You’ll wanna act on this one right now. Display Recorder, an app by Bugun Software which lets you record your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad screen in real time, has just hit the App Store, priced at two bucks a pop (not to be confused with Ryan Petrich’s app of the same name available for jailbroken devices). If I were you, I’d act now: Apple’s likely to pull Display Recorder at a moment’s notice…

UPDATE: Developer Ryan Petrich just tweeted that he filed a complaint over Bugun Software stealing his app’s name.

As noted by JBN, the app bests Petrich’s Cydia app in that it can simultaneously record audio from the iPhone’s microphone and merge it with the recorded video.

Secondly, the app records in a format that is instantly available to view on your device unlike the package from Cydia.

It also uses little resources and doesn’t limit you in terms of the video length.

Here’s your quick video tour, courtesy of JBN.

The app is provided as a universal binary that supports both the iPhone and iPad natively. According to iTunes release notes, if you’re having issues capturing screencasts, just change your Region Format in Settings to United States.

We suspect this app somehow escaped the attention of Apple’s eagle-eyed censors so you’re advised to grab it now. As you know, Apple prohibits apps that mimic the native iOS functionality.

It would appear that Display Recorder simply takes screenshots and stitches them together into a clip, though the developer notes that the program utilizes hardware-accelerated video encoding.

Other features include on-device YouTube uploading, adjustable video orientation, quality and audio settings and the ability to export recorded video to your image library.

If you took the lunge, let us know your impressions down in comments.

  • next news article “screen recorder from apple store pulled”

    • Actually it’s app store. Just saying

      • Isn’t that what they wrote?

      • First he wrote ” from apple store” but he changed it after I commented.

      • so you didn’t wrote it to help him out correct himself? who have the cruel intentions then…

  • Tashawn Brawner

    You can indeed record in .mp4 and save the file to your camera roll for your viewing on Petrich’s recorder.

    • Tashawn Brawner

      .. On Petrich’s application. (cant edit on mobile for some reason)

  • i downloaded the newest version of Display Recorder from Cydia, and i’ve actually been able to merge video and audio together, and had the option to copy to the photo library! I checked what modmyi had (like 1.3.2 or something around those terms) but downloaded the insanelyi repo version which was as up-to-date and allowed the above capabilities.

    • Good job. You now look like the complete arse that every dev thinks the jailbreak community is filled with. Why would you pirate a jailbreak tweak?

      • Pretty sure he’s talking about Ryan Petrich’s version there guy

      • And your point is? Pirating Ryan Petrich’s version is okay? I think Austin knows that Tim is talking about the Ryan Petrich version … hence the “Why would you pirate a jailbreak tweak?”.

      • Of course I don’t advocate pirating in any sense, I guess the insanelyi repo is a pirate repo?

      • And thanks for assuming…

  • Did they miss that Ryan Petrich’s Display Recorder can also record directly to mp4 format, viewable on the device, since a dozen releases or so?

  • Yeah i agree next article is gonna be screen recorder pulled out of the app store

  • Audio doesn’t work on my Jailbroken iPad 2. Anyone else find this to be true?

    • Patricko

      There is no bitch

  • Just downloaded..i’ll give it a try, actually it’s kinda neat thought cause now i can use this app instead of using my HD Camcorder to show what & how u can do things with your jailbroken iPhone & iPad. Hasn’t been pulled YET..LOL.

  • I don’t recommend downloading anything from Ryan petrich anymore his sneaky Lil app called APPLIST damn near messed up my phone putting me in an endless reboot! Never thought a dev would be responsible for screwing up my phone.

    • i have it and have had no problems so speak for yourself!!

      • I am speaking for myself I never said I was speaking for you did I?

    • I don’t see a way for AppList to respring loop your phone. It’s not “sneaky”: it allows developers to show a list of apps in their tweak’s Settings page. You most probably installed a buggy (or pirated?) tweak that uses it.


  • Pretty cool. I just wish that recording bar was able to be turned off and possibly an indicator where fingers touch the screen. 🙂 could be useful for creating app tutorials.

  • because Display Recorder is such an original name…

  • I purchased and it’s horrible. The lag is so bad while recording you can’t do anything. I had to reset my phone the second attempt because the home button wouldn’t stop the recording and it was froze. I hope I save people some money. I own ryans app also and it’s head and shoulders above this POS.

  • I just downloaded this!!! I’ve been waiting for an app / feature like this for so long!

    Anyways, after you download it, you first must go in to the SETTINGS SECTION AND CHANGE THE DEFAULT FOR CAPTURE METHOD from “Direct Access” over to “screen capture” – especially if you are getting a “black” screen while recording.

    That is what happened to me on my first video, it was working, but when I opened the game app “100 Floors” – the app was recorded as “black” (except for the footer banner ad… Odd??).

    Anyways, I was POS, I just “wasted” 2 bucks, but then, I thought I would check the Settings, and voila, changed that Capture Method, and my 2nd video of 100 Floors is flawless. 🙂

  • Michael Ramos

    it’s a pretty good app, it lags a bit at the beginning but then it’s all good after a few seconds. it’s good for people who aren’t jailbroken

  • BBL

    WOW nice, Tested and it works on my iPad3 (iOS5.1.1) and also on my iPhone (iOS6 Beta) better get it before Apple pull it off

  • Just downloaded, works great! 🙂

  • Falk M.

    I wish this app had an option to only record system and mic audio, then please slip through once more with such an update! 😛
    (call recording, that would be boss, can’t believe it’s still not available LOL – not even on Cydia*)

    *I know there are ways provided by Cydia tweaks, but they need you to call by call your partner and they are US-only from what I’ve seen. I’m in Germany and hell no I won’t call by call for that. 😛

  • seyss

    It is up on Installous so take your time

  • jorooo

    I have trouble recording games. They are all verry laggy, playing on iPad 2 (not jailbroken). Can anyone help me? Thanks :)!

    • It’s probably because both the game and the recorder are using the graphics processor at the same time.


  • You have to launch this app everytime, that sucks but now you can record sounds too and that rocks. Only thing its missing is the ability to activate it with gestures like ryan’s version as it can be activated instantly by different gestures when using other apps/games.

  • seyss

    “stealing his app name”? lol what a joker

  • This thing is not working here!!! Wtf… When I hit stop nothing happens. Anyone else?

  • gcat10

    I wouldn’t buy this for now. If Apple pulls this and no future updates are available, is this going to work on iOS6 or beyond? I’ll wait and see.

    • Michael Ramos

      I’m on iOS6 beta, it works fine

      • gcat10

        Ok, good to know. But I’ll still wait, because there is plenty time for Apple to kill this App and functionality before iOS6 GM.

  • what is that tweak to have 6 apps per page?

  • d5th

    lol fail. iphone needs jailbreks to work better. droid doesnt need anything. apple sucksa big sack

  • thescragster

    Looks like a great application, will be useful for app reviews and things without the need to be jailbroken. It’s a shame about the legal dispute over the name

  • It is the application totally copy from Voice Recorder HD which is top downloaded recording application in AppStore. I think you should check that.

  • Even if it is pulled.. Its not like we dont have a Cydia alternative that works much better anyways.. Ill pay for the version that will be available always.. THE CYDIA VERSION 🙂

  • This video app review is so much crap. I am going to do a video response to this junk. Its clear the people bashing the real Display Recorder in Cydia do not use it or have any idea of it capabilities that make it better than this fake display recorder app in the App Store.

  • I made my own video of this much better than this one.

  • Ok so after it not recording at all almost I decided to turn off sound recording and record screen at lowest setting. It actually isn’t that bad now but by no means as good as the one on cydia. I still advise not to buy the one in the app store.

  • keeps merging audio and video forever and stays there. nothing happens

    • Same here. And when I try “video only” nothing happens as well…

  • Why mine isn’t working? Doesn’t make sense. I search google and nobody is having problems with this… The app runs fine but when I hit STOP, nothing happens, the recording doesn’t appear in the list.

  • so, should apple bother to remove an app because it have the same name of a similar app in cydia? i dont think they will, unless he have his app registered or something that protects him legally.

  • seyss

    Looks like it was removed. Can anyone confirm?

    • dj

      yeah i looked for it in the appstore and nothing came up

      • seyss

        shit it came back as Disp Recorder but now it’s gone for good

  • Brian

    I don’t know if the app DispRecorder is the updated version but when I try to use it it records from the video camera and not what’s on my screen

  • Rocksteady777

    Ugh, I keep finding these articles too late.

  • i cant find the app anyone got a link for it

  • Pj

    I think they removed it

  • CherryPopsicles

    It’s not there anymore and I NEED this. Are there any other apps for it? Why did it get pulled?

  • John

    I don’t see it

  • rhyce goode

    Yeah it was removed but i have it still

  • juicy

    display recorder on cydia just crashes springboard on ios 6

  • Demetrios Kepas

    I got display recorder on iPod touch 5 gen 6.1.3 so yes I’m not jailbroken ill tell u how 1 get Display Recorder ipa 1.0 only 1.0 because only one that’s ipa not deb 2 register your udid and 3 download instasign or imodsign Mac only wait for signing then you drag to iTunes and install on ipod warning for 5 gen wouldn’t show whole screen for was not formatted for bigger screen like the 5 gen has in review

    1 download ipa 1.0

    2 register udid

    3 download signing program

    4 sign it