Apple to announce Q3 2012 earnings on July 24th

As noted by multiple tech sites, Apple has updated its Investor Relations page this afternoon to announce that it will be holding its Q3 2012 earnings call on Tuesday, July 24th.

This will cover the performance of the company during its third fiscal quarter of 2012, April – June, and will run down iOS device and Mac sales, stock performance, and other metrics…

Apple launched its new iPad back in March of this year. So that combined with its aggressive international push should make for some pretty impressive tablet sales numbers. Last quarter, Apple sold just under 12 million iPads.

Smartphone sales will also be an interesting topic during the earnings call. Last quarter, Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones — the second most in company history — and it could beat that this quarter thanks to new China and prepaid availability.

Apple plans to start the call at 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday, and as usual, we’ll be listening in for anything of particular interest.

Any predictions for Apple’s Q3 results?