A month ago Samsung publicly set a target for Galaxy S III shipments at ten million units by the end of July. Today, the company announced it hit that milestone. A successor to the Galaxy S II, by and large the most popular Android handset, the Galaxy S III was unveiled at a London event on May 29, 55 days ago. A month later it arrived at U.S. shores.

In the two weeks following the London unveiling, the S III received more than nine million pre-orders from a hundred carriers, making it the fastest-selling gadget in history.

For comparison, the iPhone 4S sold four million units during its launch weekend (including pre-orders) and the Galaxy S II took five months to hit ten million shipments…

Head of Samsung’s mobile division Shin Jong-kyun announced the milestone today, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency. The company is aiming to have the S III available on three hundred carriers in 147 countries by the year’s end.

Given the strong momentum and a summer vacuum until Apple delivers its sixth-generation iPhone in October (if Al Gore is to be believed), Samsung thinks it can sell 40 million Galaxy S IIIs by the end of 2012, an all time high for Samsung phones.

The ten million units in 55 days translates into a daily average of 190,000 Galaxy S III phones. Apple sells on average 388,000 iPhones each day, based on March quarter shipments of 35.1 million units (all iPhone models). Per IDC, Samsung in the March quarter accounted for 45.4-percent of all Android smartphones.

Analysts Reuters recently polled think Samsung shipped 50 million smartphones in the June quarter versus Apple’s forecast sales of 30.5 million iPhones.

“Samsung is expected to be the smartphone hero in the second quarter”, said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo.

Apple will specify iPhone numbers on Tuesday, July 24, when the company is scheduled to deliver calendar 2012 second quarter results. Samsung, however, stopped divulging smartphone and tablet shipments a year ago, citing competitive reasons and thereby making direct comparison less accurate.

The S III in the UK stole some market share from the nine-month-old iPhone 4S, which dropped from 25 percent to 20 percent, while the S III grabbed 40 percent of the UK market for smartphones, according to a Financial Times report earlier this month.

Samsung’s bet on Android has obviously paid off big time. The company crushed everyone, including Apple and Nokia. Today, Samsung ships both the most phones and smartphones of all cell phone vendors. Of course, Samsung makes a bunch of phones, from high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S series to basic entry-level cheapos.

The South Korean conglomerate also has a backup plan (like Nokia) if Android becomes a liability due to patent infringement claims by Apple, Microsoft and Oracle. Samsung’s plan B is its home-grown operating system for smartphones and feature phones called Bada, which according to Gartner has a 2.7 percent worldwide smartphone share, more than Windows Phone’s 1.9 percent.

There’s no denying that Samsung really hit the ball out of the park in smartphones. The company is sparing no expenses on advertising, it designs and manufactures its own chips and AMOLED displays, is a supply chain giant and also makes everything from microwave ovens and washing machines to notebooks, phones and tablets to bad-ass TV sets.

On a final note, this is an Apple-centric blog, but let’s not kid ourselves: the S III is selling like hot cakes. Samsung has managed to outdo competition and creep up on the iPhone from behind. Also, Apple and Samsung together gobble up more than 80 percent of worldwide profits and that’s for the entire cut-throat phone making biz which includes basic dumb phones, feature phones and high-end smartphones.

With that in mind, I guess my question would be can anyone slow down Samsung’s smartphone march or will the company dominate cell phones for years to come, like Nokia once did?

  • Charles Valdez

    It sold a lot because people are getting bored of the iPhone.

    • Manuel Molina

      True. I’m bored of my iPhone with the jailbreak and apps I buy. I also want a SGIII for the time being, but if the iPhone 5/6 or “the new iPhone” isn’t anything specia, I might just stay with Android again.

    • …or maybe a massive number of features iOS users, even with Cydia can only dream about? I’d say that is the reason why it is selling so good.

    • People are waiting for iPhone 5 which is why GS3’s numbers look good compared to iPhone. I don’t know why you guys don’t see the logic in that.

  • I personally bought one and I love it. This is coming from an apple fan boy and a iPhone user since 2007. BUT, I’m not going to lie, I miss my iPhone =( lol. Reason i bought it was because next generation iPhone is around the corner. Therefore, I decided to sell my iPhone and sold it for $650 luckily. bought the SGS3 for $550. This phone is newer and I’ll be able to sell it for more than I would of with an outdated iPhone. Definitely going back to the IOS though. This phone is amazing though without a question. Something new for now I guess.

  • What were Samsung doing when the unveiling of the iPhone 4 and iPad 1 was? If S3 was released then, could you image what reputation Android would be?! Amazing 🙂
    But, as a human that have experienced a breakthrough appeal of change, or in other words, a new path, iPhone 4 was the first Mobile devices that inspired me. It totally changed my way of viewing, communication between a human and a phone. But I , after that, haven’t noticed much ‘breath taking” mobiles, cause most of them, were trying to be an iPhone-killer with cheaper price tags :/ They can’t compete, if they do not innovate themselves 🙂 I hope Android will reconsider, the thought of allowing it’s developers to be creative (and ban them from Internet, so that they can pop up their own ideas from their head 🙂 )

  • I’ve been playing with SIII yesterday and…. come on google..!!! after all these android os updates and hardware upgrades ui still isn’t fluid.!!
    ant that’s on stock phone without any additional apps installed.

    • macboy74

      While this phone is new it is not running the new os (4.1) JB. Which as we all know is a typical thing for android phones. At the past google I/O they said that they have finally fixed the lag problem with JB. In my opinion android will always be slow and laggy because of to much garbage going into every phone but the nexus.

  • All of the people who got their iPhone 4 over 2 years ago are ready for an upgrade, me included! It sucks having to wait another 2-3 months for the next iPhone. I’ve thought about an s3 but iOS is better than android IMO

  • DomPerignon1

    My brother just bought one and I had the opportunity to play with the phone for two days. I love my jailbroken iPhone but this Galaxy SIII is AMAZING!!! I wish and hope the iPhone 5 will be at least as good as this G S III.

    • Your bro JUST got it, and he let you have it for two days???

      • DomPerignon1

        Yes; He used it for two weeks ans let me play with it for 2 days while he was out of the country. Why are you so amazed? Besides, it’s none of your business.

  • Spoken like a Fanboi:

    “I don’t know why anyone would prefer iOS over Android. Because as all the fans say, Android copied iOS. The argument? Android is iOS with more features.”

    I’m going to lmao if I get upvotes, because that means it’s true. And I’ll lmao if it gets downvotes, because that means people don’t want to admit it.

    That quote copied and pasted from another Apple related blog.

    • Good for them but an android is useless to some people like me for example. During the day I watch the news, at night I purchase new shows from iTunes. Using an iOS device as the atv remote works a lot better than its remote. What’s more we got AirPlay but I guess nobody cares. Android ftw right? Not to me

      • And I’ll agree with you. iOS has features Android doesn’t. (No surprise there) I personally love the App Store because it has plenty of apps Android doesn’t. And as a former developer, (yes I used to create apps, but they were useless and I removed them) I prefer iOS because it’s simple to use and it has a huge user base. And my iPhone does things only other phones wish they could do. Basically, I love iOS. The problem? It leaves much to be desired.

  • The “new” phone effect is something that people experience and I did personally. My GF has an android its cool for a couple weeks but believe me it fades really fast. And I realize nothing beats iOS and the quality of the hardware and apps. And yes samsung SHIPPED alot but I work in cellphones and we are just pilling up tons that are collecting dust. I still sell more iphones. But im glad theres a decent competitor. Better iphones for me 🙂

    • @dongiuj

      If they’re just piling dust then send one my way.

  • Lol. I swear the back of that phone looks like a magic mouse.

  • Sold 4s and got gs3. I would say gs3 is 5 years a head of the 4s. If you like to tinker get gs3. If you like to Facebook and just text keep you iPhone iPhone is grandmother friendly

    • macboy74

      Five years ahead of the 4s in what way? Please explain. I have both phones and they both have their pros and cons.


    I did the same as some on here; sold my 4S and upgraded to the S3..I just wanted to see what the fuss was about and I must say this device is really nice. I will still be buying the next then iPhone because I do miss mine but LTE is very nice on the S3 and I ALWAYS average AT LEAST 10 hours of battery life which is great!

  • Well_Said

    Good for Samung, I wish them more succees, and for every company that build great better products I wish them great success too.

  • When did they put a touch screen on the bottom of the magic mouse??

  • Jason

    Interestingly Samsung Phones devalue vey quickly. I had a go with an SIII (thee are loads for sale in second hand shops) but I bought an unlocked SII as it was dirt cheap with warranty.

    Although I didn’t like Android when I first started using it I have fot used to it but I keep using my iphone more as I much prefer it. This is ICS but I haven’t found it laggy just very very annoying and it murders the battery. If you install Juice Defender it makes a difference but if yiu forget to do house keeping you can kiss 15-20% overnight (my iphone drops 3-4%). The only solution to get 2-3 days of battery is to shutdown any widgets, and other automatic stuff and underclock it once it’s been rooted.

    So that was my play with Androis but for serious use I’m sticking with iOS as it does everything a want it to in an efficient and very elegant way. My son gets the SII when I’ve finished experimenting so at least it wont be wasted, as its a big upgrade from his 3G.

  • the S3 is a great phone but it has a big problem to me that it’s called android.
    make it run iOS and I’m sold

    • Jason

      The biggest problem with all Samung screens isthe Amoled technology they use in the screens. I personally find them a bit too off colour wise but more importantky their average life span before things start to deteriorate is less than LCD.

      Interestingly Samsung chose a Pentile display for the SIII instead of the Super Amoled Plus

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I upraded from iPhone 4 (launch day) to Galaxy S III and I must say this device is a BEAST. I like having more screen space despite the fact I didnt like the idea at first. The horse power makes a difference as well. Sporting that 2gig ram gets apps up and running pretty fast and LTE support blews my iPhones data performance out the part. Camera isnt that great as it could be but im not trying to be a photographer with my phone. It post decent photos to instagram/facebook like I desire. The PiP feature for watching videos is more gimmicky and useless. Overall device is pretty good and Im going to stick with it for a while. maybe down the line ill get the new idevice that comes out (2 years from now) if its inticing. RIght now GS3 is rocking the show. Apple better drop their A game and bring out the S game to compete with this machine.

    • BoardDWorld

      Well to be honest they did bring out their S game nearly 1 year ago (the 4S), but you’re comparing the S3 to Apples A game that came out 2 years ago(the 4)…

      • SoCoMagNuM

        That is correct that 4S came out a year ago. Ive had hands on with that device aswell and to be honest…the functionality is basically the same as with the iPhone 4. It up’d the camera to an 8mp cam and they took the functionality of Siri that worked fine on the iPhone 4 and made it exclusive to iPhone 4S and it actually made the app perform worse. Ive already stated that even the camera on iPhone 4 takes better photos than my GS3 that i admit so its only fair to say that the 4S takes better photos as well. But overall functionality and user accessibility, GS3 out performs even the 4S by far. Yes im comparing a new device to a year old device but its just the facts. Another fact is that from the looks of iOS 6 that the iPhone’s interface will basically be the same with a few tweaks within the stock apps leaving once again much to be desired from iOS users My stock GS3 fulfills everything out the box with no need to jailbreak on Android terms root. This is coming from an iOS user since iPhone 3G. I backed Apple for years and i still do for their aesthetics of making their products fluid and fresh. But the interface has become a bit bland to me over the years and seems its going to return in the next iteration. I needed a new experience and im actually content with it. I dont feel the need to root my device nor hang on a limb waiting for a jailbreak just to get the functionality of my phone that i want. Its all here out the box and more. So i will be interested to see how Apple will up the ante to compete with phones like this and many other versions and other mobile operating systems. So yes..Apple needs to up their S game. Not necessarily hardware perspective.. but software and accessibility perspective. Let us decide how we utilize our phones…not how they think we should…that is all