It’s sort of like putting a huge loud muffler on your car. Whatever makes you feel faster.

Indeed, ClockWind makes things seem faster, because it speeds up the UIKit animations on the iPhone. It seems fast, but it also feels disconcerting, if you ask me.

Here’s a hint: your iPhone isn’t any “faster” than it was prior to installing this tweak…

True, ClockWind does indeed lend the perception that things are going faster. It’s sort of like walking at a normal pace, but flailing your arms furiously as if you were sprinting. Things may feel a little faster, but ultimately you’d end up wearing yourself out without actually getting anywhere.

A slow iPhone is still a slow iPhone. ClockWind doesn’t bump your clock speed, it doesn’t add more memory, and it won’t speed up your Wi-Fi connection. It’s all about perception, and if that works for you, fine. I know a lot of people who love tweaks like this and its precursor — SpeedIntensifier — and they wouldn’t use their iDevice without them.

Personally, I just don’t get it.

ClockWind is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. How do you feel about it?

  • TRIQ6

    I don’t understand how you say it speeds up animations but doesn’t actually affect the speed of the phone…

    If it speeds up animations, it speeds up the phone. It doesn’t load apps faster but it does get you into the app faster, albeit slightly.

    • That’s not what it does.
      It’s just speed up animations. period.
      This tweak has many alternatives such us Springtomize 2..
      It is actually just make transitions faster, not all animation on the system.

    • I am pretty sure you can take faster photos in the camera app because of it

      • TRIQ6

        I am pretty sure this tweak is awesome and the author is stubborn about it for some reason…

        Everything is faster because of it.

  • jose castro

    so basically it doesn’t do anything but speed animation.
    that sucks lol. whats the point of this tweak then really….. 3gs understandable but for iPhone 4 and 4s users there really no point

  • Hint: Actually your iphone *is* faster. Almost everything you do on the phone (launching apps, switching screens etc) plays these animations, which are each a fixed length and have to complete before the task completes, If you play them twice as fast, the phone gets to it’s next step faster. The only thing that is equivalent to walking with your arms moving faster is the spinning download type animations.

  • Dan

    there’s a tweak that does this already, forget the name but I tried it a few months ago

    • maurid


      • Dan

        yeah I think that was it, I couldn’t stand it

      • speed intensifier

  • This has no practical use whatsoever, but I’ll get it just to poke fun at Android users, “Project Butter has nothing on this!” Lol

    • LOL, i literally laughed out loud at that.

    • Se-Jeong Lyu

      Actually we have already have an option to turn down or off animations with the stock settings. Just to tell you.

  • It’s great for opening folders and multitasking bar faster. Also lock screen is faster. Cut paste popup fast. Keyboard opens faster. I love it. U get so used to it when u use an iphone without it it seems extremely slow opening things.

  • cant find it on cydia.. :s

  • Stuff will show up faster but it will still take the same amount of time before you can start interacting with it. I can see my keyboard pop up much faster but when I start clicking on keys they don’t register for about another second because although the animation is loaded, that interactive part of the OS is not. It does technically speed up the phone in certain situations though. It overall you’ll be spending the same amount of time getting things done. It will fool lots of people and make them really believe their system is magically faster, it’s basically a placebo effect.

  • I wonder how could you omit such a major tweak for lockscreen as AnyLock. I know it needs improvement, but there is not any better alternative than AnyLock.

  • Robert Goldberg

    Wow, you really don’t like this tweak, do you?

  • I think its clock wind ( wye-nd) like winding a clock as opposed to clock wind (win-d) because im not sure what wind has to do with a clock lol

    • EpicFacepalm

      Clock, because it refers CPU clock IMO like the word “overclock”/”underclock” like FakeClockUp app

  • mplsdude

    I’ve used FakeClockUp forever and I LOVE it. It’s probably my favorite jailbreak tweak next to BiteSMS. It speeds up the animations and gets you where you’re trying to go faster because you are not waiting for the flashy pretty Apple UI to do its dance and put on a show for you.

  • Usama Ahmad

    There is a tweak called speed intensifier that ive used for months now, this is a complete ripoff

    • Joseph Catalla

      how can it be a ripoff if it’s free?!?

  • No point in having clickwind if u have zephyr

  • gunther80

    I like better speed intensifier, you can adjust the speed as you like it. I actually think is the best tweak I have, no matter it doesn’t actually speed up the phone’s speed on opening apps and using RAM, but speeding up animations makes you feel you have a faster iphone.

  • I dont understand the rip off comments. There are a plenty of tweaks that do the same thing, some provide a better experience. 10% of tweaks in cydia can be accomplished with Springtomize 2, including this one. And it also speeds loading/buffering animations.

  • This is just the same as FakeClockUp wehre you can speed up or even slow down animations. I have mine set up to 2,5 faster animations.

  • SimonReidy

    The developer of this tweak ‘iHackerMe’, claims to be to be only 12years old in the tweak’s description on Cydia. If that’s true then the little guy should be applauded for releasing a stable tweak of any description! 🙂 Even if we have seen this same functionality in several other tweaks, you could say the same about many other duplicate function tweaks out there, so this could still be useful for some people.

  • I was really hoping you were gonna speed up your voice for this review.

  • air naji

    It scared Jeff lol.

  • air naji

    Jeff is scared of clockwind lol

  • Well I got a question: if it’s like a overclocking does it eventually also make your device slower as it breaks it? Because when u overclock something it overheads & that’s not really good for your idevice except u live in alaska or somwehere really cold :p

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Wonder how many phones got gimped because there is no central Cydia comment system that could have warned others…

  • Is ClockWind compatible with the iPad? I see no reason why it wouldn’t but it won’t come up on my iPad’s Cydia. Shows up on the iPhone’s Cydia though…repos checked.
    Don’t mind installing manually using SSH but want to make sure if it ‘works’. Anyone? Thanks!