Still looking for a decent handheld gaming accessory for your iPhone? You might try looking at the new iCade Mobile. ION unveiled the controller earlier this year at CES, and now it’s finally available for purchase.

ION has seen a lot of success with its original iCade, and is hoping that it can translate that success into the mobile market. But will users take to the Mobile the way they’ve taken to ION’s mini-arcade?

On paper, the controller looks great. It has eight buttons, a d-pad, and connects to your iPhone or iPod touch via bluetooth. It’s also playable in both portrait and landscape mode, and supports the same games as the original iCade.

But whether or not it’s worth the money, is up to you. At $70, the iCade Mobile isn’t exactly cheap. And despite a growing list of compatible applications, there’s still a good chance that you’re favorite ones aren’t supported.

Nevertheless, it’s a viable option in the sea of uncertainty known as the iOS handheld gaming accessory market. If you want one, you can order it from ThinkGeek for $69.99.

What do you think of the iCade Mobile?


  • i dont think it’ll work well with shooters.. unless if u add a second joystic

  • Charles Valdez

    I’ll stick to my Vita and Xperia Play thank you.

  • That looks Purty! I love using my iControlPad with apps like iMAME, but I wouldn’t recommend someone buying a 3rd party controller at the moment, not many apps support them. Apple really needs to come out with an official controller, that’s the only way you’ll ever get every developer to fully support it. I honestly don’t know what’s taken Apple so long, games like Pacman play horribly on a touch screen.

  • Buy a game handheld like psVita, to play games with controls.

  • Buy vita if u want controls.

  • I’d rather go with 8-Bitty. Does anyone have anyone info about that?

  • jose castro

    they should of put a joy stick with it too.. ya it would of looked kinda similar to psp but still it would be nice…..

  • Dan

    wonder if it works with nes and snes emulator. But still, 70$ is a big much imo.

    I’d feel like a total tool using this in public, at home might as well use bluetooth wiimote, it’s cheaper.

  • Finally :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!