ayecon, the highly anticipated WinterBoard theme from popular iOS theme designer, Surenix, just made its debut on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. To take advantage of the theme, you must have a Retina enabled iPhone or iPod touch, and be running iOS 5 or above.

As you no doubt noticed in our hands-on walkthrough, ayecon is a stunner in the looks department. Although I think our video does a good job at displaying the crazy amount of detail possessed by ayecon, it really needs to be witnessed in person to be totally appreciated.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not nearly as into theming my iPhone as I used to be, but ayecon has helped rekindle my interest somewhat. You can purchase it now for $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

  • like the theme it looks fresh thats what i like 😀

  • that theme is real well done !!!!
    but: i notice a little flickering while swiping down from statusbar to see the notif.center…

  • How do i get the backgrounds ? love the blue one

    • Surenix

      The wallpapers come with ayecone and are located in Settings>Wallpaper>Wallpaper (scroll down to the bottom).

      • Thanks!!!! love it, beautiful and simple

  • Douglas Lazzaro

    its nice, but
    a – i figured that many more of the well known apps, like yelp and shazam, would have custom skins
    & b – i wouldve liked to have an option in winterboard to just change the icons, cuz i like my own notif center theme & blue wifi stars theme etc (i know its possible to do thru ifile, but its just a pain in the ass), but u cant change the icons thru winterboard w/out theming other stuff also

    the apps that r changed tho, and the blue navigation bars look really nice

    • Surenix

      In the next update, I could separate the Notification Center background so you have the ease of enabling or disabling via WinterBoard? As for now, you delete the Notification Background (using iFile), navigate to:
      Library/Themes/ayecon SpringBoard.theme/Bundles/com.apple.springboard and remove or (I suggest) rename “BulletListLinen@2x.png” and “BulletListLinen@2x~iphone.png” and add a bracket with a 1 so you can use it later if you’d like.

      • Douglas Lazzaro

        awesome.. thanks for the help.. & yea, that would b great 4 the next update.. looking forward to it!

      • u don’t have to do all that. just move your theme for the notification theme and the wifi stars theme above the other themes you installed. just lick on the right of the theme and drag it upwards.

      • Douglas Lazzaro

        ahh very true! great.. thanks!

      • what is wifi stars? and where can i download it from?

  • I was never into theming…but ayecon has changed my opinion. Bravo Surenix! Well done!

    • Surenix

      Thank you

  • Zorvage

    Looks really
    Cool, the only question I have is: will it slow down my device/drain battery more?

    • I think Jeff said his phone didn’t become slower in the video – and I assume the theme uses the faster method of theming icons too (the older method requires SummerBoard mode which causes SpringBoard lag).


      • Surenix

        This is correct but may I add, what iDevice are you currently using?

      • Perri Dash

        How does it run on a A4 device? I have an iPhone 4 CDMA.

      • Me? iPad 1.
        Awesome job with this theme, by the way.


    • Hope not!!!!

  • yes. ayecon. i have it. i have been using it. and it is good. yes.

  • I never used any themes on my iPhone until last night. I was reading about Ayecon and downloaded Jaku, it was excellent. I downloaded Ayecon first thing this morning and I really like it.

    • Jaku is The Ultimate Theme Ayecon is ok

      • Dan

        Thanks for the tip! This theme was not quite my style but I just got Jaku.

  • Ryan Hicks

    I just want the Notification Center/Switcher background.

  • Absolutely stunning @Surenix. I got it last night at 10 pm..ish. Best 3 bucks i’ve ever spent

  • Will tweaks like switchy and ncsettings work with it?

    • Surenix

      The best answer is to try it, as I haven’t. I don’t see NCSettings working because I didn’t really theme that? It was only stock icons, and sytem-wide UI—no third party tweaks. Report back though.

  • beny698

    Hey Surenix, will there be more icons added in the future? Also, this is an awesome theme!!!! How do you remove the folders tweak?

    • in settings, ayecon has a section where you can choose 2×2 on or off.

      • beny698


  • I’ve tried numerous themes throughout the years but none really ever stuck for long. This theme could be the first one. It’s simple, clean and retains the iOS elements I love without altering the feel too much like many other themes. Splitting the theming options in winter board was also a much appreciated option. Well done. $2.99 well spent.

  • I use iPhone 3GS! Why I can not download this theme from cydia?! V 5.1.1

    • iPhone 4, 4S or 4th gen iPod Touch only. Retina devices.

    • How come u still have a 3gs?

  • So, bought and downloaded, using for my 4S. Awesome theme, I really like it, especially the folder backgrounds, for some reason.

    But the thing I’m wondering, Surenix (saw you answering other peoples comments), will you release a version for the new iPad as well? There’s not a lot of them on Cydia, to be honest, and all of them are way too bulky.

    Please do. I would gladly pay more for an iPad 3-version.

    • Surenix

      I am thinking about it 🙂

      • Great, thank you very much.

      • Please do! It’d be gorgeous. “Ayecon HD,” I can see it now… Great work

  • Got some Glitch`s in Not. center, maybe a`tiny bug 🙂

    • Surenix

      What kind of glitch? Do you have a link of a screnshot that shows this glitch or? I’d love to try and resolve if (if I can).

      • its when you pull op and down in notifications center, just keep your finger, and go up and down, and you will see som glitch/flickering in the black notification wallpaper.

  • I really like Ayecon. Got it today and I’m really impressed. Been a longtime themer myself. It’s one of the main reasons why I like my jailbroken iPhone 4. The regular iPhone theme is boring to me and just changing the wallpaper is not enough. So, Yay for themes and YAY for Ayecon!

  • Minh Hoang

    Beautiful theme. Also, love m-flo.. was surprised to see that you listen to them.

  • Would love to see a retina iPad version! 🙂

  • Hey Surenix..
    I have recently found a cool keyboard!
    If you would like to add it, it is a color keyboard theme, and it matches your Ayecon theme perfectly!
    It is called WP7 if you would like to see it, tell me i will uplaod it to dropbox and send you the theme!
    – ibrahim Chiha

  • any good keyboards with this theme..?

  • Same here. Developer has tried to help by asking me to email the tweaks i have installed and disabling them one by one but i havent found it yet.

    • Want to list the tweaks we share and then maybe we can find a match?

      What iOS are you running? Im on 5.0.1, I just havent found the time to update and restore and reinstall tweaks because i guaranteed run into problems everytime.

      Airplane SBSettings
      Appsync for iOS 5.0+
      BigBoss Icon Set
      Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons
      Big Fix: Stuck Pages
      Camera Grabber for iOS 5
      Corona 5.0.1 Untether
      Cydia Installer
      Cydia Translations
      Default HD SBSettings
      Five Icon Dock
      Hackulous Resources (I dont pirate, this is for apps that Apple removed from App Store like VLC, which i use often so dont judge me :P)
      Installous 5
      Mobile Substrate
      NoAccessorySplash iOS4
      noOTA badge
      OneByOne Contacts
      OneByOne Safari
      Springtomize 2

      Never realised i had so many :S

      • Ill look tonight and compare. Someone below said deleting FacebookThis worked for them…it didnt for me. I ended up buying FolderEnhancer and it solved the issue within the folder…kind of like that tweak also.

    • FacebookThis can be deleted then… never worked for me anyway!!

    • Gavin Lewis

      I had similar issue.Have you installed facebookthis. If so uninstall it and respring in winterboard.

  • Cliff Here

    The only fix I was able to come up with for the folder background problem was to install FolderEnhancer from cydia… out another $2.50 but it does fix the problem.
    Surenix was very helpful and answered all my emails but we never found an easy solution

  • Hi i am having the same problems with ayecon. With folders and multitasking apps the background is messed up. I ‘ve uninstaled now the ayecon andI have there is the same problem

    • FacebookThis is the problem. uninstall it and respring

      • Cliff Here

        yes… I believe this has fixed it, took a complete reboot here but it did work

      • Crap tweak facebookthis even the images that i posted on facebook was crap quality

      • Deleting FacebookThis didnt solve the bg issue in the appswitcher for me 🙁

      • Try to put another theme restart respring etc..

      • Bingo! Works now 🙂

    • Studio XSoft

      I may have known your problem… Currently ayecon is incompatible with iOS 6 Photos Menu as well as FacebookThis. Maybe you need to delete both of them, and use iCleaner to clean up the Springboard Caches, and then… boom! There you go.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtQjdphI8_A watch this at 0;54 what is that app call ? the right hand column thing

  • skychet

    this seems to be much faster and responsive than carbon x. anyone know why that is? i noticed on winterboard there are only 6 things to check off for ayecon… and carbon x has at least 45 to check off/install. does that have anything to do with it?

    • Surenix

      It could be many things from how they themed each icon to how big the actual theme is. Having more options and folders to check off has nothing to do with slowing the device down.

  • “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not nearly as into theming my iPhone as I used to be…”

    I agree, but this theme sure does make me want to start using Winterboard again !

  • Is it possible to make it compatible for 3Gs? 🙂

    • Surenix

      That’ll lose the entire purpose of ayecon.

  • Evan Mayse

    Where can I find the wallpaper.png files for this app in iFile? I’m trying to replace the Wallpaper.png file in the Catalyst Weather Widget theme with the Ayecon wallpaper but can’t seem to find it anywhere in iFile. Help?

    • Surenix


  • On 5.1.1 and got no problems with Ayecon, runs smooth, got a little glitch/flickering i notification center (bug) ? that`s all

  • I want that lockscreen part of the theme. it’s awesome!!!

  • HI Surenix, Thanks for the awesome theme. Before this theme my favourite theme was Black UPS dark HD. I was desperately waiting for this theme after watching its video on idownloadblog. Want to request one thing. Could you please change the icon on bitesms from pink to any other colour and if possible please make it look like app store, cydia or installous icon. Again thanks a lot for the fabulous theme.

  • Great theme
    however i like KruzHD better
    i recommend you guys check it out.

  • I love it 🙂 thank you for creating such a beautiful theme

    • Surenix

      Thank you 🙂

  • stuggi

    Amazing theme, really! Was the reason for me to take up theming 🙂

    But could anybody tell me where I have to place a self made app icon (png) so that it’s recognized by WinterBord/ayecon?

    and Surenix:
    How about placing instructions for this at the same place where the psd-template is located (Library/Themes/ayecon SpringBoard.theme)?

    • Surenix

      That’s not a bad idea.

  • My Camera app crashes after installing Ayecon.
    Anyone else?

    (Already tried uninstalling.. solves the problem)

    • Surenix

      I have no idea why… ayecon doesn’t touch the camera app at all.

    • Yeah, i have that too. Now i have to uninstall ayecon.. 🙁

  • Why doesn’t it work with “Slide to Unlock Killer”?

  • Where can I find the wallpaper that he has in this video? …and the ones that are featured on “Surenix’s” website?

  • is this wallpaper included in the theme?

  • I’m am having troubles setting this theme on my jailbroken iPod Touch 3g 5.1.1.
    I downloaded ayecon from cydia, then respringed the device. After that, I set ayecon theme on my winterboard. Again – respringed my device.

    Unfornutaly nothing has changed! Why ayecon doesn’t work?

    • Because it only works on retina devices.

  • Doed WinterBoard Kill your Battery & Resources. I had it install before but most people say WinterBoard is a battery killer so I deleted it. I want to do simply themes but I need WinterBoard any light on the subject.

  • i have some problems with the facebook app :S it kinda blinks or something, dunno how to explain it xD

    • some times the top bar is black or blue, and sometimes it blinks showing both colors :S

  • Hey there. It works on iOS 6.0 with Tethered Jailbreak? Thank you.

  • Akash Menon

    I wish there was a SD version. No love for my older devices :'(

  • Dor Avraham

    thank you Surenix! but i have a problem with “Weather” in the theme, when im click the “weather” in my iphone 5 (ios 6) nothing happens, it just goes and goes inside the app. do you have idea what it could be?

    • Zarr

      I have a problem with weather as well. When I install the Weather theme I got safe mode on my iPhone. I found the problem in weatherlib, which is being installed with the weather tweak. Had to remove this lib to restore a stable work of my device. Any ideas?

  • anyone else having issues downloading this from BigBoss since the evasi0n jailbreak?