Make Chrome your default browser in iOS with BrowserChooser

By , Jun 29, 2012

So that didn’t take long. It hasn’t been 12 hours since Chrome popped up in the App Store, and there’s already a jailbreak tweak available that allows you to make it the default browser in iOS.

BrowserChooser comes courtesy of jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich. And if you’re a fan of Google’s mobile browser, you’re going to want to download this package as soon as possible…

Petrich just announced the utility via his Twitter account, saying: “BrowserChooser is up on Loving Chrome for iOS so much that it had to be built.”

BrowserChooser is exactly like the old Browser Changer tweak, except it supports Chrome. Once installed, you can make Chrome your iDevice’s default browser via the stock Settings app.

I’m happy to report, the tweak works as advertised. I’ve tested it in a number of different applications, opening links in Messages, Mail, Tweetbot and more. And they all open directly in Chrome.

To install BrowserChooser on your jailbroken device, you’re going to need Ryan Petrich’s repo. If you don’t have it, simply open up Cydia and then tap Manage > Sources > Edit > Add, and type

Once the repo is added, all you have to do is search for BrowserChooser. And don’t worry, it’s free.

If you haven’t played with Chrome yet, be sure to check out our rundown of the app, and our Chrome versus Safari speed test. If you’re ready to download the browser, you can find it here.

Do you plan on setting Chrome as your default browser?

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  • Kevin Pang

    I fucking love this browser 😀

  • Kok Hean

    Ryan Petrich is my favourite Cydia developer.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Ryan Petrich is the man 😀

  • Will Fancher

    If only there were a tweak that gave nitro to apps…

    • Arsanny Lintang

      Nitrous, check it out!

  • m.d.

    iDB, you should at least mention that adding Ryan Petrich’s repository also means that you might get other tweaks by him, if installed, upgraded to unstable beta versions.

  • Nihas Nebas

    chrome for ios is dam awesome and i use it always, but it lacks fullscreen browsing, adding boookmarks to homescreen etc………………..but nice browser

    • Hayden Jenkins

      You can add bookmarks to home screen with browsers other than safari?

      • Nihas Nebas

        i dont think so/……………………u can only add bookmarks to the browser itself

  • Devnath Devonic

    Now make a tweak that enables the nitro engine in chrome

  • Shahan

    Doesnt seem to be working with Siri. Siri is still using safari :(

  • kakashigna

    thanks thanks thanks, chrome is the best browser, even on iOS!!!
    Thanks thanks thanks 😀
    Goodbye safari

  • Dor Hirschel

    its not working .
    Download it from Ryan Petrich repo , set it with chrome in Browser Chooser settings and open home screeen bookmark – it opened safari.
    same thing after a respring.

    Am i doing somthing wrong ?

    • Yaseen AlSuwaidan

      I tried it too.

      It seems that the home screen bookmark is programmed to open in safari within its code.

    • Mhd Tabs

      Most probably, Safari will run its own bookmarks. I tried anyway the repo and installed BrowserChooser, tested one of the links in my emails in Mail App and it’s justed opened on Google Chrome!…just as the post says!

    • Yaseen AlSuwaidan

      Try Browser Changer… It is updated to support chrome..

      It is better.

  • Dor Hirschel

    Double Post

  • J

    Doesn’t work when opening bookmarks from the home page!

    Other than that awesome tweak!

  • Gonzalo Arilla

    Fuck Ryan, is the fucking boss!

  • Dan

    nice, I will get this for sure

  • Tiago Fernandes

    I don’t get it.. Whats the big thing about chrome?!

    • Hayden Jenkins

      It’s the fastest browser on PC. And very fast and easy to use on mac. Many people use it, so they want to sync their chrome bookmarks to their phones/ipads

      • Tiago Fernandes

        It’s faster by what, a few miliseconds? Sure, syncing will be great, but I don’t get why would I use it besides that..

      • chris nguyen

        Try out chrome for yourself

    • Adhithya Gokul

      Its mostly psychological effect that people have . Chrome just makes them feel faster even if Safari is faster by a long way . Chrome is the best PC and Mac browser but Safari it is when it comes to iPhone or iPad

  • Marcel Sanchez

    finally!!i was getting tired of having to open another browser all the time.

  • Shai Goldberg

    I know how everyone loves fapping over Ryan Petrich, but at least mention BrowserChanger which does this exact thing and it has support for like 10 more browsers than this tweak (dunno if it’s been updated yet for chrome tho)

    • Atma Singh

      BrowseChanger update has been submitted to BigBoss by dev but not live yet. I know as he replied to my email enquiring about this. I’ve gone with Petrich’s app for now as Chrome is all I want to use currently.

    • jpbl1976

      You’re missing the point, mate. The point was that Ryan put together — rather quickly — a tweak that allows you to set Chrome (the number one downloaded app on the US Appstore) as the default browser for iOS. This relates to other articles on the blog related to Chrome.

      I understand if you like the other tweak; I used it in the past but having to mention similar tweaks each time something else emerges would be like pointless because there are a lot of apps that provide duplicate functionality on Cydia.

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    The repo no work!!!

    • Hayden Jenkins don’t type anything else in. or delete any of the pre-typed text

      • Adrian Rodriguez

        Ok thank you!!

  • Matt Brown

    Does anyone know of a way to get bookmark shortcuts from third-party browsers like Chrome on my home screen? Thanks!

  • Atma Singh

    BrowserChanger update has been submitted to BigBoss by the dev but not live yet. I know as he replied to my email enquiring about this. Ps I’ve gone with Petrich’s app for now as Chrome is all I want to use currently.

    • Karen

      Awesome..just the info I was looking for. Thanks for posting this.

    • chjode

      Looks like it’s live now. I just checked Cydia and found and update to Browser Changer supporting Chrome. Neat!

  • Brouhaha

    My prayers have been answered, thank you!

  • Scott Curry

    Am I the only one that can’t find the tweak after adding the repo?

    • Scott Curry

      Nevermind. Even though Cydia SAID it “downloaded packages,” it hadn’t really. Installing another tweak forced the refresh. BrowserChooser came right up after that.

  • Karen

    I do like Chrome and would use this..but very gun shy of adding repos.. (Thanks iDownload blog for letting us know about these tweaks and for having a forum to discuss them!)

    Edit: I see from comments below that developer is submitting tweak to BigBoss.. Awesome.

  • Alex Frechette

    Downloaded BrowserChooser but when I go in it, the only option is Safari – help!?!?

    • Dor Hirschel

      Do you have Chrome/ Dolphin/other browser installed ?

  • Warren Skipper

    Great tweak; Ryan is definitely one of the best developers!

  • Aman P. Reyes

    the new safari download manager is already released for ios 5, hope somebody will develop a chrome download manager, this would be a perfect browser.

  • Zakarij Wallace

    They just released an update for Browser Changer though, I’m assuming for chrome? haha Idk. It just seems pointless kind of to have two tweaks doing the same thing.

  • Andy Hutchinson

    This app is literally the only reason I’d jailbreak my iPhone. Hate not being able to choose my default browser.

  • Isaiah Centifanto

    anyone know of a jailbreak tweak that forces Siri to respect the “Browser Changer” tweak and use a different browser when web searching?

  • Jonathan Fuchs

    I’ve been using this tweak for the last couple of days. Unfortunately for me when I click on links in my email it does not open through Google Chrome. I even reinstalled the tweak but had the same results. Any advice?

  • Peter_Izn

    I used it on iOS 5.1.1. Now I have iOS 6, will it work? What to do?

  • Davido

    Is there any way to add Covenant Eyes as an option for a default web browser? That would be awesome.

  • wawa

    works on IOS 7 ?

  • Suzie Johnson-Clayton

    L. O. V. E. !