If you can’t get enough of futuristic mockups like a holographic iPhone, this one’s guaranteed to pique your interest.

It’s viral now as clearly a lot of work has gone into rendering such a surprisingly realistic-looking depiction of a next-gen iPhone.

The basic premise definitely salivated our mouth and made us wish someone out there paid notice and engineered a device like this. Not like it’s happening anytime soon, mind you, but perhaps Samsung’s collective brain trust  is crazy enough to take a shot at it?

After all, the South Korean conglomerate is working on phones and tablets featuring flexible displays so…

Taking cues from Aatma Studios’s concept of an iPhone with a holographic keyboard, Tulsa, Oklahoma-based designer Dakota Adney really hit the ball out of the park creating this intriguing video mockup depicting a next-generation iPhone with a display that can become transparent in certain situations.

It’s also got a full-size, holographic keyboard projected onto flat surfaces by way of pico projection that you can type on and interact with.

Talk about virtuality!

From YouTube description:

Clearly amazing. The quad-core A5 chip delivers even more power. The laser projection keyboard liberates your thumbs. The new iClear Retina display presents sharp graphics and stunning images.

iOS 6 will take your iPhone experience in an entirely new direction. And if there’s anything else you need, just ask Siri.

Apple already patented pico projection systems that can read and react to the silhouettes of gestures in front of the projections, as well as Minority Report-style 3D gestures, but it’s anyone guess whether these features will ever be incorporated into future devices.

I don’t know about you, but this video concept just blows me out of the water.

We’re down in the comments.

  • jose castro

    hey all of this is probable… but were are all the components lol…

  • The most amazing part of this is this would be the first invisible object ever, cause there’s no way all the components are fitting the top a bottom part.

    Jokes aside, I love the creativity some people has. Keep’em coming!

    • Imagine if at some point, all the components could actually fit up there and down there, and if, ( if not already possible ) an “invisible” screen.

      • Yeah, that would be great, but I don’t think is possible with the technology we have today.
        Plus, if invisible objects were possible, I think the US Army would be using them already. So let’s hope they don’t exist! 😛

  • We’re not that advanced yet. At least not at the public level.

  • Price Tag? Lol

  • Seems legit 😀

  • The phone no one wants. This.

    • jose castro

      for now.. id get get if i was 70 years old.. id probably still be a jailbreaker if there is still jailbreaking 50 years from now hahaha

    • Speak for yourself.

  • I would get annnoyed by this

  • jose castro

    maybe in 2030 hahaha

    • Aleksander Azizi

      You’r laughing but this is very much possible now (2012).
      Not saying it is coming now, joust saying apple has a lot of technology not released or shown to the world.
      (The rumor is that apple has technology for 10 year’s ahed already so).

      • jose castro

        lol o its totally possible…….. i agree especially with the hologram keyboard…. i saw that last year… but i highly doubt it…. because there no was they miniaturized the components yet. unless they have a transformer(megatron) locked up in there basement and taking ideas from it hahahaha.

      • ReanimationXP

        No, it’s not. The thing is as thin as glass and has no battery. Why are all of you so dumb?

      • Perhaps it’s powered by the static charge from your hand… 😛

      • ReanimationXP

        Perhaps the hand of god too.

      • nudz

        dude you can check projection keyboard. it’s available now

      • ReanimationXP

        Find me a phone with a projection keyboard, dipshit.

  • Still skeptical about it

  • mennnn! im waiting for the ios 5 vs ios 6 on iphone 3gs!, the html5test says that safari for ios 6 is 12% more fast!

    • jose castro

      u mean………… mannnnn?

  • So, Goodbye porn ?! 😛

  • Zorvage

    Haha, that looks great! Nice editing!

  • rosssimpson

    If there was a switch where I could turn it off, the possibly.

  • Someone has visited the top 10 floors of Stark Tower.

  • MadAndronicus

    I would buy this.

  • I dont think I would want a clear display, that could get annoying with bright objects around

    • the screen could darken “in the background” as necessary I’m sure.

      • Yeah that’s a good point I’m just wondering to what extent

  • where the F*ck do you put the electronics then!?

    • On iCloud….jk

    • It’s possible to hide razor thin circuitry on the bezel, however I have yet to see a battery small enough to power such a device. Perhaps Tesla can provide us with wireless electricity… oh wait.

    • Nathan

      They aren’t showing the backpack you have to carry around for all of the components

  • At this rate with tech, this may not be too far fetched. Make it happen Apple!

  • only cool thing about it was the picture part… otherwise it’s kind of useless.

  • the camera part is awesome!

  • Max Katzmann

    I still can’t figure out why no one understands that these see-through displays are useless. Well you can look through them obviously and it allows you to see where you’re walking while typing or so, but otherwise it makes no sense at all. It distracts you from text and if whatever is behind your phone has the same color as the things displayed, you’re pretty much screwed.. It looks nice and futuristic but is not practical in any way. At least that’s what I think 😀

  • Wtf??this concept&design was similar with microsoft..they design the phone like that&using a concept called “metro” which will launched on 2014. Damn apple really loves to steal..haha

    • Shugo Asakura

      This wasn’t made by apple you twit, but a fan with a dream.Did you even read the article?

  • KewlDewd

    Why would you want a clear display? So it’s harder to read? Makes no sense. The keyboard thing would be sweet.

    And your daily correction: …blows me out of the water? How about “blows me away” instead? Unless you are a competing/comparable concept video.

  • shut up and take my money!

  • Wael Abdo

    looks like star wars. lol

  • This would be nice. The only question is, who will the FIRST to make the transparent device? I mean a quality device too, not just the first company that whips up something and throw it on the market.. We’ll see

  • I like the transparthe thingy , is there a winterboard theme for this? :p

  • JGoods777

    Where does the battery go????????????

  • This looks like the Mozilla concept phone released last year

  • Well i don’t think anything would be private anymore,, since you could probably see the screen from behind it. Goodbye privacy

  • JaeM1llz

    “If you can’t get enough of futuristic mockups like a holographic iPhone, this one’s guaranteed to pique your interest.”

    What if we’ve had more than enough and never want to see another one again? 😛

  • immovableobject

    What possible advantage would a transparent display offer? People already complain about reflections on screens. This is even worse.

  • yeah…right, not gonna happen.

  • So, where is the battery? LOL

  • Buys one. Drops it.

  • ONce again iPhone 4 with a see through screen. We want something completely new not the same boring ass design but knowing apple it will be exactly like the iPhone 4 but with a bigger screen.

  • i want 1

  • damn now i dont have to look infront of myself

  • Nice too bad it’s a long way off

  • Idk>

    I Dont now your usderstand In NL

  • where i can buy this iphone