Google I/O is underway at San Francisco’s Moscone West and the company just shared a few interesting tidbits related to the momentum of its Android platform, announcing total activations of over four hundred million devices as of June of this year.

This means that a whopping 300 million new activations have been added over the past twelve months. On the surface, the number seems to compare favorably versus the 365 million cumulative iOS device sales Apple reported at WWDC earlier this month…

Google boasted a million daily Android activations, equalling to an average of twelve new Android devices each second of every day (nearly a million each day). It’s interesting that Apple stopped reporting its activation numbers.

However, there is a difference between the total number of iOS device units moved and Android activations, which include software upgrades on existing devices and carriers’ contract renewals.

That said, it wouldn’t surprise us if Android now sold more units cumulatively compared to iOS devices as Google’s mobile operating system is a multi-channel, multi-carrier platform that involve hundreds of carriers worldwide, a wide gamut of price points and form factors and dozens of vendors who manufacture Android tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and a range of other connected devices.

The search company also says more than a million NFC devices are shipping every week, “and that number is growing quickly”. Per rumor-mill and some solid industry sources, NFC is coming to the next iPhone in a big way.

Google execs also made a point of highlighting how quickly Android is taking off in certain markets. For example, Android grew as much as 300 percent in countries like Japan, South Korea and France, as seen in the heatmap below.

It’s rising even faster in Brazil, India, Tailand and Indonesia, where Android devices grew over 500 percent over the last year. You can watch the Google I/O 2012 keynote live on YouTube.

What do you guys think?

Should Apple be worried about total Android activations just as the iPhone’s fifth anniversary is due this Friday?

  • Eric Armstrong

    Apple has no reason to be worried, even the most competent of competitors won’t be able to take them down any time soon.
    Ps, paragraph 3 line 1 is redundant, “daily activations every day”. Great articles today, looks like you’re very busy…

  • Howard Ellacott

    Well in some countries apple’s mobile products are stupidly overpriced! Especially in comparison to the US… :-/

    • I think they are not overpriced. What apple does, they just take the US price and convert this exact amount to the currency in the given country. Lets say iPad 3 costs $700 US, and then Apple is going to convert it to polish currency which is $1 US = 3 zloty (dollars). Meaning, in Poland ipad will sell for more than 2100 zloty, which is very high and very, very unreasonable!!!!

      • Howard Ellacott

        In the UK (where I live) a 3rd Gen iPad, wifi, 16GB is the equivalent of $640!! That’s almost $150 more than in the US! Seems a tad unfair.

      • It’s not just apple doing this,google have just shown us the nexus 7 which is $199 in the US and £199 in the UK (just checked on play store UK) so once again seems the UK and other countries are getting ripped off on fair pricing.

        Edit price has changed to £157

      • Falk M.

        The thing is they adapt the prices to local consumer budgets.
        Richer nation = richer prices.

        Now with countries like Brazil, it’s a couple of factors: they have their own regulatory bodies, they often have obscene import taxes and they usually don’t sell in such high quantities over there, so stocking them is a little more expensive on average.

      • Thank you. thats what I meant in my previous comment. People dont want to understand that some nations like Brazil and Dominican Republic will face higher prices not because Apple likes to rip them off, but because economy of theses countries does not allow the prices be too low.

      • I disagree with Damian. For example, in the Dominican Republic, the price for a LOCKED TO CARRIER 32GB iPhone 4S is USD $1,164.00.

      • ok we know this, but it is not because Apple decided to randomly rip off people from Dominican Republic. These prices are coming from the economical point of view, not just Apple.

      • Ibz

        Does HOVIS BREAD cost the same in the UK as it does in the US? Nope. It’s called country specific inflation adjustment and it’s necessary to ensure there’s a direct link between price and quality as a perception of the price. It’s not simple.

      • You are TOTALLY wrong. For example, the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display US Price: $2199, Brazilian Price: R$10,000, it is over 4,5x more than the US price. The currency does not explain this pornographic price (I could not find any better word to explain it). Todays currency: 1 dollar = 2,07 reais.

        And before someone start blaming the brazilian taxes, it is 60% for imported products, so it would be at most 7,500 reais… We can buy a ticket to fly to US, buy the MacBook, stay for 1 week and it will be 2,000 reais left to spend on another thing.

      • And that explains why Android is growing so fast here in Brazil…

      • i am not totally wrong, prices like this are in many countries. too bad it does work for brazil.

      • Ibz

        Nicely put! But u mean OBSCENE price and not pornographic:P

    • I agree iphone at my country is about $1000
      thats why iphone here are rare

  • The majority of people know already that there are more Android Devices than iPhones in the US, so it would make sense that Android devices would sell more than iPhones in the states. This probably applies worldwide as well.

    The thing with Android is people buy it because they see it as a “good” alternative to iPhones, especially given its price. However, you look at the satisfaction surveys and you see people are not happy with it like people are with an iPhone. The iPhone is just more superior than Android.

    Of course, it doesn’t mean Apple should ignore statistics, and they should find ways to prevent Android from outselling iPhones. And it has to be a different way than patent litigation, because that just gets annoying.

    • Your comparison is wrong since you are comparing iPhone, which is a device, with Android which is an OS. If you compare iPhone with an Android device, an iPhone is better than most of the crappy Android phones. If you compare Android OS with iOS…its a different story.

      • IndiePhoenix

        Indeed it is a different story but I still think that iOS is a lot better than Android. I just had the occasion to play with a Galaxy S3 which has been available in Romania for at least 2 weeks. Yes, the software is quite fast but it’s still not as polished as the iOS is. On iOS many times I just smile when I see how great a feature is implemented, like select, copy, paste with the magnifier. On Android they launch a full list of new half-baked features and gimmicks like the way you take a screenshot on the S3. You have to swipe your palm/finger over the touch screen, which sounds really cool, you don’t have to push two buttons like on the iPhone, just a gesture. In reality it hardly works. Before you finish the gesture, the software thinks you tapped something else, you dragged the screen to the left, etc.

      • Chris

        Think of this as a Samsung product, not an android product. The Android experience on Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. are all very different.

      • IndiePhoenix

        From all the Android phones available I like HTCs the most.

      • Chris

        Me too, it’s a shame they are doing so bad right now.

      • But most people understand what I am getting to and that’s all that matters :p.

        I stopped saying android devices out of laziness by the way.

  • This places where have a lot of activates it’s why the people don have money to afore an iPhone

  • James Allen

    Well i hope they Sell more then Androids. They have like 20 different types of phones to choose from DA. Now if you put there best phone Vers the iphone. now thats a different story. thats like saying Honda sells more cars then Mercedes.

    • James Allen

      typo sorry- scratch “Then” from that

  • YujinNY

    Apple has been outsold by android for months…the issue is apple has just a handful of phones..and the main difference is their age…still manage to make he most money while android has thousands of models, versions and companies marketing and pushing it causet is cheaper and makes the wireless companies more money…like Verizon pushing only LTE devices…but also keep in mind most people are waiting for the next iphone so a slow quarter will be a possibility…

    • Yeah, but still it’s still impressive by Apple to Sell almost as much as the android phones, I mean 3 iPhone model vs 100 different Android phones! Apple is doing a good job 🙂

  • I’m from Brazil and I can assure you that the growth of android here is due the fact of the price of an iphone, we have the most expencive iphone in the whole world. If you want to buy the top iphone without a data plan of $150/month you are going to have to pay arround $1700! while androids are almost free if you buy them with a data plan…

  • forumiphone

    in Turkeywe get 1700 tl for month (minimum is 850 we call it asgari ucret)
    iphone is 1900-2100 tl official,
    androıd is 300-2000(galaxy s3 or one x),
    choice is yours,
    do you wanna spend all your mothly hard earned cash to iphone or andriod phone which you can get for 500 tl to get good one,
    and İt is not only ın Turkey it ıs all around the world taxs is high etc..
    if apple want to more sell then sacrıfice that amazing revenues and lower the price
    (sorry for lıttle lack of to lıne up words and dots not my best work when it comes to the write in foreing languages)

  • Upgrades to existing software shouldn’t count. The only true comparison should be how many units were taken out of the box and activated for the first time ever.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    So many activations and yet not a single android OEM has yet to dethrone the iPhone in a heads up battle with their flagship device against the had the numbers but iOS is still the one raking in all that cash

  • SimonReidy

    That number would be rather different if it didn’t include activations.

    A more interesting number is how many people are running Google’s latest OS ICS (I wont count Jelly Bean yet 😉 ) compared to people on ancient versions of the OS dating back to Android 1.6. Hint: there’s only a tiny percentage of Android users who have ICS or who even can upgrade to ICS, due to being stuffed over by the hardware manafacturer and/or their carrier with huge delays or dead-end handsets (due to custom skins etc). Thankfully that’s something that Apple kicks Android’s arse at, as software updates are nearly ubiquitous and piss-easy across all devices eligible for software updates. Nearly everyone is on iOS5, and it will be the same come iOS6.

    • I think you have been in the iphone scene from the days of iphone 3Gs. Apple stopped software updates for all the iphone devices manufactured before iphone 3GS.. iPhone 3G owners are stock in iOS 4.2.1and What about 2G owners?…uff!

  • i think i gonna get the nexsus 7