Verizon Reportedly Sold 1 Million iPhones Over Launch Weekend

Verizon reportedly sold 1 million iPhones during the device’s opening weekend. In-store sales of the Verizon iPhone haven’t been that great, but Verizon says over 60% of its units were sold through the online pre-order.

For some reason, Verizon hasn’t released any official numbers from the iPhone’s launch on its network. When a product sells well, companies are usually eager to brag about it with big numbers. Maybe Verizon doesn’t have that much to brag about.

Or maybe Big Red is playing these figures close to the chest for another reason. According to analysts, Verizon actually sold 1 million iPhones over opening weekend.

The Street’s Scott Moritz dishes on Verizon’s numbers,

“Recent analyst estimates say Verizon’s iPhone preorders totaled 600,000, and if that was 60% of total sales, then 1 million iPhones were sold on the debut weekend. It also means many more have sold since then. For comparison, AT&T  sold 1.7 million iPhones 4s on its debut last year.”

Another reason that Verizon hasn’t sold a huge amount of iPhones may be because people are waiting for the iPhone 5 to drop this summer. Who wants to get stuck in a two year contract when a new iPhone is less than six months away?

9to5 Mac points out that Scott Moritz doesn’t have a necessarily great track record at these type of predictions, and that he doesn’t give a source for his numbers. Hopefully Verizon will release official numbers soon so we can see how well the iPhone has sold on its new carrier.

Electronista mentions how AT&T feels about Verizon’s success (or lack there of) with the iPhone,

“AT&T wireless chief Ralph de la Vega at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecommunications conference in San Francisco today said the company wasn’t alarmed at the impact of the Verizon iPhone 4 launch. He declined to get into numbers but said the number of AT&T subscribers jumping ship for Verizon was “within our expectations.”

The carrier hadn’t “seen any surprises” in the first two weeks, de la Vega said, although he admitted that numbers were in flux and that the trend might change later.”

BGR reports on AT&T’s projected customer loss over this quarter,

“Analysts at Wells Fargo said earlier this week that AT&T is expected to lose 150,000 contract customers in the first quarter of 2011, down from the 225,000 it originally projected.”

Do you know anyone that’s bought a Verizon iPhone? Have you? If so, did you switch from AT&T?