Despite an abundance of claims from insider sources that the recently-leaked metal iPhone backing is the real deal, a lot of folks remain skeptical of its legitimacy. Could this really be what Apple’s next smartphone looks like?

Well a new video has surfaced this morning that aims to show us what the next-generation iPhone could look like, should these leaked parts and other rumors materialize this fall. And we have to admit, it looks good…

The clip comes from Blackpool Creative‘s Bryce Haymond. The designer wanted to “piece together” fragments of photos and videos of leaked “iPhone 5” parts that have been circulating the internet over the past few weeks.

The renderings fall perfectly in line with these components and other “evidence,” depicting an iPhone with an elongated 4-inch display, a repositioned FaceTime camera, and a large metal band across its back cover.

Obviously, only time will tell if any of this will hold true in the final design of this year’s iPhone. But we can safely say that if it does end up looking like this, we won’t be disappointed.

What do you think?


  • Two-tone is just plain ugly, want a full metal backing, plus the longer display I don’t like it. The iphone is long enough for it to look good they need to widen it and a tad bit longer. I’m sad now 🙁

    • willie_walk

      I have to say, I agree!

    • If its to ugly for you then buy a galaxy S3 that’s full of plastic

      • Ur comment is just dumb serious, If you like it just say you like it dont say stupid stuff like this. If I DONT like it ill keep using my iphone 4 happy with it so Yeah.

      • If you did some research you would have realized that the pone is longer to gain a 16:9 aspect ratio

      • I Simply do not care about that. I’ll take design over that 16:9 ratio. Shizz looks good already on my screen. Longer disp. IMO is a no go Houston.

    • SimonReidy

      Apparently they can’t put a complete metal housing as the phone’s back. The two tone split is supposedly for improved reception for internal antennas. Similar to the plastic strip along the top of the new iPad which houses LTE and 3G antennas etc.

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    Actually i kinda like it now. At first when i saw previous pictures i was skeptical. But now i like both of them. Blak or white. It looks good. Hopefully i can get a hold of one by october if they do release by then. Finally an upgrade to my iphone 4!
    But i still hope the dock connector stays the same. If ipad 3 came out with the same one, the new iphone should be the same too.
    At the end, if ur a true apple fan like myself, were gonna upgrade just cause we want the latest from apple. So watever it may end up being, way to go APPLE!!!

  • still think it’s ugly.

  • Apple encourages sleek design in all their products, the thought of a two tone back seems ludacris to me

  • everyone complain because its different, the first iphone was 2tone.

    • The first iphone wasn’t that nice either with to two tone. I didn’t like it then I don’t like this now.!

  • Why is your logo pointing to “jailbreak”? Turn the bubble around, so it will point to “home”. Looks really stupid right now.

    • pegger1

      Now? It’s been like that forever

  • if the iphone 5 looks like that im getting one im going wait i wanna buy the 4s but the 5 looks better when dose it come out?

  • don’t believe it for a second. this is just an old prototype who has made it’s way out. the real thing is protected and it’s not gonna come out that easy.

    • Really? Explain someone leaving the iPhone 4 in a bar then. Don’t worry, i’ll wait…

    • pegger1

      That’s not a prototype. It’s done with computers. It was done by a designer based on the leaked parts and rumours.

      • He’s referring to the leaked frame and other parts that the artist used to come up with this rendering.

  • guys what do you like iphone 4s or 5?

  • At the end of the day the people who are saying its ugly and threating to buy the galaxy s3 still going to pre-order the iPhone

    • Actually, I am done with the iPhone personally. I still love Apple and I am not a basher of any kind. I love technology as a whole. I already pre-ordered the Galaxy S3.

      • I respect that it’s not a bad phone at all it’s something different it’s just you know some ppl make threats in blogs like someone at apple is listing listening lol

  • umm..kinda weird…
    don’t really fancy the fact that the screen is longer…
    i expect it to be WIDER instead…:/

  • Anyone who thinks the redesign will look basically like a ‘bigger iPhone 4 design with 2-tone’ is kidding themselves, there is no way that the design would leak this early, I feel Apple has a radical change planned for us, I’m leaning towards and iPad shaped iPhone 5.

  • Kenaan20

    Video dosen’t work ???

  • It doesn’t have a metal band across the back. It has 2 plastic/coloured glass looking bands across the back and a big metal section to make it, altogether, shite looking.

  • Make the back all metal or all something else not both

  • I like the fact that your judging a phone that hasn’t been released

  • The two tone look just doesn’t fit Apple’s design. It’s so inconsistent. I’m rooting for the unibody like the New iPad. That would look real slick.

    • SimonReidy

      I’d love that too (I think most people would) but apparently that would severely degrade the phone’s reception. Having two glass sections is probably to allow for better antenna transmission.

  • i want a revamped design. not a similar one to 4/4s

  • Guys iPhone 5 isn’t out yet don’t blame apple who brought iPhone wit its standout design which everyone is copying today.

    No matter how it will look I will definitely go for it.

    Stay hungry stay foolish

    Cheers apple.

  • It looks like and iPhone 4-4s from the side view.from the screen looks like a Samsung Galaxy S2,The back is new!

  • I like how you guys are complaining about the back plate. Why does it matter? When apple presents it, you’re going to think its sexy and are going to buy it. The back plate isn’t an issue people. In the enc you’re just going to slap a case on it and never see the back right?

  • And hey honestly, this is WAY better than the tear drop concept piece of crap they had going on before. Honestly I’m not that disappointed by this “iPhone 5”

  • First off, I don’t think it will look bad in person to have the two tone, secondly, don’t most people have a case on their iPhone anyway? I for one dropped my phone too many times and was happy that I had a nice case. I think it will sell just as much as the iPhone 4 did if not more!

  • twited21

    I actually really like it ☺☺☺

    I think I’m in love all over again

  • everyone talked shit and said the 4 was ugly and when it came out everyone was drooling over it. I think this new model looks even better especially if is aluminum

  • It’s like Nokia E-71 from back.. I still remember that 4 years back

  • I giizzzzeeedd on myself Dx

  • I think it looks great and it looks realistic and like something that Apple would actually release. This may be the first video rendering to predict the actual look of the final iPhone but who knows really. Unless the prototype for the next iPhone gets lost again we will never know.