As pointed out by MacRumors, Apple today began a long-expected transition from old email addresses hosted at the discontinued MobileMe service over to new iCloud addresses. People who are signing up for new Apple IDs will automatically get an email address. Those with a email address will also get a matching iCloud email, provided their devices run the just-released iOS 6 Beta 3

According to Apple: email addresses are now available for iCloud mail users. Users signing up for new Apple IDs, or enabling Mail on their iCloud account for the first time, will automatically receive an email address instead of a email address. iCloud users with addresses that have been used with iOS 6 beta 3 will receive an email address that matches their address.

Get it?

Apple will now require anyone with an iOS 6 Beta 3 device to use iCloud addresses for syncing services. New Apple ID signups will automatically get it and those with existing Apple ID using will be rolled into

It’s nice that Apple’s been fixing this mess with email domains and has begun retiring old email domains in favor of iCloud ones. For backwards-compatibility, iTools and .Mac users who upgraded to MobileMe users can use both their and older email addresses.

The company is also unifying your phone number and Apple ID in iOS 6 iMessage, allowing iPod touch and iPad devices to message iPhone users via their phone numbers instead of email addresses.

Do you plan on using your free email address at all?

  • Not really.
    Already got primary Google one, but I would make iCloud one!

    • I feel you. Too many email addresses want our attention, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Apple…

      • ithar

        hi are you married yes or no

      • ithar

        hi are you married yes or no

  • you

    I’m hoping (and assuming) that when people email your @me email it will forward it to your @icloud one correct?

    • that’s the idea, yeah. it’s how they handle the forwarding to

  • Yes I’m planning on using my email address.

  • So what will happen to the old users who are using account on iOS 5?

    • Nothing you can keep using it

      • Not what I meant exactly. I asked if we can get as well.

  • JamesR624

    Great! Now how about letting us use our iCloud/me address for iTunes and have ONE unified APPLE ID!!!!!

    • I have that setup I use my gmail as my apple ID which is the same account as my @me iCloud

  • How do I get an iCloud email address if I have gmail hooked up to iCloud and iTunes?

    • from your phone, or iPad go to settings -> iCloud -> turn on the mail switch from off to on, and it will have you create one. Now what I want to know, can I use my iCloud email address for the app store instead of using my lame hotmail email address? I don’t even open up my hotmail anymore, I wanna get rid of it, but I don’t cause of the app store

  • So I need to change my email address again? What a chore, I was promised a me account for life. At this rate (from mac, to me, to icloud) we should expect a new email for all of us in a couple years.

  • i’ve never used my email once in my life anyways lol

  • Well what if i have @me email address and i want to switch to a @icloud email address.. for some reason i like that email address or keep both @me and @icloud in one apple id account (i have my gmail hooked up to my icloud account as well as @me too

  • Dan

    I use the @me address for my job but I have to admit that the browser interface sucks donkey b@lls compared to gmail

  • Can’t really change to a @icloud as my primary. Kinda sucks I wanna get rid of my hotmail email all together. But i keep it around for my itunes receipts

  • Well you can use both like I will be hopefully very soon.

  • You keep both and are unified. They have 1 inbox ect. But up to 3 email addresses (iCloud me and Mac )

  • I wonder what will happen to my Will it be deleted in near future?

  • Nicek1d

    When is this supposed to happen?? I just created a new icloud mail account and I only got the option to make an @me account. I signed up to get an @icloud email. btw I have an iphone4 on ios5.1.1

    • stitchhero

      Me too. I only got one option to make @me account. How can I get

  • Aric Bolf

    Every time iPhoto is opened on my iMac, for some unexplained reason it always has says “mobile me has been discontinued”

    It’s quite irritating as first i don’t see what photos have anything to do with email. Secondly, i havent used @me for email for like 3 years when i figured out how to have gmail work on my iPhone just as good as the paid for @me.

    If I try to delete the mobile me account, i get a message that says “9 albums will be removed from your iPhoto library…”

    So i’m trapped. Damned if i don’t, damned even worse if i do.

  • Again? Damn, if they really wanted to do this the right way, every existing user would automatically be converted with aliases still getting email to you from the old accounts. I’m still using my .MAC account from back in the day when it was still a free email account. I literally have thousand of items from the iTunes Stores under that account and we’re replacing it yet again, but I still can’t wrap this archaic account into something new… Their focus is off here I think.

    That said, yes… I’ll have an iCloud account.

  • ithar

    are you married yes or no

  • ithar

    are you married yes or no

  • ithar

    why i think i cloud

  • ithar

    why i think i cloud

  • What I don’t understand is why when I use my regular gmail account I sometimes discover a response on my iCloud account. This is frustrating. Any suggestions?

  • Arnold Vanheighten

    I am a new user and could use some help