Following up on a string of recent reporting which revives the iPad mini rumor, the usually accurate Japanese blog Macotakara claimed that the device will be produced in Foxconn’s new manufacturing facilities in Brazil. Manufacturing is apparently set to ramp up in September, just in time for mass availability around the holiday shopping season, as indicated in other reports…

Macotakara has the story (machine-translated from Japanese), based on a “reliable source from China”:

The tablet called iPad mini will be produced in Brazil, however production test to collect data for new cutting machine is already done in China. Source said that, production phase of this tablet will be started since September, and this tablet should be shipped until holiday season, but announcement will not be so soon.

The report goes on to note that the 7.85-inch device will be thinner that Amazon’s Kindle Fire (11.43mm), almost as thin as the iPod touch (7.2mm), according to people who have seen a prototype. Google’s Nexus 7 is 10.45mm thick.

The iPad mini is also said to include cellular 3G capabilities and that’s pretty much all Macotakara’s source knows about the gizmo.

Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal both threw their weight behind the iPad mini, both citing “people familiar with the matter” who said Apple is going to produce a miniaturized iPad with a 1024-by-768 pixel display, so apps could run without any changes.

Both media outlets mention an October release date. Some watchers, myself included, opine that Apple is doing the iPad mini as a response to competition, namely the growing popularity of Amazon’s Kindle and Google’s just-announced Nexus 7, each tapping into its maker’s ecosystem designed to rival Apple’s.


  • moro no brasil isso e uma boa noticia

    • Nem sempre, lembre-se nos vivemos no Brasil…
      Ps: como é bom encontrar um leitor do idownload blog que seja brasileiro!!! ^^

  • Sounds feasible, but if I look at those renders enough, it looks like a Nexus 7.

  • Leiryv

    I don’t think it’s a response to competition, but I think it’s this way: now that Steve Jobs and his ideal is nowhere to constraint and limit Apple’s creativity, they can continue to develop things like this. It’s just before Apple released this smaller iPad, Google made one first, in a hurry. Just a coincidence.

    But I do believe that this news is spreading because Apple let it spread, to take the hype of Nexus 7 from unfaithful Android users (t/l: from an ordinary tech consumer, not a fandroid).

    • Or apple could have let the rumors out to try to stop people leaving apple. There are a lot of reports of people giving up on apple already.

      • Leiryv

        nah, on the other side of the report, iOS gains 2% of total Mobile OS users that browses the internet, from 63% to 65% (this month), while Android is still stuck at 20%. There are a lot more new people using Apple than giving up on Apple.

      • Love stats! U must of got that from Net applications

  • Dan

    Now that Jobs is gone, Apple is free to soar…. or crash and burn.

    • Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like the first engine is starting to fail

      • Dan

        I agree, the New iPad was not a step forward and iPad mini is a mistake imo. Here’s hoping that iPhone 5 does not disappoint.

      • It will be disappointingif it is called “iPhone 5”..

      • Dan

        I’d prefer that to ‘the new iPhone’ lol

      • I’d prefer iPhone 6, seen as though it will be the 6th iPhone and not the 5th.

      • Dan

        Doubt they’d do that considering the 3GS then 4

      • The 4 is the 4th Generation though and te “5” would be the 6th

      • Starman_Andromeda

        Strange… retina display, upgraded camera, improved memory, new iOS.

        iPad mini will be a smash hit… lots of people love smaller devices, especially for readings–and the Asian market is supposed to be HUGE for such devices.

        Apple has not lost its touch… the notion that somehow with Jobs gone that Cook is doing something good, bad, or indifferent missed the well-sourced stories that Apple has a 5-year game plan– which was shaped by Jobs before he passed away!

        Oh, and one more thing 🙂


      • Dan

        I dunno, it’s one thing to improve on features that you already had before, it’s something else to innovate new features. I didn’t feel like the new iPad had anything new that made me WANT to buy it. I had an iPad 1 and was jonesing for the iPad 2. I’m waiting to be impressed 🙂

    • dpgj

      I think Apple lost its touch as being the visionary leader and start to play the same game with Samsung and Google.

    • yup…after the iPhone 4, Apple is not apple anymore.

  • If this is true it would completely bring down Nexus 7 sales.

    • Yeah because it will have cellular! And will not be a plastic rectangle

      • Yep and well, because it’s Apple :p

  • So let’s all just wait for the iPod touch mini and iPhone mini a d the list goes on.

  • If and when this comes out . I think I’ll get 3 for the wife and kids.. I thinks that the full size iPad is a bit of a let down .. Don’t get me wrong I love the ipad I think it’s just missing something .. like being a full replacement for a NetBoot ..

  • As far as I can tell, I haven’t seen ANY “reliable source” talking about it, I checked the original source and I don’t need any “machine translation” apparently.

  • Can’t wait for the “iPad Mini” to be jailbroken. Only downside, develpoers will have to make there tweaks, themes, etc. work with the 7-inch screen. I don’t know how long that will take, hopefully not long.

    • Rafael Damasceno

      Didn’t you understand the article? It would be the same resolution as the iPad 1, so it would run just fine.

  • lrd555

    Apple’s never going to ship a tweener device.

  • Сергей ННН

    I want this wallpaper

  • That is definitely fake. Why would they do that? The iPad’s main purpose is the BIG SCREEN! If you actually fell for that, your stupid. And I mean it.

    • smtp25

      I wish i could remember all of the names of the idiots such as yourself .. If iPad mini comes out so I could remind you of your stupidty

  • Ryan Nickum

    I hope that it starts around 3-400$. Apple is a luxury high end company and I would hate to see them stoop to the low of Samsung and Google to play ‘who can go cheaper’.

  • I would bought it if it had retina

  • Steve Jobs would never do this and Apple is making a huge mistake by not blindly following his vision. I, as an independent observer who has little to no experience in the industry of consumer technology, expect Apple to fail soon after this.


  • Greg Kosasih

    Who needs smaller iPad anyway, iPad is beautiful because of its colorful big screen, if u need smaller size gadget better go for iPhone then.. apple is a leader because of its innovation shouldnt become a follower.. thats not apple

  • Mabye it’s not a iPad mini but a larger iPod touch cuz the iPad is one of the kind

  • Don’t you guys see it? Apple is moving forward with their beautifull amazing displays wich we so much love. H
    By the end of the year we’ll have a gorgeous new iPad with a 2048×1536, we’ll have a 7.85″ device with the current iPad 2 Resolution but with a bigger pixel density. And then we’ll have a whole new iPhone with a 4″screen with, wait for it, the same resolution of the current iPad 2. The new android phones are being packed with full 720p+ screen and apple can’t stay behind. Just imagine an iPad resolution in 4″. About fragmentation, and develper’s headache, well, if they want to keep selling their apps at the biggest app store and with the better profit, they’ll just have to update. I’m ready for getting the new iPhone next holidays.

  • StevenRandolph

    The iPad mini is a call for apple because if you walk in parks you don’t see anything but kindels being used as readers, all my times in NYC parks ive only seen 1 iPad, So to keep the compition honest it’s good that apple competes in this light and size pad