As you know, Apple today released OS X Mountain Lion. It will run you only twenty bucks a copy, which includes rights to install the operating system on up to five different Macs. Mountain Lion builds upon its predecessor Lion in that it streamlines your experience with additional iOS tricks, deep integration with iCloud, Facebook and Twitter and interesting new capabilities such as PowerNap and Gatekeeper, to name a few.

It also includes a handful of apps ported from iOS, such as iMessage, Reminders, Notes, Game Center and Notification Center, in the hope that it’ll help new Mac owners get up to speed quickly. At that breakthrough price, Mountain Lion should be a no-brainer. But as is often the case, the price is a reflection of the product’s perceived value.

For some, Mountain Lion is worth every cent. There are also those who feel that even twenty bucks is too high a price for an OS that underwhelms with just a handful of truly new features while spoiling the fun by insisting on a bunch of glorified iOS apps with that forced skeuomorphic design.

Which camp do you belong to?

Here, cast your vote and remember that Mountain Lion is only $19.99, or less than two weeks worth of lattes.

By the way, OS X is an eleven-year old operating system – doesn’t time fly?

Speaking of Mountain Lion, don’t hesitate to detail your vote down in the comments and let us know if you installed it yet. If so, we’d also love to hear your first impressions and perhaps your take on new Mountain Lion features that could use a little extra work.

  • Especially to Snow Leopard who did not upgrade to Lion. 🙂

  • Yes!*_*

  • It is worth it upgraded one MacBook will do another one soon

  • Awesome and I think it’s cheep , love it .

    • EpicFacepalm

      But the hardware is expensive.

      • That has nothing to do with it seeing as though most people downloading Mountain Lion already have a Mac…

      • EpicFacepalm

        If you can buy that expensive, why do you care about minor/major updates’ price then?

        Or are you using Hackintosh?

      • Maybe because some people, it’s a dream and once they save up for it, bit by bit, or get it on credit or something it’s like a big accomplishment. That’s why updates are meaningful. Don’t assume that everyone who has a Mac is automatically rich maybe?

      • BLTKOR

        It is not expensive when compaired correctly.
        dell charge £882 for a 512GB ssd upgrade
        dell charge £200+ for a 16GB ram upgrade
        Apple do not charge me £1082 for a retina macbook upgrade they charge less then half that.
        Thats what i find stupid …………….. Costs as much as a macbook Air to get a 512GB ssd. the reason people see macbook’s as expensive is they compare them to £300-£400 cheap laptops.
        Lenovo can be upgraded up to 10K dell can go upto 11K.
        Macbook air is cheap when you compair it with the samsung series 9 laptops.

      • EpicFacepalm

        I didn’t say Dell doesn’t suck.

    • yea but, i know this is too much to ask, but i wished the mac updates were also like iOS. U know “free”

  • easily. When you concider Apple is charging $20 for this thing. Windows from Vista to 7 was minor improvements and they charge hundreds of dollars for their software depending on which one you purchase.

    Been using it since to first beta and I really enjoy it, things like notes and notification centre are really handy, its also running alot smoother then lion did too. The subtle new animations for switching users and such is also a pleasent surprise, for $19.99 cant really go wrong, some third party applications cost more then that!

    • Aviral Somani

      so tru

  • Yes, definitely. Isnt a copy of Windows 7 like $150+?

    • Yes but if you have windows 7 upgradeing to service pack 1 is free. This is more of an OS upgrade than anything.

  • Yup, totally. My favorite feature is the Airplay to your Apple TV and Dictation. To me, that alone is worth $20!

    • I’m saying the same thing everywhere. It’s only $20 people!! I’ve paid for crappy iPhone cases that cost more than that. C’mon!

  • Only Apple device I have is an iPhone, but with Windows 8 coming out, I think my next computer will be a Mac.

    • If I had the cash, I’d buy one now

      • HC

        Look on eBay and try Craigslist, I found some affordable MacBook Pro’s on there. I even bought one full loaded with Apps already. You can find 13″ MacBookPro’s starting for $700 and up and they are in great condition.

    • It’s a new heavenly world when you switch to MAC. Only way I can describe it is it felt like I traded in my my 1998 VW Jetta for a Lambo.

      • G

        What lottery did you win homie?

      • Hey that’s a good analogy too. Okay, it’s like winning the lottery.

    • jdshorrock

      I’ve been saying the same ever since I begin testing Win 8 at work.

    • Aviral Somani

      i dont get it windows 8?
      do u mean windows or mac?

  • Ronald Weaver

    i love dictation. I’m using it now to type this!

    • Ya no doubt. I would have ponied up $20 just for dictation alone. I love visiting my favorite websites and highlight 2-3 paragraphs at a time and have my MAC read it to me. So cool.

      • Ronald Weaver

        (LOL) Samantha just read that comment you made to me.

      • Marshall King

        I have a macbook and a powermac g4. The powermac g4 has osx tiger (10.4.11) and it can read text to me!

      • Ronald Weaver

        Yeah its amazing what macs can do. And all computers for that matter. I love my older mac book it still gets the job done. I wish i could upgrade the processor so it to could run lion or mountain lion.

  • CollegiateLad

    “A handful of truly useful new features?” I’m glad that Apple is rolling out new features every year rather than waiting the traditional 2 to 3 years before we see a new OS. Due to this upgrade cycle, updates seem incremental but the plus is we get new features every year for only a fraction of the cost($19.99). Meanwhile, Windows users have to wait 3 or 4 years before they see an update. As far as what camp I belong to? I hope the one of common sense and reason.

    Over 200 new features. Here are just a few:

    iCloud with iWork
    Documents in the cloud
    Notification center
    Power nap
    New safari with built in cloud between devices
    Auto save
    Time machine backups from multiple locations

  • eric opdyke

    Why are we charged for service packs? This is essentially a service pack. Microsoft does not charge for its service packs. I’m an apple fanboy no doubt but damn haven’t I given them enough money?

    • It’s not a service pack. It’s a new version of te operating system, both are completely different.

      It’s like updating from iOS 4 to iOS 5 or from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

      • eric opdyke

        If this is an OS then why would it be 10.8 and not 11? The operating system is Mac OS X. The service packs are all the .# on top of the OS Mac OS X. You know the X stands for 10. There is no comparison to windows 7 to windows 8. It isn’t called windows 7.8.

      • Again, it’s not a service pack. On windows you download a service pack, see minor improvements to security and what-not. Nothing else changes. Dood!, this update is fantasctic. I’d gladly pay $20 just for the Dictation, or even airplay mirroring. Plus, for $20 I can update my other two Macs at no additional charge.

      • eric opdyke

        I completely disagree with you. Service packs do bring enhanced security but they all bring software updates and new software. This is not a new OS, it is plain to see . It is in the name , Mac OSX: Moutain Lion. The OS is X, ML is at the very least a flavor of the OS X.

      • That’s really makes you sounds like a joke calling yourself apple fanboy…

        Windows Service pack more aims to bring the already-deployed patches and minor features to the OS, the only impressive SP i seen from MS thus far is XP SP2…the rest of SP never impressive…

        Compared to that, Mac OS X “Service Pack” come has the minor version, that’s why you have 10.7.3 today compared to 10.7.

        Even MS does not upgrade OS that often, if you know OS Build version is….

        Don’t like it, just don’t pay for the 10.8 and give it a pass
        wait for the Mac OS 11

      • How fucking umb are you? Windows 7 is 6.1, Vista was 6.0 and XP 5.1, soo why do you pay for Windows 7? It is judt a setvice pak and no new OS.. Why did pay for XP?

      • Well, it goes (major).(minor).(patch). If it was a service pack then the number that would’ve changed would’ve been the third. Plus service packs don’t offer new feature most of the time, they just fix internal stuff.

    • EpicFacepalm

      You can use Linux if you want that time you won’t care if the updates/upgrades were Service Packs or security updates or so.
      It is free as in freedom.

    • The OS X equivalent of service packs would be the 10.X.X versions. In this case a service pack for Mountain Lion would be 10.8.1 then 10.8.2 and so on until the next upgrade which would be 10.9

  • Manuel Angel

    Still using Snow Leopard. I don’t plan to upgrade to be honest. 20$ for an upgrade isn’t bad though.

    • Snow Leopard? Really? Once you’ve tried Lion/Mt. Lion, there’s no going back.

      • Manuel Molina

        I tried both – don’t like either. Lion was laggy or slow at times due to my mid 2010 model (duo core 2, not i3, 5 or 7), and I love the gestures on SL. Lions gestures just don’t feel right.

        SL is the only software left that isn’t iOS integrated, which I like. I love my iPhone and iOS, but I got a MacBook for a computer, not an iPhone computer. I think the ideas are great, but they just aren’t for me.

      • Howard Ellacott

        Mountain Lion is everything Lion should be, and it puts Lion to shame…

      • Aviral Somani

        i am pretty sure u can change the gestures in system preferances

  • skychet

    If AirPlay wasn’t exclusive to 2011 and 2012 Macs then yes

    • There will be some sorry of port or alternative software to enable it for sure

    • Air Parrot does the job if you want an alternative, the reason the older macs dont support it is because the GPU’s in previous models dont have H.264 encoding in the GPU, and would need to use CPU power, this isnt something Apple would go for, and thats why there are apps like parrot that give you that functionality.

      It was the same reason iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (&3) were the only ones able to do mirroring.

  • its worth every penny for $19.99, i loved iMessaging with my fam right from my macbook. that makes it worth it for me.

  • its worth the price and its freaking awesome

  • Eric Armstrong

    The poll was just “yes” or “no”. I LOVE IT! Thanks guys.

  • Hey guys , how LONG did it take for you to download?? Its been 45 minutes and its Downloading for me! =(. My Wi-Fi bars are all up.

  • Windows 8 which is just Windows 7 with a new UI cost 10 times more than this. This is definitely a great deal.

    • I love how I get a dislike for telling the truth. U MAD? XD

    • Aviral Somani

      actually windows 8 is a total redesign with tiles and stuff as seen in windows phones but still way to expensive
      mac is very smart efficient and green with its launch strategies
      they dont waste disks and stuff and installation is simpl
      on my old laptop, when we tried to update to windows 7 it crashed
      but now i have a mac

  • I wish I had Mac…:(

    • Aviral Somani

      u know macbooks (Not macbook pros) are actually pretty affordable

  • EpicFacepalm

    Mac: Closed-Sourced, Closed Environment Linux-Like Nonsense

    Too bad XCode runs only in Mac OSX.

    P.S: Haters gonna hate.

  • I remember spending $39.99 for the last release, Mac OS X 10.7 or Lion. $19.99 is a steal and compared to M$, which is at $49.99, its even more of a competitive price compared to the mainstream alternative.

  • Wael Abdo

    worth every cent of its price. amazing.

  • M Last

    %19.83 said doesn’t worth ?
    are you kidding guys??? $20 is nothing
    I am pretty sure they don’t have Mac PC

    • agree. Microsoft takes $240. At least Apple once in a while sells for cheaper price.

  • I’m not sure, you may win some things, but you loose on the other side (Safari RSS Reader)

  • Will Walker

    I purchased and downloaded Mountain Lion yesterday. So far I like what I see, but I’m really just getting started with Mac OS X, I purchased my Mac Book Pro back in March. But considering what the competitors are charging, I say it’s a good price. No complaints from me.

  • Nicolas Loots

    FINALLY, a yes/no poll!

  • For 19.99??? Hell ya

  • Anybody know how I can bootleg lion or mountain lion on to my pc? Thanks

  • its like xmas is early this year 😀 price is really cheep

  • HC

    I think it’s very cheap! Microsoft seems to be doing the same thing with Windows 8 by making it cheaper when it’s released. Lol

  • f5faith

    Considering it adds a hell of a lot more impressive features than a new Windows would for 20 times less. The price is amazing!

  • it is free if you search google for osx mountain lion download

  • why the hell did you delete my comment? im serious, if you just do a quick search for “osx mountain lion download” you will be able to download a free copy

  • gay

  • cool

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  • José A. Gómez Coria

    I don’t feel cheated about the Airplay, I was cheated by Apple, 6 months announcing
    Mountain Lion and They never told us that only computers from 2011 or newer will have that function, I am very loyal to Apple and this
    things are not loyal from them. They robbed us. Thats why people
    jailbreak their devices, for that kind of lies. Apple computers are not
    cheap at all, at least I can’t buy an apple computer every year or every
    2 years. So for that kind of lies ¡¡Buy AirParrot!! and Jailbreak your aTV2 and download xbmc or PLEX and you have it! Airplay!!

  • José A. Gómez Coria

    I don’t feel cheated about the Airplay, I was cheated by Apple, 6 months
    Mountain Lion and They never told us that only computers from 2011 or
    newer will have that function, I am very loyal to Apple and this
    things are not loyal from them. They robbed us. Thats why people
    jailbreak their devices, for that kind of lies. Apple computers are not
    cheap at all, at least I can’t buy an apple computer every year or every
    2 years. So for that kind of lies ¡¡Buy AirParrot!! and Jailbreak your aTV2 and download xbmc or PLEX and you have it! Airplay!!

  • Marc Ouellet

    I can’t use Airplay with my 5000$ 2010 MacPro. Nice Apple. 20$ isn’t much but wasted in my case.

  • Falk M.

    I think the excellent speech recognition ALONE makes this a bargain.
    Nuance system-wide speech input?
    You know what their products cost? And afaik they don’t adapt to your accent over time (automatic learning).

  • james_prass

    Exactly, I’m not a fanboy… But apple computers so often get compared with other low end “consumer” pcs. But infact apple have made high quality and classy products for these consumers. Their great computers made for the consumer market- not just professional.

  • EpicFacepalm

    You can check out cheaper stores you know?

  • Aviral Somani

    As soon as i get home from vacation into the warm arms of high-spped internet, this is the first thing that i am gonna install
    totally worth it

  • Marshall King

    I think i would like it.
    It’s too bad that my macbook can’t be upgraded to Mountain Lion. If someone knows how to upgrade it let me know

  • Eldaria

    Unless you have a newer Mac, it’s not much of an update.
    I have a late 2008 MBP, and well did not feel like it was really worth it.

  • Mikkel Christensen

    It is not worth shit, my mac has been running just a bad as my PC’s used to do. I must say i long for the days of Lion, that was a OS that worked