Are you looking for a theme that makes ample good use of your iPhone’s Retina Display? If so, then look no further than the upcoming release of ayecon.

ayecon is the latest jailbreak theme from legendary iOS themer and graphic designer, Surenix. Scheduled to hit Cydia on June 8th, it’s a theme that has to be witnessed to be able to appreciate the amount of effort that went into putting together such an incredibly detailed project.

Even coming from someone who’s no longer overly fond of themes, I have to give credit where credit is due — ayecon looks spectacular — hardcore iOS themers will likely love it. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at our hands on video…

ayecon comes bundled with 120+ meticulously created icons to ensure that most of your favorite apps will be supported out of the box. The full list includes the following:

  • Activator
  • AddCallHistory
  • AirBlue Sharing
  • AirServer
  • Alert Artist
  • AnyRing
  • AppBackup
  • AppInfo
  • App Stat
  • Autofill Eraser
  • Battery Doctor Pro
  • BatteryInfo Lite
  • biteSMS
  • Bluff My Call
  • BossPref
  • BytaFont
  • CallBar
  • Cookie
  • CrashReporter
  • Dashboard X
  • DataDeposit
  • DeskSMS
  • Display Recorder
  • DosPad
  • GBC.emu
  • Grooveshark
  • GpSPhone
  • iCleaner
  • iFile
  • iRealSMS
  • iRetiner
  • iSHSHit
  • iTransmission
  • iTransmission 2
  • IntelliID
  • IntelliScreenX
  • LocationHolic
  • LogMailer
  • MD.emu
  • Messages+
  • MewSeek
  • Mobile Terminal
  • MultiCleaner
  • MxTube
  • MyWi
  • My3G
  • Neo.emu
  • Nes.emu
  • NGP.emu
  • OpenBackup
  • OverBoard
  • PdaNet
  • PKGBackup
  • Protect My Privacy (PMP)
  • ProTube HD
  • ProTube
  • Rush Player+
  • SBSettings
  • Signal
  • SiriBoard
  • Snes9x EX
  • speedssid
  • Springtomize 2
  • ThemeIconMaker
  • TorrentTRAK
  • TruPrint
  • UnlimTones
  • UnlimVideos
  • VLC
  • WiFiPassword
  • WinterBoard
  • xBackup
  • XBMC
  • YoutubeToMp3
  • 3G Unrestrictor

Expect that list to continue to grow as more jailbreak apps gain support. For App Store apps, ayecon features a nifty auto-masking feature to help those icons match the rest of the content.

To install ayecon, you must install WinterBoard first. I know that there are many naysayers when it comes to WinterBoard; I myself am responsible for perpetuating some of those feelings. The thing is, I’m starting to get the idea that the theme in use has a lot to do with how much of an impact WinterBoard has on a device. In the case of ayecon, everything seemed just as snappy as it was prior to installing the aging theming platform.

Even with new skins created for the Lock screen, Phone app, Messages, Music, etc, I felt no lag on my jailbroken iPhone 4. And speaking of the skins, these are some of the most meticulously detailed graphics you’ll see from any jailbreak theme. It frankly has to be seen up close to genuinely appreciate the insane detail. I tried my best to showcase some of the pixel prowess in the latter part of my video, so I hope I was able to convey the details accurately enough for you to be just as impressed.

Along with the skins and icons, you’ll also notice brand new backgrounds for folders, Notification Center, Siri, and more. In fact, there’s probably a few other things I forgot to touch base on, but I’ll leave it up to you to find the rest of the goodies.

Again, ayecon is slated to be released on Cydia’s BigBoss repo this Friday. If you’re a fan of jailbreak themes, then picking this one up is a no brainer. If you hate themes, or simply don’t care for them, then ayecon likely isn’t going to change how you feel about the subject. What it will do, though, is build in you a sense of respect for the folks that work long hours to create such detailed masterpieces.

Just in case you were wondering, since this theme was created to utilize the Retina display, you will need a Retina enabled iPhone/iPod touch in order to install ayecon. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

P.S. Can you find a picture of Steve Jobs on the video?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome theme !

  • Reyn Yonashiro

    This actually makes me want to install Winterboard on my 4S.

  • Jeff, you nailed it with that jazzy tune in the end! Kudos!

  • Siv

    Wow…what a beautiful theme. Such a shame it requires Winterboard.

    • do yo expect any theme from cydia not to? (besides dreamboard ones.)

  • It’s so beautiful 😀
    Requires Winterboard 🙁

  • The Phone icon caught my attention. It doesn’t make any sense that it isn’t a phone…
    And music… An icon in an icon?
    Besides those two, the others are fine.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good but too bad it needs winterboard because I refuse to download it.

  • the Steve jobs picture is in the YouTube icon Jeff

  • Anonymous

    Okay. I haven’t used themes in nearly 2 years. Now you’re going to make me get this one… Not sure how I feel about that, but oh it looks good.

  • My god, this will be installed on Friday! 😀

  • Maybe Apple will integrate this Theme and other great themes in to the new iOS 6 so we can easily have a choice without having to first jailbreak the device. 🙂

    This is certainly MUCH better than Apple’s new “grey/silver” theme……. Yuck!

  • Mathew Rice

    Hey Jeff,
    “Benchmark”…? I think you’re reaching pretty far there buddy.
    Have you reviewed theme Jaku…? That theme put inPulse to shame when it debuted.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Surenix and his work (bought every Cydia Store product sold), but “Benchmark”?! Until I see a review/comparison from you on these two themes, gonna have to take your word with a grain of salt.

    Quality is not equal to quantity. More elements of an OS being themed is not equivalent to an attention to detail.

    If anything, I’d say ayecon is on par with what the “Benchmark” has been, e.g. Jaku

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

    Great video though, as always 🙂 cheers!

    • Siv

      I just took a look at your “incredible” Jaku. One word. Shit.

      • Mathew Rice

        Would love an example of what you think is a good theme, rather than a comment that holds no weight.

      • Siv

        Let’s weigh the facts. Two people relied to your Jaku comment. Both of them dislike it.

        What can we take from that?
        Oh yes, Jaku is ugly and you a

    • Jaku!! What’s so good about that one I think it’s ugly.

    • I agree with you Matthew I really love Jaku using it now

  • Why all the fuzz about installing Winterboard?
    I’ve always had it, not even one problem whatsoever.

  • Andre Grey

    cant wait to install this

  • This better be available for my iPad, I haven’t been able to find a decent theme. If not this will still look fabulous on my 4S

  • awesome theme!!..i’m not a fan of themes but this one reli stands out, thu the music icon annoys me a bit..don’t you think?
    and as usual, a great review..and about ‘conveying the details accurately’, mission accomplished.

  • Nice theme shame his named is scribed into the Game Center and Clock app logo. The biggest giveaway that it’s developed by him will be when it appears on Cydia.

    • Actually, if you look into the system files, he provides a gamecenter icon with no name, allowing you to insert your own. He was just showing you what it would look like. Neato

  • Just so you know, Ryan Petrich was ready to donate a kidney to get this 😛

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I’ll stay with Jaku 😀

  • D.

    I’ll install Winterboard just to have this theme. Thanks for the review Jeff!

  • aah looks like my dream theme…

  • Max

    very well balanced theme – well done!

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t want to use a SIM with this phone, why don’t you use airplane mode?

    • It’s on his iPhone 4, not 4s. He doesn’t have a sim

      • Outhig

        Exactly. No point leaving it in normal phone mode without a SIM.

  • Andrew Asher

    Steve Jobs was in the YouTube icon.

  • Pphone is the best icon Phonep

  • Phone icon was best one of all

  • it’s in the repo !!

  • The idea of the icons looks shockingly like the new Install0us app icon 😉

    Who copied who?

    • Surenix

      What’s “Install0us”?

  • I just bought this theme. Start to love it..

  • stuggi

    Hey guys!
    Can anybody tell me where I have to place a self made app icon (png) so that it’s recognized by WinterBord/ayecon?
    I think i’d be nice find instructions for this at the same place where the psd-template is located (Library/Themes/ayecon SpringBoard.theme).

  • I don’t see how this is a great theme. The notification center isn’t themed and neither is all of the phone dialer UI. At least cover some other themes.