Safari doesn’t look that different on iOS 6, but underneath the hood you’ll find some interesting changes aimed at improving your mobile browsing experience. First of all, there’s the ability to browse in full screen mode while in landscape on the iPhone. Secondly, there’s the ability to sync tabs across other iOS 6 devices using iCloud. Next up to bat is a new update to Reading List that allows you to read those items while offline.

Take a look at our video demonstration inside that showcases all of these new features and more. Have you found anything in addition to these items? If you do, be sure to let us know in the comments.

  • jose castro

    sweet at least safari does not suck much anymore … sweet video

  • Great video Jeff! Question! No full screen love for the iPad!?!?!?!?! 🙁

    • No full screen on iPad, period. That goes for the 3 as well from what I can tell.

      • just installed iOS 6 myself. 3D support is quite limited!

  • Also Jeff, have you experienced any crashes with iOS 6 overall?

    • jose castro

      well it is a beta so i wouldn’t doubt if there was crashes.

    • Maps crashes whenever I search for a place on an iPhone 4.

      • QuarterSwede

        Too bad because it works very well with Siri. That’s my workaround for searching on a 4S.

      • Turn off Facebook contacts in settings and it will work

  • Loopthree

    Nice video. I like mobile safari, but unfortunately the desktop version lets it down.

  • Awesome awesome

  • Where is that Clock app coming from on the new iPad? Is that part of iOS 6, or a third-party app?

  • EricArmstrongg

    We’re loving these videos Jeff, thank you. Do you have one on Passbook coming up soon? Or did I miss it?

  • navaz sayani

    is the upload feature available for the iPhone too??

  • MattXD162

    This is how I see iOS 6: “It’s the little things that matter.”

  • BBL

    Great video thanks ^^

    So upload from safari is for both videos and photos… wow finally Apple did it 🙂 still missing upload some documents but better have something than nothing

  • They should’ve used multi touch gestures for full screen mode!

    • M_AlO

      Like Swipe Safari, that would’ve been awesome

  • jose19979

    I know its not a big deal buti want to see some benchmarks like html5test or at least browsermark so I can can compare to other browsers. Jeff said the new things were under the hood and benchmarks can show that. Just a idea

  • this thing with safari syncing over icloud…well, that sounds very familiar….aaa yea, i already seen it on google crome…well as i heard they will try to ban s3 selling in us cuz of its s voice option…according to apple it is to similar to siri…and what about this….isn’t this safari option to simillar to crome sync option…so im askin you (naive) apple lovers, now where is that apples high moral(-buisness) standards…if they were folloving their own rules this function shouldn’t be on iOS…

    • Sigh. I am so tired of the iOS vs Android shit. They both “borrow” from each other. Get over it.

      • you got that right….but the problem is that apple thinks that their rught is to do that and everyone elso is crimial for doing the same!

  • Gracias

  • How come there was no option to open the link in background?

    • He probably didn’t have his settings set to that.

      • Oh, I had forgotten you could change it in the settings.

  • What ?? No portrait fullscreen support ? Come on apple …

  • Pit Garbe

    on iPad!
    At last!

  • iOS 6 map crash. Turn off Facebook contacts in settings and in will work

  • kevinsky

    is fullscreen also available for ipad or only iphone?