Earlier this year, we passed along a report claiming that Apple was looking to ditch the 30 pin dock connector in favor of something smaller. It was said that we could see this new port as early as this year.

Since then, we’ve seen a number of purported “iPhone 5” part leaks that feature a noticeably-smaller charging port at the bottom. And now, TechCrunch says it has just confirmed the change…

TechCrunch reports:

“Although the form factor and actual size are still unknown, TechCrunch has independently verified that Apple is working on adding a 19-pin port, replacing the current 30-in port, to the new iPhone. It is a move that will surly send shocks through the iPhone accessory ecosystem.

The new port, partially shown in this Mobilefun post as well as in this video, is similar in size to the Thunderbolt port available on many MacBook devices but I’ve been told by three independent manufacturers that the pin-out will be different.”

It’s worth noting that TechCrunch has a fairly accurate track record in the Apple rumor business. Just before Apple’s WWDC event last week, the site spilled out some information regarding iOS 6.

It sounds like Apple is making the change due to size constraints more than anything. According to recent rumors, it’s trying to squeeze a larger screen and LTE compatibility into its upcoming iPhone, on top of making it 20% thinner.

It’ll be interesting to see how consumers react to the smaller port, as it will make millions of iPhone accessories obsolete. Then again, this happens all the time in the mobile phone game, as design and technology continue to evolve.

What’s your take on this? TechCrunch seems pretty certain.

  • Charles Valdez

    I don’t mind. The only thing I insert is the Apple’s own sync/charge USB cable xD

  • Cuz they are never wrong….

  • iXanczy

    Crossing my fingers for Apple to keep the 30-pin port…

  • This really is gonna mess up all the accessories that we already have ….
    ( iPod ,iPad ,old iphone …)

  • If they are to switch to a smaller port for size purposes, then why not use thunderbolt?

    That would seem logical at least from my “outsiders” perspective….

    • Wael Abdo

      i think they would do a cable for that sure, 1 end thunderbolt the other end this 19 pin mini connector and sure it would support the thunderbolt speed n specs.

    • The thunderbolt port is small but the whole port that you don’t see because it’s inside the computer is too big to put in the iPhone if they are trying to save space. I think the iPad could have it but even the iPad it pretty tightly packed right now.

  • I welcome the change, I only have the charging dock and would trade that for LTE connectivity and a larger screen while still being 20% thinner any day.

  • Following on from the MagSafe 2 I suppose…

  • gruntney

    Now if it was just a MagSafe connection it would be awesome. Thats my wish for the connection.

  • Dejan Obradović

    i guess there will be some sort of legacy port accessory that would bring compatibility to all old gadgets… >.>

  • It should be 30 pin connector. The 19 pin would be absolutely insane. It wouldnt make any sense to change from 30 to 19. What about all the accesories with dock? Which are can not be modified to use with the new 19 pin, because the size of the place to put the iPhone into the accesories. For expalme sound speakers….

    • Imahottguy

      Look at wifi syncing, airplay, etc. Apple would not keep the 30-pin connector for legacy speakers and docks sake. At this point, it really is beginning to make less and less sense to have a port like that on the device. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a MicroUSB port on future iDevices, but a mini 19-pin will do.

  • Eric Armstrong

    I don’t mind, except that I won’t be able to use the same charger for my iPad and iPhone, that’s annoying.

    • Oh ya, i didnt even think about that. That will be kind of annoying.

  • Sandman619

    Apple might be introducing a MagSafe 2 style connector that carries both power & data. Apple long ago applied for a patent on this style of connector. Thunderbolt would be unlikely if the device is 20% thinner too. Since FireWire hasn’t been supported, for data or power for years, it’s safe to assume that the connector isn’t fully in use. Both Apple & licensees can offer a converter connector for older phones & devices. The free space is needed, if you’ve ever seen the compact interior of an iPhone

    Cheers !

  • It’d be awesome if the phone came with a connector cable that still allowed us to use our 30 pin. I have about 100 of those around the house.

    • Ya all that will need to be shipped is an Adapter 19 pin to 30 pin. i dont see why that would be that hard to do for all the people that have accessories now that would not support a 19 pin connection. Either way. I am def going to buy this phone!

  • Infone

    The current port is really only used for charging, as sync, update, AirPlay and many speakers are now wireless. I hope it’s MagSafe.

  • chjode

    If they do indeed change the port, I have a feeling a lot of it will have to do with power issues. I think with the >2A draw of the new iPad, we’re seeing the functional limit of power over the current 30-pin port. Also, keep in mind Apple changed the pin-out of the 30-pin connector slightly a few years ago to accommodate USB rather than Firewire charging (which I think went from 12v to 5v).

    That said, I hope there are adapters for those of us with lots of 30-pin accessories.

  • Apple’s either going supply a free adapter with every iPhone, make every new dock and what have you with a multi sized connection or get ready to blow even more money, people.

    • Why would you waste more money if the phone will come with a charger?

      • I’m not sure if you read the article above and my comment properly but
        “Apple is working on adding a 19-pin port, replacing the current 30-in port, to the new iPhone. It is a move that will surly send shocks through the iPhone accessory ecosystem.” as mentioned above. Hope this makes more sense.

  • Tim Cooks: were running low on extra money
    Random employee: make the dock connector smaller so everyone has to buy new things!

    • JorgeMD

      Haha 🙂

    • nice one ;D

    • =)) Head shot

    • nice one!

      but apple cant stay with the old one forever time to upgrade!

      • Dan

        they should of just made it compatible with micro-usb

    • this is true

  • Dan

    eh I hope not, or all my accessories are going to the trash

  • So my UNIVERSAL dock would no longer be universal? 🙁

    • Maybe they’ll make a converter. Otherwise, it is still universal to the previous five generations of devices.

    • Hyr3m

      It has never been… Try micro or mini usb if you want to talk universal… Apple has never done anything “universal”

      • Come on dude you know I obviously mean for Apple products. I haven’t used a product with micro USB since my Motorola Slvr back in 2006.

      • Hyr3m

        That one was called mini-usb… I know what you meant but you can’t actually call something from Apple “universal” unless you deny the existence of any technology existing outside of Apple’s.

      • AltF5

        Actually they kind of have. They created a Micro USB adapter to the 30-pin connector in the UK, due to European pressure from the ETSI (see link below)

  • JorgeMD

    I knew this would happen, now the case guy from yesterday owns tons of refunds!

  • I’m sorry, but a bigger battery should take take priority over making this thing thinner. Granted, I wish we’d move away from lithium ion altogether, but since that doesn’t seem to be happening, a bigger battery is a MUST. The 4S already has fairly poor battery life. Increase the screen size, add LTE and a faster processor and we’re looking at much more significant drainage. I think that’s the single biggest hinderance on getting the best experience you can out of the phone. What good is it having to keep everything turned off to conserve battery?

    • Dan

      I guess that depends on how much you use it. I usually end my day with about 30% at the lowest.

  • Alex Newton

    It’s time!

  • Someone should make a AirPlay to 30pin Dock adapter for all those speaker systems.

  • If you look at the design that mini dock isn’t really making space for more battery. It’s being taken up with more speaker. It really don’t make since to change the connector and if they will need to make a adapter. Especially for those who have clocks and such were the connector is built in and it’s not just a simple cable replacement.

  • Why would they release the new iPad with the old dock connector and then switch to a new one? That would me non-sense.

    • Well they have to introduce the new port sometime.. if they had intriduced it on the ipad the problem would just have been the other way around between the ipad and iphone 4s..

  • I don’t see this happening. If they did all them dock connecting speakers and any other accessory they sell at the apple store would be no use to them to sell. Half their store would be bare.

  • Ok I know new changes to the design, smaller dock connection and so on, is nice 🙂 But AAAPPPLLLEEE!!!! Please make battery life longer, I beg you T.T

  • seyss

    Confirmed from 3 different sources? 3 high profile leaks?

  • alexanderlyd

    i am almost positive that apple will change to thunderbolt and have a high speed i/o for the iPhone and iPad. for non mac users they could have a thunderbolt to usb so they can connect using usb…

  • D.

    I guess if they are going to put the headphone jack on the bottom of the iPhone, that “mini” dock is necessary for it to fit in nicely with the speaker/microphone. Am I wrong?

  • marine725


  • dady king

    All for good guys 🙂

  • Hyr3m

    So they were forced to create an adapter for their proprietary connector to be compatible with the universal connector. I’m actually very glad that they did that… and that you made my point for me! Thanks!

  • Zzzywu

    LOL you got to love it !!!

  • Zzzywu

    My iphone 4$ and samsung galaxy back up !!!