The stock iPhone Lock screen leaves a lot of untapped potential on the table, and for that reason it’s no surprise that we see so many jailbreak tweaks that focus on modifying the Lock screen.

HTCLock is the latest tweak to focus on the Lock screen. It allows you to launch apps easily using an HTC-styled interface. Check inside for the full video walkthrough…

HTCLock allows you to launch apps such as Mail, Safari, messages, etc., and it allows you to do so by dragging the circle interface up to the appropriate application. The main problem that I have with HTCLock, is that you cannot launch apps successfully if you have a passcode enabled on your device.

It would’ve been nice if you were able to queue up an app and then enter your passcode to successfully launch the app. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with HTCLock, and that presents a problem launching apps for passcode enabled users.

HTCLock also includes an option to change the theme for your launch app icons, though, sadly I was unable to get this working correctly. Perhaps an updated version of HTCLock will perform differently in these areas, but with the version I was able to test, I consistently ran into these, and other serious issues.

My advice is to stay away, but if you’re insistant on giving HTCLock a try for yourself, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it free of charge. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

  • Sometimes these android related tweaks are cool, but then again it always makes me wonder as to why you would buy an iPhone to make it look like an Android. Wouldn’t most people save the effort and time just by buying the Android phone?

    • Josue Ruiz

      for the reason that one likes Android UI but iPhone’s stability and apps.

  • horrible

  • M Last

    thanks for video
    but really suck tweak like android :)))

  • Dan

    not bad, but too many bugs and the look doesn’t really suit my taste imo. I’ll stick with lockinfo 🙂

  • M_AlO


  • christodouluke

    Wow, this tweak really blows.
    There haven’t been any positive comments so far.

  • I used it…it looks cool but its quite buggy…one problem is when u connect it to your car u cant really unclock your phone…u ll b stuck, to unlock you hav to disconnect your iphone….datz a big dodo…

  • Sorry, but that looks incredibly ugly.

  • One word. Change the style, note to the developer … Yuck

  • WaterTrooper

    Maybe if they just did the clock and weather I would get this.

  • Sam

    how do i remove the HTClock from my iPhone??

  • I cant unlock my phone now!!! Dont install this crap!

    You must hold volume up during boot to boot normaly and uninsatll this.

    • i know i cant unlock my ipod what the heck

  • natae fareon

    nice tweak

    but i cannot change the icon in lock screen

    plz tell me how ??

  • Kyle Wong

    i couldn’t configure anything after i installed it and when i uninstalled it, the music controls wouldn’t open when i double tapped the home button at the lockscreen…. any advice?

  • Hoà

    Bị lỗi chương trinh. Tự độg khơi chạy lại ĐT
    Làm thế nào để xoá HTC LOOCK khốn nạn này

  • hey i just jailbroke my ipod and got htc lock. its not letting me get into my ipod please help