There appears to be a new trend developing in the App Store: create a crappy application, name it after a popular jailbreak app, and hope folks mistakenly buy it for $0.99.

Last week we saw a fake Cydia app make its way into Apple’s digital download hub. And now we’ve come across a similar Activator impostor…

As most of you know, Activator is a popular jailbreak tweak by Ryan Petrich. It allows you to toggle settings and perform other tasks via customizable actions and gestures.

But Activator, the app that just popped up in the App Store, isn’t anything like that. It certainly looks like it — the screenshots in iTunes are actually of Petrich’s app. But user reviews say it’s nothing more than a low quality wallpaper-maker.

As of this writing, there’s no disclaimer or warning in the app’s description that says that it’s unrelated to the jailbreak tweak. So make sure you give your less savvy friends a heads up.

Thanks XysMan!

  • how the hell does such crap make it through the appstore-review? there are quite a few bougs apps in the appstore lately, even the top-list has a few… are the reviewers on holidays or what? 🙁

    • it doesn’t really abide the laws of the app store. You see, Cydia and Activator are not official iOS apps so the guys from Apple approve them. They only take it off when someone complains about it.

      • what about the fake screenshots? is it fine for apple to allow developers to upload fake screenshots for their bogus apps? let’s face it, the only reason this application was being made is to trick people and let them pay for something they don’t want… apple shouldn’t allow this, no matter if it’s abide the laws of the app store or not

      • Aleksander Azizi

        Okey, fair enough apple don’t take the Cydia copy-cats but what about complete fake app’s ? Like Pokemon for iOS that was a pure scam, how the hell did that manage to get in the App Store AND on the to 25 list in over 5 contries ?? Thats what i wanna know.. If anyone knows or know a way of finding out, please don’t hessetate to share !

      • Justin Stein

        Isn’t Activator copyrighted?

    • maurid

      Legally speaking, it is in no way a fraud, and any money that comes into the AppStore goes to Apple as well, so they earn money from it. And let us not forget the fact that they don’t give a fuck about their customers other than their money.


    I thought Apple were the best and this sort of thing only happens on Android … or at least that’s what the douchebag fanboys say. Truth is that anybody dumb enough to buy this deserves to get ripped off.

    • Hunter Ray

      even android let a app that requires you to root for it to work

      • maurid

        Yeah, Android has always been publicly NOT-against rooting 😀

      • no

      • maurid

        Oh, yes it has lolololol

  • The fake Cydia app was pulled from the Appstore. This crap will not stay longer than the other one.

    • The Cydia fake was removed because the Name is a registered Trademark… I think Activator isn’t a registered Trademark.

  • watch its actually apple making these fake jailbreak apps trying to upset the JB community in any way they can…

  • Wael Abdo

    the question is how does such crappy shit pass through apple checking system!!! looks apple checks what it wants and protects her own interests and does not give a fuck about the customers….

    • wow, we’re finally catching on,people.

    • maurid

      So now you realize Apple doesn’t give a shit about you? (Unless, of course, you are a $100 bill)

  • Kok Hean

    Cydia, Display Recorder, Activator. Saurik and Ryan Petrich. What’s next, WinterBoard and IntelliScreenX?

    • Purple112

      They have had a fake winterboard for about a year…

      • Wait? which one? I may have gotten it, because Mine does NOT work at all. Also my BootLogo does not work at all. Both I did not look into. I will now, but what gives?

    • Falk M.

      Display Recorder is actually working and I got it, because it works okayish and it’s one less tweak that I’d jailbreak for.
      The day I can stop jailbreaking will be awesome. 🙂

    • For those who don’t know better, there turns out that more than a few people I know have downloaded winterboard from the app store. I know what your all thinking: “Who would look for an app like that there?” I’m not sure but it happens. Don’t know if its just coincidence.

  • Things have gotten worse since Steve
    Jobs’ passing. Apple began to get careless in terms of
    filtering appstore apps. I mean look at the recent trend of fake jailbreak apps making their way through the appstore. Are they blind? Even the screenshot should make them think something is wrong.. Look at the RAM indicator up on the status bar! Seriously are you blind?

    • Heli12345

    • JaeM1llz

      The same thing happened while Steve Jobs was alive, he never had anything to do with App Store approvals, that’s WAY below his pay grade.

      • yeah but when he was alive
        he had strict rules and that
        stronge presence everyone at apple
        felt. He was pretty precise about the
        principles. Now that he’s gone there’s
        an atmosphere of relief you now, that i guess makes them act a bit more

      • JaeM1llz

        As I already pointed out, apps like this made their way to the app store even when Steve Jobs was the CEO. Him being gone has no effect whatsoever on app approval.

    • notewar

      No offense, but it could be that peoples who responsible for filtering APP never JB their device before hence are not aware of all JB apps. = P

      • yeah, they’re probably really not aware of, but that’s a whole different from apps like activator,that claims to function low-level customization which obviously violates apple’s terms, let alone it’s just a misleading fraud meant to do nothing but taking money from people for no reason

    • Mike Logan

      Not only that look at the carrier logo its a smiley face with shades

  • well guess what? It’s not just activator! The same developer also has an app called “Protect Private My Secret” which pretends to feature AndriodLockXT functionality!!
    WTF apple?!

  • ridiculous5

    As long as Apple is still making 30% of each sale, they could give a rats ass what the app is…Just saying….

  • i dun think apple will stop approving these crappy apps any time the best solution is to be a little more careful with ur app store purchases

  • What is it this time, some sort of investment? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • It is not the only fake jailbreak app in the app store that i’ve seen lately. Yesterday I saw colorkeyboard and iblacklist in the top 25 of the lifestyle category. Obviously they were fake apps and had negative reviews. I hope this this trend stops soon.

  • daff

    “Fake” eh? Dunno. It looks like a real application… Fake would be if it wasn’t an App. It wouldn’t be in the App Store if it broke App Store rules…

    “Why doesn’t Apple pull these apps?”

    More apps = more people buying iDevices… Apple makes their money off iDevices, not that measly 30% they get from buying from the App Store…

    • pegger1

      If the app claims to do one thing but does another, then yes that would be fake.
      It wouldn’t be the first time an app made it into the app store and then gets pulled after.

      More apps does not equal more people buying iDevices.

  • well jbers are not stupid anyway so..

  • What is wrong with Apple’s Quality Control in the App Store?!?!?!

  • App pulled.

  • sasan akbari

    It has been removed!

  • apple took it down