NotiPad — the Growl inspired tweak for the iPad — has just appeared on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.00. The iPad exclusive tweak replaces the standard banner notifications in favor of Growl styled pop up notifications.

There are a variety of different options built in with NotiPad, including the ability to alter the animations, and switch the side of the iPad’s screen that the notifications appear on.

If you decide to check it out, be sure to drop us a line in the comments section.

  • Hello jeff, i have iphone 4s ,ios 5.1.1 and suddenly my location service stopped working..when i click on current says it is unavailable…plzzz help..??is it may be i installed something from cydia???

  • Instead of saying “Notei-Pad” I pronounced it like, “Not iPad”. I feel like an idiot. XD

  • Pricey ._.

  • Bought it, (I have no problem dropping a buck on things I think I’ll like..), but there’s one glaring problem that’s going to drive me crazy: the resolution of the app image in the notification (mail, words w friends, tweetbot) is HORRIBLY blurry.. And I’m on an iPad 2, so no fancy retina res going on. The font is blurry too, actually. I’ll be looking for Banner+ when it comes out..