Rumor: iOS 6 code-named Sundance, could bring third-party Siri support

Rumors regarding the next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system have really picked up over the past few days. And considering that WWDC is now less than a month away, that’s really not surprising.

You see, Apple is expected to show off iOS 6 (or at least a preview of it) during its Developer Conference next month. And everyone in the tech world is trying to guess what new features it will bring…

As most of you probably know by now, a redesigned Maps application certainly seems to be on the menu. 9to5Mac broke the news yesterday morning, and AllThingsD was able to later confirm it.

Then late last night, TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler added to the report. And not only was he too able to verify with a source that a revamped Maps app was on the way, but he’s also learned a few other details:

“First of all, iOS 6, which is expected to be shown off in developer preview form at WWDC in June, is internally codenamed “Sundance.”

We have no reason to believe this is incorrect given that one, it falls in line with previous iOS code-names, and two, MG has a fairly accurate track record with Apple information. He continues:

…there have been whispers backing up Gruber’s assertion that Siri APIs are another possibility [for iOS 6]. There have also been whispers about Siri for iPad finally coming. Specifically, I’ve been lead to believe it’s more of a UI issue than anything else.”

Nothing too crazy here. Jailbreakers have been integrating Siri into apps and tweaks for several months now. And the new iPad already has Dictation. But Siegler doesn’t stop with iOS 6 intel.

“There is also some chatter about iTunes 11. It has been a not-so-well-kept secret that Apple has been trying to completely re-write the software for a long time. There have been several false starts and scrapping of projects. It’s believed (but far from confirmed) that Apple may be zeroing in on the major revamp they’re after. And a part of that may be both Apple and the labels warming to a full-on Spotify competitor…”

We’ve been hearing iTunes 11 talk for almost a year now, so we’ll believe it when we see it. But the Spotify aspect does sound intriguing, especially since it jives with our report from last summer regarding the software.

It looks like, however, that iOS will be the star of WWDC 2012. And after adding more than 200 features last year, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what Apple has cooked up for its mobile platform this time around.