What the iPhone Would Look Like With a Holographic Display and Keyboard

The science fiction community has been predicting the rise of holograms in everyday culture for decades. When will hologram-based technology make its way to the mainstream?

Aatma Studios has envisioned a future in which the iPhone and iPad use holograms to display video and full-size, interactive keyboards. One thing we will say: this concept video blows every other futuristic iPhone video you’ve ever seen out of the water…


The concept is based off a combination of pico projectors and IR sensors, and as you can see, the result is incredibly awesome.

Need a bigger keyboard for typing on your iPhone? Simply activate the hologram display and set your brightness and position angles with multitouch gestures. How about displaying video content? No problem. You’ve got a portable hologram display that would even make Luke Skywalker jealous.

In the end, this is an awesome, awesome concept. But don’t expect this kind of technology in the iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 is a totally different story, however.