AnimateLockscreen, the highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that allows you to add custom boot logo animations to your iPhone’s Lock screen, is now available for download on Cydia.

As noted in our previous walkthrough, AnimateLockscreen has almost 1,000 different boot logo animations at its disposal. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it now for $1.00. After trying it out, be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

  • Metroview

    Just bought it, got it installed after the recent messup with dependency with animate, turned it on, and my lockscreen isn’t changing. Am I missing something? 5.1.1 on 4S.

    • How did you get round the Dependency issue please

    • Bob Jones

      click the show only if charging OFF

  • How’s the battery life ?

  • Tomas Haker

    Can’t install it, have those problems with animate and don’t know how to deal with it :/

    • I have the same problem and cant install it

  • Daniel Krautwurst

    Its turned on, but nothing happend on the Lockscreen, even after respiring and restart.

    • it only working on mine when im charging it up

      • Daniel Krautwurst

        Found it out. u have to enable “Non charging mode”

      • cheers dan

  • y didnt you say its only works when you are charging your phone in your video

    • make sure you put “nonChargingMode” ON! Took me a second to figure that out myself! 🙂

  • Hey Jeff! What cydia tweak do you use on your notification center? (the one that can turn on/off the wifi and respring, things like that..) cheers from Brazil!

  • Looks like he uses NCSettings…. I have the same tweak

  • Tomas Haker

    Updated version is up, problems with instalation are solved 😉

    • what version is it its still not letting me install

  • CamSince89

    Just bought it and after enabling the settings people mentioned above it worked

    Thanks MPow (developer of the tweak from my understanding)

  • i can’t find it under bigboss nor the search in cydia… 5.1.1 4s

  • Just bought and installed this but it doesn’t work at all – iPhone 4 running 5.1.1. Played around with the settings and tried lots of resprings but still no joy. Even tried enabling the non-charging mode but it makes no difference. At any rate I’ve not seen anything to suggest this only works when charging. That’d be pretty useless if so as I only charge my phone whilst I sleep.

    • Kok Hean

      Install other addons and try again, it works fine for me.

  • DomPerignon1

    This battery drainer is not for me. I don’t have a lockscreen so I couldn’t care less. What I do really want is one of my bootlogos working 100% with iOS 5.1.1

  • Is this tweak working with lockinfo? If so how do I get it working? Thanks in advance !

    • Dan

      Would like to know as well before I buy it, no way i’m getting rid of lockinfo

      • +1 this question. I <3 LockInfo. No way I'm giving it up… no matter how cool this looks.

    • mattkin22

      Works with lockinfo!!!

      • bought it and no animation so far. my lockscreen is just the wallpaper. what am I doing wrong?


        Posted by Timo Wojciechowski, Thanks again 🙂

      • mattkin22

        Ok…never had “Hide Charging Batter” enabled in LockInfo and now my wallpaper is the same as before…we switched problems lol.

  • Can someone tell me how to download this as i get an error saying Cannot comply this is version 1.0.1-2

  • what animation are you using?

    • Josh Myrwold


      • Kok Hean

        BootLogo with a capital L.

      • Josh Myrwold


  • MagicDrumSticks

    Jeff, do you think the Galaxy S III is finally good enough to convince you to switch? Just wondering since you said you tried Android before.

  • what was the name of first animation ?

  • Matt McKenzie

    I’m sure I suffering some kind of incompatibility with existing tweaks but AnimateLockscreen doesn’t work well for me.

    Unable to change the animation (stays on the animated Apple logo).
    Respring from the AnimateLockscreen settings not working.
    Opening my Notification Center cause springboard to crash.
    Most apps after opening, crash/exit shortly after.

    All these things disappear after uninstalling AnimateLockscreen and Animate.

    Using: Winterboard, Springtomize, Dashboard X, NCSettings, Activator

    iPod Touch 4G 5.1.1

    • Josh Myrwold

      I have almost the same issue, but my ipod won’t work! I don’t have any of those but Activator.

  • Josh Myrwold

    My ipod touch 4g ios 5.1.1 keeps going into a respring loop! Someone help please!

    • Happened to me too. If you have MobileSubstrate in it’s newest update, hard reboot and then hold down the volume up button until it boots.

      If it works and is in safe mode, either remove AnimateLockscreen or removed the animation that didnt work in Cydia.

      • Josh Myrwold

        Ok I did that. What animation did you have and did you resolve it?

      • Same thing happened to me after installing the “Galaxus” boot logo. After looping for a while and then a hard reboot into safe mode, I was able to remove it. After that everything works fine. The ICS boot logo is pretty sweet and might just keep it on that one, not risk another problem. I’d avoid the “Galaxus” boot logo, though.

  • Error
    “we were unable to save your changes.”
    when trying to change boot animation

    • Wagner Sodré

      I was with the same error…and I found a solution:
      Remove Animate and all custom bootlogos.
      Now reboot and Install in this sequence:
      1° – Animate (found in Cydia)
      2° – Animate fix for 4…/5.0.1 (found in cydia)
      3° Your custom bootlogo ( I suggest ICS)

      It works for me.

      • Thankss

      • Josh Myrwold

        Not ICS Lite?

      • Josh Myrwold

        Wait…Are you talking about AnimateLockscreen or just the bootlogo?

  • Metroview

    This tweak eats up SO much of your RAM. Using the ICS animation left my 4S with around 13MB. All of my apps kept crashing when using them.

    • Dan

      wow good to know, don’t need another ram hog lol i’ll pass

  • how do you get the animation in the video or others than the apple logo?

  • I cant get it to work on my 4s

  • margarcia14

    Just got it working on my 4S. My phone was going into a respring loop. Something was interfering with animatelockscreen from springtomize. I disabled springtomize and animatelockscreen started working. Once I figured out it was springtomize I disabled a couple of things, resprung and it worked! Not sure what exactly was messing with animatelockscreen but try that if you are going into a respring loop.

    • Turning on ‘Custom Battery’ under ‘Theming’ will cause it to go into the loop.

  • It works fine with unlockize….i’m wowing non-jailbreakers, hehe!

  • Jd201263

    no issues, only that its got only 1 animation, where do i get more animations, ?? 🙂

    • From cydia go to Sections in the BootLogo addons folder or search for BootLogo….most of them work fine.

      • Dan

        any good animations to suggest? I never found quality boot logos personally

      • Wondering the same thing. Most don’t look very good.

      • x3

      • yup, I also wanna get a good bootlogo, any body has suggestion?

      • As I’ve mentioned previously in these comments, avoid the “Galaxus” bootlogo. My phone got stuck in a respring loop and I had to hard reboot and uninstall the bootlog in safe mode.

  • Doesn’t work with any of the Typolockscreen cydia tweaks enabledby winterboard – otherwise, it’s pretty cool

  • Timo Wojciechowski



  • It spends so much ram……

    • Dan

      how much ram are we talking about? with my current setup I hover around 290 free ram with all apps closed

      • I went from about 250 with out it running to around 110 with it enabled

      • Dan

        wow, thanks for the info, I doubt I will bother with it then

      • I tried if the bootlogo size is bigger, ram usage is also increased.

  • Does this Tweak work with an ipad3. Anyone?

  • Does it matter of your jailbreak with absinthe? I’m on iPhone 4s 5.1.1 and jailbreak with absinthe and it doesn’t show on lockscreen and only shows on charge and I’ve play around with the setting and nothing seems to work.

  • Hi All, what bootlogo suggests here?

    ICS only?

  • It works with the “Unfold” Cydia tweak!

  • This thing is a major ram hog and I mean major. 4S went from around 240mb to around 10-20mb. Aside from the ram issue it also has a huge impact on your battery life. I had 100% full charge at bedtime, I always enable airplane mode also to save some battery at night, usually by morning my battery is either still 100% or just below. This morning it was showing 72%. Only explanation is this app.

    Nice idea, poorly coded I’m afraid. But I’m sure the author will iron out all these problems.

    • Matt McKenzie

      Which makes it pretty much impossible to use on an iPod Touch 4G.

  • whats the app you used on your notifications center to respring?

  • Make sure no lsb is not installed with this. Conflict will cause no animation on lockscreen happened to me on iPhone 4s on 5.1.1

  • The issue I have with any of these animated tweaks is the loss of camera functionality. When camera gets launched it crashes and phone resprings. Happens with native app and any other camera app. iPhone 4s on 5.1.1