Apple seeds iOS 6 Beta 3 to registered developers

By , Jul 16, 2012

Apple has just issued a third beta build of iOS 6 to developers. The new software has not yet appeared on Apple’s iOS Developer Center though devices running iOS 6 Beta 2 can update over-the-air (go to Settings > General > Software Update). The update prompt mentions only “bug fixes and improvements” so we’re doing some digging as we speak and will update when we find out more…

So, iH8sn0w was wrong.

In case you were wondering, it’s a 374MB OTA delta download for your iPhone 4s and a 424MB download for the third-generation iPad.

So far, we’ve identified one new feature, a brand new item in Settings dedicated to preferences for Apple’s own Maps application (thanks, @NicksiPhone5).

Once in Maps settings, you can choose between miles or kilometers for units labels, as well as set your desired language, label sizes and turn-by-turn navigation volume, independently of the system volume.

Screenshot via 9to5Mac

Another subtle tweak: Safari now displays nice icons for bookmarks, reading list and history in place of worded labels. Plus, Safari on iPad feaures a handy syncing progress indicator right below the reading list icon in the toolbar.

Full changelog is too long to include here, so head over at 9to5Mac for your iOS 6 Beta 3 release notes.

Apple promised to release iOS 6 for public consumption this fall, but wouldn’t specify an exact date. It’s fairly safe to assume Cupertino would let it out of the gate alongside the next iPhone, itself rumored to launch in September or October.

iOS 6 will be a major update to Apple’s operating system powering its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile devices. It’s gonna have system-wide Facebook integration, Apple’s own headline Maps service, an enhanced Siri version, a better Phone app, Shared Photo Streams via iCloud and lots more.

For a run down of what’s new, check out iDB’s ultimate list of iOS 6 features.

Cupertino released the first iOS 6 Beta to its registered developers on June 11, right following the WWDC keynote. The company followed up with iOS 6 Beta 2 on June 25.

Should you notice anything new in iOS 6 Beta 3, don’t hesitate to share with others down in the comments.

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  • Omar D. Plumey

    I have a developers account. And iOS 6 beta 2. Can one do an ota update or do I need to use iTunes?

    • Solowalker

      I’ve got it installing OTA right now. Developer page doesn’t show it yet for me either but probably won’t until later tonight.

    • Rob Johnson☺

      OTA is fine.

    • Geekfori

      Did you read this article or not?

      • Omar D. Plumey

        I asked that before he finished posting. All it said before was that it was released and stay tuned for details. I’m creating an interactive children’s book and I’m new to this developer stuff.

    • Usman Sajid

      i wonder why you have even develpoer account .:P

    • Burge

      OTA .. Should be working… Like it says in the post that Christian has said its a file size of 374mb

      • Maxim∑

        OTA varies depending on device ranging from 286-427MB

    • englishmike

      Fu”ing IDIOT!

  • Andross White Applejack

    just a little mistake .. its 347 mb

  • Geekfori

    I have it on my iPhone 4 and still nothing here in Maryland.

    • Hamza Tariq

      same here with me. It is still showing the iOS 6 beta 2 as latest OTA update. I have just pushed the download button to download it on device.

  • Damien D’Amore

    its OTA and out had to reboot phone to see it for me.

  • Maxim∑

    pretty big OTA Delta update, went smoothly

  • Scott Curry

    Small thing, I’m sure, but has anyone run through the code to verify 4G or LTE capabilities? Did I miss it somewhere?

  • himynameisBLiNK

    “iOS 6 will be a major update to Apple’s operating system”

    but not the kind of update that iOS 5 was from 4.x.x, so is it really considered major?

    • Antonio Santos

      Yeah since the firmware numbers go like this: (major).(minor).(patch) and patches are just bug fixes and maybe 5 new features.

    • Max Kaslick

      You want major you need to remember the days of iPhone firmware 2.0 to 3.0. Or the little bit more recent iPhone firmware 3 to iOS 4. Sweet sweet multitasking, music in background, and no more ugly dock with black wallpaper.
      Those were the days…

      • Richard Borkovec

        Couldn’t agree more. This seems more like it should be iOS 5.5 than 6. Of course they always hold some major announcement back until they unveil the new iPhone. Hopefully it’s worth the “6” title.

      • Michael Scott Allen

        Yeah people don’t seem to understand that Apple HASN’T released all of the features in these betas because nobody honors NDAs anymore. What you’re seeing released is base OS functionality testing. You will not see all of the features until the GM release.

      • Jonathan

        What? Apple has announced what features are coming in iOS6 already.

        Apple provides it to developers so that developers can develop around these and the new APIs, so that when iOS6 is released in earnest, apps will be compatible with it.

        So far as I’ve beta tested, since the iPhone 3G, I haven’t seen withheld functionality from the betas. But there’s always a warning NOT to put betas on personal devices, as they’re not stable.

    • iBr0ke

      I think it’s doesn’t very major update from ios 5.x.x like it was at iOS 4.x.x to iOS 5.x.x.

    • Irfan Tarique

      It’s not major for older devices… Even 4s and the new iPad. Perhaps the unknown 200 features will be crlearly displayed on the new iPhone and iPod touch

  • imot65

    MAPS: Satellite imaging has finally more resolution in the Dominican Rep. Any other regions?

  • jacob wolin

    New maps settings and new safari tweaks

  • Arturo Millan

    IOS 6 beta 3 brings VIP inbox to IPhone 3GS 😀

  • Eric Mason

    Seems to me that the moon that shows up when turning on/off Do Not Disturb has a new animation.

  • Ricardo Buitrago

    323 mb for iPhone 4 gsm

  • @dongiuj

    How long was beta 1 out for before beta 2? Also how long was beta 2 out for before beta 3?
    Nope, forget i asked these questions. Should have read this first…..sorry about that 😉

  • Roy Spear

    With ios 5.1.1 you would get a flash with incoming emails or incoming texts, with ios 6 beta 1,2 or 3 you don’t get the flash that can help hearing impaired

  • Peter TheMoo Cow

    There is USB tethering for AT&T/GSM iPad in Cellular Data section in settings.

  • Peter TheMoo Cow

    There is tethering options for AT&T/GSM iPad in Cellular Data section in settings.

  • Dean Anthony Hughes

    iOS B3 brings get me home feature,

    From maps search bar top link is

    ‘Current location to home’

    Simple but has already come in handy.

  • Roy Spear

    One new feature when replying email, it also gives you the option to re send the same email

  • Luke Watje

    it’s not saying there is anything to update for me…