Back in May, Tiny Wings creator Andreas Illiger told reporters that the world could expect a sequel to his popular mobile game “within 3 weeks.” But those 3 weeks came and went, and we haven’t heard a peep.

Then yesterday, Illiger finally broke the silence by releasing a Tiny Wings 2 teaser trailer. And while the video doesn’t give much information away regarding the game, we have to admit, it’s pretty fun to watch…

Luckily the clip does give away one important bit of information — the game’s release date. Tiny Wings fans can expect the sequel to land on iOS on July 12th, which happens to be next Thursday.

As usual, we’ll let you know as soon as the title hits the App Store.

Now, who’s excited for Tiny Wings 2?

  • lovely video


    What a boring game this is !

  • Dan

    Loved the first game, but I kind of wonder what he can do more in the second without ruining the concept

  • Can’t wait, got to island 8 in the first game 😛

    • Your mom must be proud

      • Yep she really is, she even baked me a cookie to celebrate it!!

  • Anticipate. Hope iDB gives free promos

    • Matthew Tanner

      Or you could just spend the $1 and buy the game.

    • or download the crack version

  • unrelated: I have the new/3 ipad and i tried to install siri on it. so i used a method called spite (not spire,spite) it kept getting stuck on one part. so just said screw it and exited out of cydia and opened cydia again and it just wouldn’t load. so i powered it off and tried to turn it on back again and the apple logo appears for ten minutes and then just turn back off again! is there a fix except restoring?

    • cruzcontrol1001

      You have restore unless you installed ssh through your computer and can delete that last file you installed if you don’t know there is no possible way to get siri on the new iPad only Ipad 1/2 are spire compatable which is the best Siri package available. I hope you backed up recently.

  • i purchased this game through Free My App and i played twice and got bored and now i thinking why this games was boring???