Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday took the stage to unveil his company’s iPad challenger named Surface at a Los Angeles presser.

Vice president Steven Sinofsky was on hand to show off the product and of course it wouldn’t be a Microsoft event without a system crash.

If you’re wondering about the features Microsoft’s device brings to the table, here’s the full keynote video…

The full YouTube keynote video, courtesy of The Verge, runs 47 minutes and 30 seconds long. Sinoffsky had some issues trying to run apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Lightroom and Netflix due to crashes so he eventually had to pick up a backup unit.

The epic moment is at mark 14:10.

Not feeling up for it?

Here’s a condensed 60-second version of the keynote.

No video? Talk to Business Insider.

One note: there’s never been a Microsoft-branded computer so the Surface is pretty huge from where I’m coming from. There will be two versions, one with ARM chips and the other sporting Intel’s processors, each in 32GB and 64GB flavors.

We’ll see how the competition goes, but for now the Surface looks like a sleek device with quality build that looks to differentiate with three things: a nice kickstand with built-in 3mm thin keyboard, real PC ports like USB and the ability to run Windows 8 and pretty Metro apps.

Please, let’s not start the who-copied-whom jokes.

It’s fairly safe to point out that Bill Gates outlined Microsoft’s tablet vision back in 2001, nearly a decade before Apple’s iPad.

On the flip side, Microsoft announces Surface two years after the iPad.

What did you think of the Surface thing so far?

  • wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! A Microsoft product crashed? What? No way!
    Why don’t they rebuild their OS from the Unix platform? And why would their OS crash on a piece of hardware that was designed from the ground up to run Win? Oh, thats right… because its running Windows. Man I hate that OS.

    • LUFC_MOT

      Who cares what you think about it, don’t sound much like a pathetic fanboy do you !!

      • This coming from someone who, in 12 posts, has made no real significant contribution anywhere… How’s life living under the bridge, troll?

      • I used to be a Windows fanboy until MS pushed me over the edge with their inferior product. I actually was anti Apple until MS pushed me over into the other camp. I’m not a fanboy of Apple I’m a fanboy of stuff that works – and MS products just don’t work.

    • Metroview

      Wait wait wait…. have you had a single thought that maybe the OS they’re running is a beta build of Windows 8? No you haven’t obviously. Way to go with making yourself look like an idiot with your story and making it seem as if OSX and Linux never crashes, because they do also. Shocking… I know.

      • Ok. Like I said before, I used to be a Windows fanboy – i was totally anti Apple. But the fact that Windows needs to be completely restored at least once a year because the OS gets completely convoluted and collapses and the fact that it has massive system wide failures on a regular basis tried my patients to the point of not return. Contrary to your beliefs, I am a relatively educated and intelligent person. My point was meant to be humorous and true simultaneously but you obviously are so blinded by whatever allegiance you serve to see the truth in my comment. I really don’t care what OS you use… but I have quite a bit of experience with pretty much every major OS on the market and the bottom line is that OSX is the most intuitive and works when I need it to. Yes you can get more bang for your buck with a Win machine but while you may save money in the short run, you are also investing in years of headaches – that IMO is ignorant and just stupid. But hey, what do i know… I’m just a stupid Apple fanboy.

      • Metroview

        I stand by no allegiance and I am no fanboy of a specific OS. I use Linux and OSX too along with Windows. Every OS has its advantages and disadvantages but you make it seem that Windows has complete disadvantages, which most likely your experience with it was at the fault of your decisions with installing, tweaking, or whatever you were doing with it.

      • Right. I’m an idiot. Got it. Forget the fact that Windows gave me years of massive issues right up until Vista crashed beyond repair while an update was going on. What crashed it? I tried to surf the net and perform an already downloaded update – a feature that actually worked on XP. You can say what you will… but as an advanced user my personal experiences have lead me to the logical conclusion that Windows is not worth the hassle. As I age I become more and more certain that it is wiser to pay for convenience/peace of mind over saving money and having a frustrating/inconvenient time with something – and that applies across the board. Windows vs OSX is just one of those things. If you use Windows, then great! But pretty much all “strengths” that Windows sported over OSX in the past are gone. They are on even playing fields – what makes OSX my OS of choice is that it works. Plain and simple. I turn on my Mac and it works. I wake it from sleep and it works. I launch an app and it works. You get the idea. Using my old Windows machines was like a game of Russian Roulette.

        But yea, I’m a stupid kid that uses a Mac so I can look down my nose at other people and pretend I’m an elitist prick. If thats what you need to tell yourself then fine by me. Nothing further.

      • Renegade

        I had a supervisor on a training day who was wondered about his new android phone, he wasnt able to manage all the options and he “wasnt able to install the phones software to his pc” he added that he was using only mac in the past…

        My first thouht was “why the hell does someone install android phone software to a pc, and all i said to him was: “No wonder that you got no idea about the phone, you used apple all the time, you simply got no idea about PCs its not your fault.”

        Actually thats a true fear of mine to, to get “dumb” when switching to mac.

        Stay with apple and you forget everything about a PC system, fucking truth, stay longer and they can tell you everything about it, you MUST believe it, since you got dumb from using mac.

  • MadAndronicus

    “Please, let’s not start the who-copied-whom jokes.”
    That’s funny coming from Christian Z.

  • Looks nice

  • MadAndronicus

    “and of course it wouldn’t be a true Microsoft demo with a couple of sudden crashes.”

    YouTube Apple Bloopers, you’ll see some good crashes from keynotes. It happens to all companies.

    • Guest

      like iPhone 4.

      • No idiot, several years ago, Apple tried to demo FaceTime (I believe) and it didn’t work because too many people were using the WiFi network and it failed….terribly.

      • Yeah the wifi was too slow because all the people from the wwdc were connected, more than 200 devices.

      • seyss

        It didnt fail. The video hang for a couple of secs then it came back and worked fine till the rest of the presentation.

      • Was that before or after Steve asked everyone who was on that (WiFi) network to log off until the end of the demonstration?

    • maurid

      Don’t even bother. You won’t get through these people. They think Apple is perfect.

      • ExRoot

        I agree as a iPhone, iPad , iPod touch and appleTv owner I just don’t understand the rediculous Apple rules mentality. It’s like their life depends in it. Apple could care less about you guys. You sound silly.

      • i beg to differ, ever gone to an Apple store with a broken or buggy product? I have had my iPhone replaced for free 3 times (all my fault not because its a bad device), and my macbook pro’s hardrive and keyboard replaced for free both at separate times. Apple charges more for hardware so they can 1)provide cheap/free updates and 2) legendary product and customer support. Apple is easily the highest quality and most caring computer/electronics company around

    • jose castro

      nothing is perfect

  • jose castro

    i don’t think this will beat apple products lol

  • Actually I really like the keyboard on the cover. That is a great idea.

  • apple i want the type thingie, cover something

    • Actually these do exist for the iPad. People at my work use them on their iPads. Me? I want super thin so I’m happy with my iPad. Too bad Microsoft didn’t have this 3 years ago when they caused me to switch to Apple. I’m way to involved now with developing fr iOS to switch back. 😉

      • cool! what is the name ?? or should i just google 😉

  • DomPerignon1

    I love my iPad 2 and all my iOS devices, but let’s be honest, Surface looks like a real winner. Runs Windows 8, has sd, usb and hdmi ports, a beautiful and functional keyboard, the power of a small pc for streaming, downloading and regular pc applications. On paper/video this tablet looks like a real winner!

    • I agree. It looks like it will be a great replacement for those crappy acer like windows laptops. Congrats Microsoft for sticking with metro UI. I loved using a windows phone 7, the only super super annoying thing was their AppStore (or lack there of.

  • AMB_07

    This is the true competition to the iPad, the tablet war has truly finally begun.

  • beowulfi

    Honestly, why is this news?
    So an UNRELEASED product has a little mishap at a demo, big freaking deal.
    It’s appalling that you guys write articles to bring to light this products misfortunes instead of it’s features and design.
    Sure this won’t topple the iPad, it’s too late for that, but it will drive competition between MFST and Apple.
    I don’t know why this would be an article…

    • Aric Bolf

      It’s news because it happened and because people like me find it entertaining. Thank you for writing this article.

  • ExRoot

    I am truely looking forward to this hitting the market. I eant windows scross the board to work with my desktop. I will drop my iPad like a hot potatoe. I have absolutes now dedication to Apple what so ever.

    • ….and a great English teacher.

    • Aric Bolf

      Learn to spell before posting.

      • Dan

        Maybe english is not his first language, the internet is worldwide

    • ExRoot

      All you guys are assholes. Really. Actually I’m sitting in the deck in the bright son and can’t see because of this piece of shit apple screen. And believe it or not I make a damn good living as a graphic artist, y shirt designer and print media designer and make sure my shit is right before going to print.

      I absolutely hate the jerks on these apple sites. As for typos sorry but can’t see in the sun on my perfect apple idevice!

  • How I said… it’s micosoft shit.

  • Wow I really really like this product! I might even prefer it over the iPad! It looks so much handier then the iPad!

    • seyss

      You barely saw and never used a device and is aleeady melting over it. This just shows how moronic some ppl are over new stuff

      • Altechi

        Heck you probably had the same reaction when the Ipad first came out, despite not having used the device.

      • Dude I said it looks, u know what that means right? It looks not it is and yes I saw the benchmarks it’s way fater has a normal windows on it bunch of ram and even hdmi and usb slots!
        Heck it is really expensiv too and battery is only half as good as the iPad and a less good display…
        And u telling me idk stuff! U’re ignorant fuck and just stamp someone for his opinion. O hate people like u!

  • “The epic moment is at mark 14:10.”
    What, you mean epic as in like when Steve jobs couldn’t connect to the Internet with the iPhone?
    It makes me laugh that people won’t use the word epic when apple have issues. Microsoft, google, APPLE and many others companies have issues sometimes.

  • ok apple is the best in keynote presentations…. thats for sure

  • wow magnetic cover….hmmmm

  • iPad clone! iPad clone!

    Come up with a proper revolutionary product Microsoft and stop making a crappy clone.

    Get ready for the Apple lawsuit!

  • At least they had a spare to back up the problem ._. please avoid being bias in your blogs. It happened a lot to Apple to if you can’t remember 🙂

  • Leo Sack

    This has the ability to replace a computer. A functionality that the iPad lacks.

    • jose castro

      from what “they” tell you

  • It looks great. Like a nexus device for Microsoft. I am an apple fan. But I truly appreciate well thought out products. I would never get another windows pc but I understand why someone would. That thing looks hot.

  • It is so ugly it’s ridiculous. Why would you ever buy something so ugly like that?

    • Maybe because it’s functional? It’s a computer, not a pair of shoes.

      • Ya if you say it’s a computer so that not a tablet and not a rival for ipad lol…

  • I like the fact that windows got smart and came out with their own tablet instead of let’s say Sony, Lenovo, or acer running windows 8. But I believe not only should they have shown hardware but they should have showed us on software runs on this hardware and not just run Netflix or show us a picture in a photo shop program. Show us consumers on it runs and to tell us it will be priced at competitive pricing dosnt tell us much but the fact that it will probably cost more than the lower end iPad which then people will still buy the iPad because it’s cheaper. Lower the hard drive and price it lower you put a USB port “external drives”

  • I like the touch cover thing.

  • Well I have a laptop with win 7 and it never fails me and i use it for everything
    Its now 3 years since I bought it
    I also have iPad but it’s only useful with browsing and social network shit and some document apps

    Wrettin using my iPad

  • Well_Said

    All I care about is the competition, as long as there people competing to curb Apple dominance. I’m ok with surface.

  • I love apple, I love iOS.. But!
    This thing is a real killer..

  • sasan akbari

    So nice!
    Better than ipad!
    It has very nice design. I love it

  • Actually, I’m not
    Soooo fascinated about this tablet, cause they could have done it even better with specs like USB 3.0 for the cheapest model… But OK Bluetooth + HDMI is a very good thing, possibilities opens that iOS will never allow natively…. And about the ‘fail part at 14.10 in the clip’ was quickly resolved, compared to Apple but hey, which had the most
    People on their event and caused FaceTime error because 200+ were connected to wifi?

  • M_AlO

    Looks good. I want one, but I still won’t give up my iPad for it.

  • stf007

    This one looks BITCHIN!!! But Liquid Metal? Isn’t that Apples patent?

  • Hmmm i think apple own a patent of the smart cover……

  • Imagine a tablet which is suppose to be mobile….. You got usb… Hdmi…. And all these cable around….we trying to get rid of cable….but microsoft just dont know what they doing

  • It stopped responding when he was trying to run game on it sad.

  • very very very very VERY Sexy…
    and NO the PC is not Dead..
    and NO..Apple had its fair share of Crashes in events as well..
    and YES Panos Panay might just be the next Steve Jobs..*i can hear your gasps right now*

  • Something is really wrong with posting from iPhone on idownloadblog. Please fix 🙂

  • i want that:D

  • to lazy to watch the keynote having a windows tablet would be great but what i wanna know is whats the battery life everybody running around saying this sayin that at the end of the day if it is like the old windows 7 or xp tablets that been out that only had a 2 hr batt life i wont get it i use my tablet for more then 2 hrs at a time whats the charging time damn it now i need to watch to keynote to see if any of these questions was answered -.-

  • i like it! i hope its cheap, then it will be a laptop killer.

  • Others are tablets, this is a tablet-PC! Nice product, but bad presentation.

  • As a developer, I have a w8 device, give or take a year till the platform is perfected.

  • Dan_K

    is ignorant to think that a mishap well before release is indicative of the quality of the final product. Their only mistake here was not to acknowledge the mishap and move on without being an awkward mess. Anyone that actually works in the tech industry knows that development is iterative, and what really matters is that you are agile enough to fix issues promptly. BTW this wasn’t necessarily a crash, it might have just been a temporary hang from which it could recover.

  • Florante Kho

    ill have to wait 3 more years to get one. they are selling more on the cover than the the buggy software. I do not know about you guys, but i do not want a beautiful cover with a very bad software, unless you want a pricey paper weight at home

  • this is what i need tablet and a pc in one awesome! i hope they fix all the Bug soon