Speero is an upcoming jailbreak tweak for the iPad that places a system management utility at your fingertips by means of an Activator action.

Once Speero is invoked using Activator, you can manage apps, execute toggles, launch apps, and perform specific Activator actions from a list of up to 20 programmable actions.

There’s even a provision built in for further plugins to expand upon the premise of the tweak. If you’ve been looking for a decent system management tweak, then you may want to give Speero a look…

In addition to the aforementioned list of options, there are also settings in the Settings app panel that allow you to adjust the pop-up blur radius and tint. For those of you who prefer a way to dismiss the pop-up besides using the Home button, the developers have included a provision to dismiss with a double tap.

Speero should hit Cydia’s BigBoss repo in the very near future for $0.99. What do you think about this upcoming iPad exclusive tweak?

  • M_AlO

    Haven’t this been done already?
    I think I’ve seen something like it before..

    • it has been on youtube for about a week, posted by opinion reviewer .

      • M_AlO

        No, that’s not it..

      • no there is not a similar tweak to this one on iPad. I guess some of them are similar because they have the same functionaly. But visually they look totally different.

    • SimonReidy

      Yep, there’s been a couple of similar ones, but nothing that lets you customise to such a degree. Then again most of the things this tweak does can be done by Activator gestures already so I’m not sure I’d use it that much.

  • It more like a duplicate tweak from others.Just a bit more details

    • jose castro

      super switcher lol without the switcher hahaha

  • tim

    I’d like an iPhone version..any word from the dev on whether or not he plans to make it iPhone compatible?

  • That’s nice, but still… have seen something like that, just like a huge version of SBSettings with some additional features

  • You have to be a YouTube partner like Jeff