Since the iPhone launched on Verizon’s network last year, the handset has been the carrier’s most popular smartphone. Most quarters it’s even sold better than all Android devices combined.

But it looks like things are starting to shift at Big Red, as a new report suggests that the iPhone is no longer the wireless provider’s bestselling device. What is? Motorola’s Droid RAZR MAXX…

The news come from a research note by Anil Doradia, of William Blair. The analyst says that according to his “channel checks” from the April-May-June quarter, the iPhone has dropped from Verizon’s bestselling smartphone spot for the first time in 16 months.

Fortune reports:

“Doradia attributes the iPhone’s fall from grace less to the usual slowdown in advance of a new model than to Verizon’s agressive marketing of competing 4G devices, particularly Motorola’s Droid RAZR MAXX, which the carrier is selling for $299 with a 2-year contract.”

You could argue that all iPhone sales dip a little bit when a refresh is on the horizon. But this particular study goes all the way back to May — just 6 months after the 4S debuted.

The truth is, it looks like Motorola has found a winning combination in the MAXX. It’s the one Android handset that has an LTE radio, and battery that can last all day. We’ve spoken with multiple local Verizon stores, and it’s “easily” their best-selling handset.

Of course, this is all likely to get shaken up once again over the next couple of months. Samsung is launching their popular Galaxy S III handset. And we all know the iPhone is due for a refresh in the fall.

One thing is for sure though, Apple better bring its A game with its next smartphone. The competition is really starting to heat up.



  • CamSince89

    Apple needs to feel heat from the competition. Consumers get better products.

    I hope the next iPhone has a greatly improved battery.

  • jose castro

    im sure once the new iphone and ipads come out it will be back on top hahahahaha.

  • Can someone have a look at changes in Cydia from last night, I’m looking for a signal bars theme that was released. I’m sure the name was something like colour5, I have restored so i got every single package in changes and cant find the tweak. Really after this! Thanks!

    • C0L0R5 by ModMyi i can see it right now in changes

      • Thankyou very much! i never even thought to use zeros :/

  • iPhone needs a better battery :))) That will do it for everything. Everyone would now fans of the iPhone if they can solve their battery problem + 4g 😀

    • Improved battery and 4G. 4G drains battery. So you’ll have to choose one.

      • Not necessarily. The RAZR mentioned in this article has 4G LTE plus a battery tht lasts all day. So I’m sure Applr can follow through with that for their next iPhone.

  • the blogger forgot to mention Verizon is pushing hard for customers to go with non-apple devices for higher commissions.

    • Melvco

      It’s not necessarily that non-apple devices bring in higher commissions. It’s the fact that LTE devices bring higher commissions. And yes, as the article states, Verizon has really been pushing them because its LTE network is cheaper to maintain and can handle more bandwidth.

  • YujinNY

    Only a tech moron will buy now. Most people are just waiting for the next iPhone.

  • I have yet to go to a Verizon store that is happy with my decision to buy an iPhone. I always get the feeling they don’t want people buying Apple products – may leftover anti-iPhone sentiments from days before VZW scored the iPhone deal?

  • It’s so obvious that people are waiting for iPhone 5 so 4 and 4S are stalling at this point in time. Meanwhile a some are buying Droids and so you get this Sku’d impression that RAZR MAXX is crushing iPhone sales. Get real people.

  • I dropped by the Verizon store at union station dc and asked what the best phone is right now. Salesman took me right over to the Moto Droid Maxx LTE. Interesting, Verizon has always been BS for apple. The sales standing will change with LTE iPhone because that’s what Verizon is pushing. They want people to pay for the next gen investment in LTE. But like I said VZ is bs for apple, they refused to sign on with the original and they feel threatened by a dependence on Apple and smartly are pushing the competition. BS

  • I have a RAZR and a iPhone. iPhone is definetly better. Even though the RAZR has faster internet

    • Aaron Penick

      I went from a iphone 4 to the RAZR this past March, and I will DEF be going back to iphone as long as the next one has LTE

  • Actually all the
    Comments are bs on my opinion. I
    Have a 4s iphone right now. My cousin has an moto max. And i can tell u that phone is much better than the iphone in every aspect. I am waiting myself for the samsung galaxy s3 to be availaible on att. No more bullshit apple products for me. Open your eyes people. Apple is turning to have the worst products out there. Boring oudated os and the specs are the worst of any phone out there.
    Peace people

    • Jacob Hall

      Are you a moron? Apple never had to really update and revise their products because they were so popular and really had no competition. Why fix something that is not broken? Now that other company’s like Microsoft, Motoralo, and Samsung are finally pulling out great products, it only took 3 years. Now that Apple has competition they can finally step up and do what they do.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Rather than Raising the standards, the RAZR MAXX simply showed what was possible without compromising cost or aesthetics.

    Yet, here we are a few months later with HTC and Sammy releasing the same old battery hogging devices, thoughts anyone?