Continuing a string of accusations between Apple and Samsung ahead of the high-stake July 30 trial in the United States, the Galaxy maker asserted in court documents that the iPhone wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Samsung’s patented technology.

Specifically, Samsung wrote Apple would have sold zero iPhones if it hadn’t been for its wireless technology patents that Apple relied heavily upon to enter the telecommunications space. The South Korean conglomerate also pulled an ace up its sleeve: dead-on prior art that allegedly invalidates Apple’s patents…

Ashby Jones, writing for the Wall Street Journal’s Law blog, reports on trial briefs from both Apple and Samsung.

Here’s Samsung position:

Samsung has been researching and developing mobile telecommunications technology since at least as early as 1991 and invented much of the technology for today‘s smartphones.

Then the Galaxy maker dropped the hammer.

Indeed, Apple, which sold its first iPhone nearly twenty years after Samsung started developing mobile phone technology, could not have sold a single iPhone without the benefit of Samsung‘s patented technology.

Samsung went on to claim that Apple had borrowed concepts from other competitors, including Sony, to develop the iPhone and is now asserting complaints against Samsung using those same design concepts that Samsung felt should be in “public domain”.

Samsung did not infringe any of Apple‘s utility patents “that allow users to perform trivial touch screen functions”, the company wrote in court documents, adding “these technologies were developed and in widespread use well before Apple entered the mobile device market in 2007”.

In addition, the company “has located dead-on prior art that invalidates” Apple’s patents.

Samsung independently developed the allegedly copied  design features months before Apple had even announced the iPhone. It did not switch its design direction because of the iPhone.

The Galaxy maker also mentioned its internal documents dating back to 2006 that depict “rectangular phones with rounded corners, large displays, flat front faces, and graphic interfaces with icons with grid layouts”.

Here’s Apple’s entire case against Samsung in a single image, via AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski.


Apple was recently granted a bunch of smartphone patents related to iOS user interface and multitouch functions, including one dating back to 1996 and obtained from the original inventor.

Samsung’s reasoning kinda reminds me of Google’s take that some of the iPhone inventions Apple patented should belong to everyone.

Samsung and Apple are fighting for supremacy in the fast-growing smartphone market. Samsung, which sold 50 million smartphones in the June quarter versus 26 million iPhones, maintains its lead as both the world’s largest smartphone and cell phone vendor, ahead of Apple and Nokia, respectively.

Making matters complicated, Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest components buyer. Recent court-mediated talks between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung execs led nowhere because the two firms couldn’t come to terms as to the value of each other’s intellectual property.

Apple was reportedly seeking as much as $2.5 billion from Samsung to license its technology, offering in return the per-device half a cent royalty fee to use Samsung’s patents in iOS gadgets.

Also this from Samsung:

Contrary to the image it has cultivated in the popular press, Apple has admitted in internal documents that its strength is not in developing new technologies first, but in successfully commercializing them.

Also contrary to Apple‘s accusations, Samsung does not need or want to copy; rather, it strives to best the competition by developing multiple, unique products.

Put simply, Samsung says Apple copied its technology first and not the other way around. Samsung could be overstating the importance of its patents though Apple clearly uses some of its patented technologies in iOS devices.

Should Apple lose the U.S. trial, Apple could face serious ramifications. Not only would its cases against other Android backers be weakened, the company could also find itself in serious trouble when the next iPhone lands this fall.

It’s a forgone conclusion that a sixth-generation will feature high-speed fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networking. The problem is, Samsung has invested heavily in 4G LTE and has plenty of patents covering 4G LTE, certainly more than Apple.

Apple, of course, will probably defend by saying that as a licensee of Broadcom wireless technology it couldn’t have directly infringed upon Samsung’s patents.

Is there an end in sight to this legal mess?

  • Yan Kar

    Apple is a patent troll. I do think Samsung copied some hardware ideas but not on the software side.
    Touch screens, icon grids were well before Apple or Samsung to begin with.
    I am surprised that Google is not charging Apple for new safari omnibar.
    Safari was the latest one to come with that . ANd in reality i do agree that apples modernize the things instead inventing them. Most of the features that are so “wow” for ios 5 and 6 were in cydia were for several years and Apple does not have a problem to still from some1 and than call it it an innovation.

    • Aris Michael Ramirez

      Why will Google sue Apple for that omnibar? If you will search a browser in AppStore, some of them are all the same and browsers are free, why will a big company like google sue apple just for a free app? And google should give thanks to apple for allowing Google browser to be downloaded in Apple App Store.

      Other Smartphone makers should also thank Apple for improving their technologies. It’s obvious that iPhone improves all of its borrowed technology. Samsung should sue Apple for improving their(samsung) technologies and making better smartphone than they have. Lol

  • Sorry I only read the head line…
    No Apple made the iPhone possible .. You didn’t have the vision to use these patents .. A

    • Should have read further. Then you would know that was referring to wireless technology.

      • I didn’t have time I was at work .. Still sounds like Samsung are trying to get credit for the iPhone .. Apple paid to use these patents and Samsung sold them for apple to use .. That’s should be the end off it.. But no Samsung wants credit for it..

      • Well Apple thinks they own the rights to shiny black round corners and wants all the credit for that… but Samsung’s claim seems more down to earth.

      • “Apple is using 3G technology from Samsung, which the iPhone maker failed to license under FRAND terms that Samsung offers to all major players in the business.” Google it since you can’t Apple it.

  • Sina

    Thanks Samsung, You make me laugh out loud !!

  • maurid

    Apple is killing the market, in a bad way. How desperate are they, to fall back to their patents? I think MAYBE people are waking up and realizing Apple is just pure marketing, and the phone is not really worth it. Hence the massive increase in Nexus/S3 sales lately. I believe Apple is dying, and is just giving their last shots.

    PS: And don’t say BS like “Oh Android will be screwed when the iPhone 5 comes out”, because let’s face it, what ever hardware “improvement” Apple (necessarily) gives to its products, it’s not really an improvement when compared to competitors’ phones this far.

    • Still the combination of Apple’s HW and iOS is untouched by any phone. Handling an iPhone seems so simple and so intuitive, I never had such feeling with any android phone (tried over 30).

    • You need to get a reality check son. I think you mean “Apple is killing IT in the market,” right? Yeah, I thought so. Your loose stats are pathetic. If you ask a million people if they believe that Apple is dying, you will get one person actually believing that, and yes you guessed it, it’s you. S3 sales up because it’s competing against a year old 4S+ iPhone homers sitting and waiting for iPhone 5. That’s like taking a to a knife fight. Good luck with that.

    • Ha that’s kinda funny considering the fact that the galaxy s3 JUST came out considering your last paragraph. The fact is sir I do believe android is better than iOS but the next iPhone is still probably going to hurt android quite badly

    • that argument is around since 2007 but who is earning the most now? competitors just failed to understand why apple strategy works…maybe only Samsung coz they copy and develop similiar thgs very fast….

    • So apparently over $40 billion in the bank and no debts somehow = dying? Are you retarded? Also, if you look at the numbers and recent survey data, you will see 2 distinct facts that are contrary to your samsung demand argument. 1) Sales of iPhone increase dramatically with each new phone, which shows that samsung is not taking customers from Apple. Smartphones in general have increased in sales each year dramatically since 2007. 2) surveys indicate that there is a higher interest to buy an Apple phone this year than Samsung. Your argument that Samsung is somehow winning is completely incorrect.

  • I have an idea, let Androids be Androids and iPhones be iPhones and the companies should be making the devices without having to care about patents etc. Let’s split the market into many parts and put each phone maker into each group. Let the phones sell and don’t care about others 😉


    “Apple, of course, will probably defend by saying that as a licensee of Broadcom wireless technology it couldn’t have directly infringed upon Samsung’s patents.”

    This sums it all…

    Broadcom is Samsung’s licensee… Apple is Broadcom’s licensee… There’s no infringement there… (If there was, I’m sure Samsung would have utilized that so long ago.)

  • Also contrary to Apple‘s accusations, Samsung does not need or want to copy; rather, it strives to best the competition by developing multiple, unique products.” Yeah this part made me fucking roll. Samsung’s just jealous they couldn’t get to market fast enough and they still haven’t beaten the iPhone yet.

  • without Apple, i dare say very few would be using data plans now, although tech patents are vague….almost anybody can claim to invent anything…..but Samsung is just a typical Korean bully, thinking they are the best in everything, when they are just fast “copiers”….