The Google I/O 2012 conference is still underway at San Francisco’s Moscone West and Google has finally taken the wraps off of its own branded tablet, called Nexus 7. It’s designed with content consumption in mind and comes with an enhanced Google Play store which now lets you browse, download and enjoy digital magazines, television shows, movies, in addition to Android apps and more…

Google partnered with Asus to help them build its tablet called Nexus 7.

The device has a seven-inch display sporting a1,280-by-800 pixel resolution and weighs in at just 300 grams, “just about the wight of an average paperbook“. It fits perfectly in your hand, executives said on stage, and is designed as “the best Google experience optimized for content”.

It’s built for Google Play, runs the latest just-announced Android version (4.1, code-named Jelly Bean) and has Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip that has a quad-core CPU paired with a twelve-core GPU.

Nvidia’s graphics expertise also gives Nexus 7 a leg up in the gaming department compared to most other Android tablets. It also challenges iPad games, which is due to some crucial architectural differences between Apple’s in-house A5X chip and Nvidia’s Tegra 3 silicon (here, here and here).

The Nexus 7 is also the first device that runs Chrome as the standard browser and ships with en enhanced version of YouTube app (HD-ready clips play natively, without being scaled down) and a new version of Google Maps with offline mode (you just go to a desired location and tap the Make Available Offline button).

The new Maps app also taps the device’s gyroscope sensor for cool 360-degree interior shots of places of interest that rotate as you move your device around.

Other interesting hardware features include a front-facing camera for video conferencing, the usual assortment of connectivity options (WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC – but no cellular connectivity), gyroscope and accelerometer sensors for gaming.

Here’s your promo video.

Google claims up to nine hours of video playback and up to 300 hours of standby time. Nexus 7 is available for pre-order now for $199 in the Play Store in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia (with more countries to follow), with shipping in mid-July.

The search company is spoiling each customer with a $25 credit to spend in the Play Store and will preload your tablet with some nice movies, games and magazines.

What do you think? Is it better than Amazon’s Kindle Fire?

  • typo at second to last line.

    you may delete this comment after fixing it

  • ‘but no cellular connectivity’ – thats the biggest mistake! what the point having a tablet, without connectivity? the point is mobility!

    • AMB_07

      The thing is still mobile and unlike you I don’t really care for cellular connectivity, I don’t feel like paying for ”a second phone” and dumping all my cash into the garbage. This is a must-buy! But biggest thing I hate with the Nexus devices is the lack of expandeable memory.

      • I agree. I dont care about cellular either. The tablet looks really great, I just wonder how is the user experience with OS

    • their android phones offer wifi hot spot setup. just connect to your phone. one bill, share your unused data instead of paying for more

    • you cant expect to pay 200$ and get everything

    • michael vhan patrick

      i dont want a pesky cellular company making my nexus very expensive

    • 2008crna

      You know, in the age of cellular tethering, a built in cellular radio to a tablet only makes it $200 more expensive and it is a useless extra data plan fee.

  • Lol nuff said with the last question.

  • Lol, a Galaxy Note!

  • k, i still prefer my ipad 3 and we will see about surface ;o

  • Aric Bolf

    After watching the video, i want to eat an ice cream sandwich

  • There’s nothing wrong with Google offering a low-cost tablet with a seven inch screen, but it’s not in the same market space as the iPad. They are looking for a niche that Apple chose not to compete in; 7″ screen, bargain-priced offerings. Steve Jobs specifically explained why Apple would not be offering a 7″ tablet: “Let’s talk about the avalanche of tablets. First, there are only a few credible competitors. And they all have seven-inch screen. This size isn’t sufficient to create great tablet apps.” “And this size is useless unless you include sandpaper so users can sand their fingers down to a quarter of their size. We’ve done extensive testing and 10 inches is the minimum tablet size.” “Given that tablet users will have a smartphone in their pocket, there’s no point in giving up screen size. Seven inch tablets are tweeners — too big to be a phone, and too small to compete with the iPad.”

    • I think 7 inch screen is still great alternative for many manyyyyy people

    • That was being said a long time ago before Kindle Fire booms out. Today the story is different as Google launched its 7″ and apple is ready to launch its 7″ THIS FALL.

  • Personally, I like it. If the iPad line of tablets had an affordable model, then I would buy one from Apple. I only have three uses for a tablet(movie watching ,internet, and book reading) to justify paying such a high price. With the Nexus and Kindle, it’s realisitic to assume that a used device will sell for $100-$150; a perfect and reasonable pricepoint for me.

  • forumiphone

    now google vs apple is over(for tablet)(androıd big tablets never get in to maınstream)
    it is amazon biz to compete with google nexus

    ı kınd a lıke it

    I thınk 2013 lıne up is low nexus vs kındle,
    mid and high-end ipad vs surface

    (as ipad 2 mid ipad 3 hıgh,surface rt mıd and intel bades surface hıgh)

    now we got microsoft vs apple

    if apple come with 7 inc tablet ı wıll happy to see it

  • cruzcontrol1001

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the video because it reminded me of the videos Apple makes with Johnny Ivy and all the apple engineers putting up the Apple product that they have just brought to market.

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Just with less attractive looks and style, I must add 🙂

      • cruzcontrol1001

        I’d have to agree

    • Jony Ive*

  • $199 in the US,£199 in the UK ( just checked on play store UK) WTF thats like an extra $100 difference in money convertion that the UK are gonna have to pay,was seriously thinking about getting one as a second reader ( got an iPad 2 that I do most of my reading on ) but just put me off,it’s not the price but just the nerve that there trying to rip UK people off,google you just made a mistake!!!!


    Something that gadget lovers will buy, only as a 2nd device, after their iPad IMO 🙂

    (I would, if I didn’t have an HP Touchpad)

  • skychet

    And now everyone’s thinking “Microsoft what face?”

  • I don’t know why Google developers don’t feel like an idiot when they speaking about inventing google play.
    “music films …… in the same place”
    they have only stolen the iTunes idea.

  • I’ll buy this, $200? enough said.

  • Edit price has changed down to £159

  • the video is a bad ripoff of an Apple video. Little 1 or 2 line snippets of different people talking….

  • I like how they said in the video that they made things smoother and that they declared a war against laggyness. Finally after four years of android some has admitted one of many shortcomings of this os.

  • Now that google started to sell their own branded devices. Can we expect a future google vs apple war if google launches its own branded phone? iPhone vs gPhone… Just in case, I’m going to register the gPhone

    • 2008crna

      Google already entered the smarphone market, the Nexus one by HTC. This tablet is manufactured by ASUS but it is still considered a Google product.