Browser Changer: Open Links in Third-Party Browsers

Browser Changer is a new applications available in Cydia that lets you make a third-party browser your default browser. This way, you can open links in a third-party browser instead of opening them in Safari.

browser changer

Why would use this application? Let me explain. Let’s say your web browser of choice is Opera Mini. Every time you click on a link in an email for example, you may want this link to open in Opera Mini. Apple doesn’t let you do this but Browser Changer will.

This is definitely not a ground breaking application, but it is still a nice tweak for those of you who use a browser different from Safari. This app also comes with a SBSettings toggle, so you can turn it on/off easily and quickly.

Browser Changer offers support for Atomic, iCab Mobile, Perfect Browser and Opera Mini. You can simply choose your default browser in the

You can get Browser Changer for free from Cydia. If you decide to try it on, please leave a comment below to tell us what you think about this app.

Thanks @PhoneTrips for the tip!