Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s next-generation iPhone are arguably the two most highly-anticipated smartphone releases of 2012. The S III just recently starting hitting retail stores, and Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone later this fall.

Choosing between the two will end up being a tough choice for some consumers, as both handsets will obviously have their benefits. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could have the best of both worlds? Enter the iSung Galaxy V…

The video above is brought to you by the folks at Techradar. It’s essentially a concept mashup of an ‘iPhone 5,’ based on recent rumors, and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The handset features NFC, Samsung’s Ultra-Shutter tech, and a memory card slot.

We’re still not sure if we’re sold on the rumored two-tone iPhone design, but we have to admit we like the bigger screen. We also like the idea of being able to run multiple applications on-screen at once, even though it’s a bit impractical.

Obviously, there are a number of far-fetched things that would happen in the world (pigs flying, etc.) before Samsung and Apple ever teamed up to design a smartphone. But it still makes for an interesting concept.

What do you think of the iSung Galaxy V?


  • aldrich siñel

    If this thing will happen then there will be peace on earth…

    Good Job..

  • Yuck!!!!

  • It would be pretty sweet though, having used iphones since the original all the way through to the 4s i finally jumped ship last week and got the s3 because i got pretty bored with the look and feel of ios even with all of my jailbreak tweaks and after trying out ios6 (which i know is still in beta and not the finished article), it has taken a little getting used to but i have to admit i couldn’t be happier with it, I’m still here on idownloadblog (before i get bashed and told that i must be regretting the change like I’ve seen many times before!) because i still have my ipad (don’t think I’ll ever swap that out) and because i love the site and the excellent write ups

    • Matthew Agostino

      I got to admit, I feel the same way, but I can’t leave the iphone. That’s why I pre-ordered the new nexus 7 tablet. It seems to me that android is still a bit buggy, so i’d much rather my android device be my secondary device.

      • Kok Hean

        All software have bugs.

      • Syed Ali

        All humans are prone to Illnesses. Some win the Olympics.

      • Kok Hean


      • Syed Ali

        Some don’t have it.

      • Kok Hean

        My whole life is a lie D:

    • Mike Logan


  • samdchuck

    Does that even fit in normal size people pants?

    • @dongiuj

      Why would you want to put a phone in your pants?

      • Where do you keep yours? Lodged up your butt?

      • @dongiuj

        That’s most probably where it would be if you put it in your pants. I don’t put it in my pants, i put it in my pocket.

      • and what do you do if you don’t have shirt pockets?

      • @dongiuj

        Who’s talking about shirts?

      • If you aren’t putting in your pants (pockets…by default) or your shirt pockets, what pockets are left….?

      • Eric Armstrong

        In America, we have skin pockets under our rolls of fat.

      • USA: Pants = Jeans/Trousers
        Europe: Pants = Underwear
        USA: Underwear = Underwear

      • @dongiuj

        Europe: pants/underwear = underwear.

      • samdchuck

        Europe (not UK): Pants = Pants (not underwear)

  • I remember the time when iPhone users complained about the size of Android phones and said they’d never want a bigger screen as the current size was perfect. Low and behold, Apple are rumoured to be increasing the screen size and all iPhone fans are creaming their pants..

    • I agree with you. That’s mostly because Apple fanboys will just do anything to justify what Apple does. Apple uses puppy skin to power the new iPad battery? Fine, because puppies aren’t real dogs quite yet. All jokes aside, I’d be happy to have a slightly bigger screen, but certainly not if it means the device itself will be bigger. As it stands, the iPhone is the perfect size to me. It fits right in my hand and in my pocket. I will definitely buy the new iPhone no matter what, but I know I’d be disappointed by the size increase, if there is indeed a size increase of the device.

    • Last time i checked people only wanted a little bigger screen without increasing the phone size too much. Stop stereotyping people/users. Galaxy phones are bricks and if someday the iphone get that size i will not buy it for sure.

  • the good part it runs ios ! 😉

  • what u mean IPHONE 5 , u retards let it come out and then make a design for it. !! screw this and just to let u know, isung is a stupid name.

  • D AP

    A better name would be iPhung

  • Chris

    Looks funny like the note

  • sick

  • Looks like another phablet. I’ll pass.

  • Likwit

    All I’d like is UltraShutter, iBeam is nothing but Bump built into the OS

  • I think the micro sd card slot is a good idea!!

    • Christopher Costa

      I was thinking the exact opposite. I’d accidentally knock it and end up ejecting the sd card in my pocket or something, or while using the phone and end up screwing something up.

  • iPhone 5 + SIII=
    Mega Über Godly Phone
    Only cost you only a super excessive amount of money you can’t afford

  • The multiplay part!!!! Hahahaha! I wish the poor person who attempts to play temple run, watch a movie, and text good luck, you will definitely need it.

  • Thies Verhave

    Its still a iPhone, only bigger.