If you’ve been experiencing problems with the iOS App Store this evening, you’re not alone. Users from around the world are reporting that they are having issues with downloading applications.

At the moment, we’re having trouble getting the App Store to even load on our devices. And even when we are able to get apps to populate, trying to download them results in the above error…

This doesn’t appear to be a small outage. TheNextWeb is reporting that it can confirm that users in the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and Kuwait are all seeing the same thing.

The reason behind the downed service is unknown. It’s possible that Apple is just performing server maintenance, but usually, it will give developers a heads-up before doing something large-scale. It’s also worth noting that the service went down around 10PM PST, an odd time to disable the App Store.

The timing is certainly interesting though, given that Apple has been seeing a number of App Store problems over the past few weeks. First there was the DRM glitch that affected app updates, and more recently it’s been dealing with the in-app purchasing hack.

At any rate, the service will likely be fully restored by tomorrow morning. And we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any comments from Apple on the situation.

Have you had any problems with the App Store tonight?

  • Ohhhhhh. No wonder…..

  • Well i live in Lebanon but i have US Apple ID, and it’s working fine for me 🙂

  • Nicolas Loots

    Oh great, now I can’t download my newspaper :S

  • servers are also down in China

  • I’m not sure what the problem is but here is how to fix it:

    1. SSH to /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installation.plist
    2. back up and delete the file
    3. Reboot

    Done! You should now be able to download and update your apps.

  • no prob here….been using appstore from 9 am till 11 am

  • Yeah got the same issue in the Indian App Store! 🙁

  • Fine in Canada…

    • Yeah I have the problem and I’m in Canada

  • I’m on a UK account and am living in Australia – same problem, its not that bad though, it’s almost never down so we can’t complain that much…. It shouldn’t be long till its fixed.

  • israel we have it to.

  • I kept getting that message when doing updates. The weird thing was that I had two apps to update, but only one did. Netflix kept giving me that message you posted. About an hour later I was able to update without a problem. I live in Texas.

  • In Romania we stil have this issue!

  • forumiphone

    Turkey we have it too

    My very own solution is ;sign out re sign in done

  • mrbwler


  • Poland – issue persisting.

  • it happened in Egypt too but its fine now

  • simon_clemente

    Not working the the Philippine App Store…

  • I got same same problem too but it has already been fixed.

  • @dongiuj

    Fine in Japan. Well, for me it is.

  • goodcoffy

    6am Houston (central) I can’t connect

  • 9:50 EST US still out!

  • Israel works fine ATM

  • I was able to resolve it by logging out of the app store and the log back in. You’ll get one more “Could not connect” issue, but then it will work from there.

  • מה קורה רז אחשלי שקרן

  • I had problems today in germany 🙁

  • uc97

    I’m having same problem here in Nigeria—uc

  • twited21

    Here in the uk if I download a new app it’s fine but I haven’t been able to update anything in over a week

    I have to delete the app and install from fresh grrrrr

    • MOE

      I had the same problem here in the US

  • Not just the iOS app store..i’m also having trouble updating apps on my mac it tells me there’s a “500 internal server error”

  • temporary workaround:
    We have received reports that if you sign out of your iTunes account on your mobile device, then sign in, you should be able to connect to the App Store without a problem. Please let us know if this works for you in the comments.

  • Fine In Jordan 🙂

  • dident work for me in canada on 07/21/2012 and then a few hours later its working