Still wondering about those unlocked iPhones that clocked much faster data speeds on T-Mobile’s network at WWDC’s Moscone West building in San Francisco? Well, Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier, the nation’s fourth-largest, today shared some interesting updates concerning “4G” rollout,  which includes the iPhone-friendly 1900MHz band on its HSPA+ network…

Senior vice president of technology Dave Mayo took to the official blog to detail progress his company’s been making on this front.

By the end of this month, some four hundred modernized cell sites supporting HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band will light up, growing to 2,500 sites by the end of July.

We’ve also secured zoning approval or do not require zoning for over 19,500 sites and have completed necessary entitlement work, including obtaining building permits for over 4,000 sites.

The modernization will also improve existing voice and data coverage while enabling iPhone compatibility, Mayo wrote.

As new equipment is in place, we’re turning up some small scale tests of 4G HSPA+ service in our 1900 MHz spectrum.

Some customers with unlocked iPhones recently saw evidence of those tests; clocking much faster data speeds at the Moscone West conference center in San Francisco.

More of these speed sightings will occur as we work toward introducing 4G HSPA+ service in our 1900 MHz spectrum in a large number of markets later this year.

The carrier confirmed last month that the iPhone-friendly HSPA+ is coming later this year. As work continues on network upgrades and the Apple deal, T-Mobile is having a blast poking fun of the iPhone in its print and television advertising, though the company obviously benefits from the more than a million unlocked iPhones on its network.

By the way, why is T-Mobile still fooling average people with its 4G marketing bullshit?

From Wikipedia:

In telecommunications, 4G is the fourth generation of cell phone mobile communications standards. It is a successor of the third generation (3G) standards.

So, no T-Mobile, your HSPA+ network is not “4G”.

It’s still 3G, no matter how zippy HSPA+ is.

And as far as true 4G is concerned, T-Mobile won’t begin deploying LTE before 2013, Mayo confirmed.

So cut the crap already, will you?

Apple got slammed for this in Australia, so how come nobody is suing carriers for misleading people with false and stupendous 4G advertising?

That they’re able to get away with it is seriously ticking me off…

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  • ha was there really a lot of people sitting around upset that 3g speeds weren’t fast enough? Also don’t ya think speed should be a major definition for 3G to 4G?

  • Apple should just make a deal with T-Mobile and offer the iPhone to them. They’d gain even more market share right?

    • Manuel Angel

      It’s funny how T-Mobile makes fun of the iPhone but only because Apple doesn’t want them as a partner. I think T-Mobile is dying for that deal to happen because their business is going out the window with every customer that leaves T-Mobile for another carrier that sells the iPhone.

  • i want 3g tmobile service los angeles for iphone

  • Manuel Angel

    Chris, your article was the shit. This is why I love IDB; articles like this make my day. 4G is so much bs.

  • I have to agree that it is quite irritating at how EVERY single company is saying they have the fastest 4G when in reality, its a glorified 3G, just sped up a little bit. TRUE 4G is still a ways away but they are getting closer.

    As for T-Mobile, I could care less if they offer 3G or 4G or any other “G”. I would just like to have something other than EDGE on my iPhone. Although, an OFFICIAL deal between Apple and T-Mobile would be better. I wonder if it will happen since T-Mobile is expanding their network to include 3G on unlocked iPhones.

  • as far as 4G is concerned, LTE is NOT 4G! it’s just another marketing gimmick used by service providers.. The next technology LTE-Advanced is the true 4G as standardized by 3GPP.

  • O_o… Your Wiki quote doesn’t state HSPA+ is not 4G at all… I’m confused why you’re quoting it. According to the ITU’s new definition, 4G includes LTE, WiMAX, and HSPA+. So yes, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is 4G. It is as much as 4G as LTE and WiMAX is, the “real” 4G you’re referring to is LTE-Advanced, not regular LTE.