

    • all powerful phones have crap batteries..

      • Kok Hean

        Nokia 3310

  • The music made it so suspenseful lol

  • I don’t really care about the thickness, I JUST WANT MORE BATTERY…

  • This is a testing prototype to ramp up the hype and excitement. Apple doing these leaks on purpose. Forces people to talk about it and try to pull people’s thoughts away from competitor smartphones. Apple will unveil something completely different, and will then ensue another discussion about iPhone 5 and people will continue to talk more and more about it. Marketing genius!

    • they better make sure its better than the 4S.. cause if it is too similar we will se the beginning of reduced interest in iphones..

      • Of course the specs, etc. will be bigger and better. Just because the design of a new model isn’t a complete 180, doesn’t mean people will hate it. I’m hoping for an aluminum unibody.

  • Thomas Gehman

    That just seems so un-Apple…

  • Alec Vanek

    I don’t believe it. It only says iPhone on the back. No “made in china” or “designed in California”

  • wether that guy holding the assembled whatever in the video has huge hands nor this is a shitty fake because it doesn’t looks bigger at all. in no direction!!!