Much as it has been speculated, Apple is apparently working to enable Siri on iPad by way of iOS 6, according to the inevitable people familiar with the matter. We’re talking about full-blown voice assistant, not just the Dictation feature, and it will reportedly work just as you’d expect it to. Here’s a mockup based on the description provided by the source…

The mockup is credited to 9to5Mac, whose Mark Gurman observed:

Unlike on the iPhone 4S, Siri for iPad is not a full screen experience. This makes sense given the device’s larger, 9.7-inch display. Siri on the iPad is activated by a quick hold of the home button, just like on the iPhone 4S. The interface slides up from below the display with a clever animation.

So, rather than taking up the entire screen, a smaller window containing Siri output will be overlaid on top of  anything you might be working on, similar to the Notification Center window.

Siri is built into the iPad as a small window on top of whatever interface the user is currently interacting with. This Siri window with rounded corners sits at the bottom center of the display, as you can see in our mockup above.

The Siri iPad interface takes very little space over the iPad interface currently in use, and is designed with the same linen texture as on the iPhone 4S. Siri for iPad also works from the lock screen.

Phone-specific features won’t be supported on the iPad.

Everything else is a go-go, including Music playback, iMessaging, Calendar managing, Reminders, Weather, Maps integration, E-mailing, Notes, Contacts searching, Safari integration, Wolfram-Alpha searching, and other Siri features.

That sounds just about right to us.

Though Apple is said to have been testing the feature on both the second- and third-generation iPad, “it is unconfirmed” that Siri will launch as an iPad 3 exclusive, allegedly in order to reduce strain on servers.

iOS 6 is also said to bring third-party apps support for Siri, in addition to system-wide Facebook integration, certain new features from OS X Mountain Lion, the enhanced Maps app with mind-boggling 3D mode, major ehnancements to stock apps across the board and much more.


  • should put it on the iphone 4 too 😛

    • Anonymous

      No, iPod 4G

  • Sweet

  • Don’t even use it on my 4s, but a lot of people like it don’t think Apple has anything to lose putting it on more devices. I didn’t buy the 4s for Siri.

  • Floris Vos

    It would be cool as it come to an ipad 2

  • Anonymous

    Omg after jail breaking iOS 5.1.1. Today’s news might be worth losing the jailbreak for Siri on my iPad 3

  • BBL

    Personally I use Siri sometimes to schedule or check my meetings, send or read messages that’s all… but ” Siri put the timer for 15 minutes ” this is the almost daily task I ask Siri after putting a pizza in the oven 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool, but I don’t think it willhappen.

  • With the help of jail breakers it will be on iPad 1 and 2 lol

  • Anonymous

    I was disappointed with the way multitasking looked when it finally came to the iPad. Seems this will be the same

  • KewlDewd

    I was really disappointed that Siri wasn’t on the new iPad, so this would be good.

    Christian, you should look up the word “go-go”. I’m not sure you know what it means. You keep using it when you’re trying to say something is on or “a go”.

  • Wael Abdo

    that would add another whole dimension to the new iPad. This will definitely add a kick to its sale numbers.

  • Is that siri work for ipad2

    • Siri is already on iPad 2, only if you know how to make it.. like me =)

      • not a harm to share rite? 🙂

      • William Smith

        It’s on every other jailbreaking website on the internet. Just Google it!

  • John Medina

    i think iOS 6 should bring Siri to every ios device, i think it would be only fair!

  • This would convince me to lose my jailbreak for another few months

    • Dude, what!?!?!!!! Are you crazy, just for Siri? Siri is beast mode on my4s butto lose the jailbreak? And wait for who knows how long. Andtheme if you lose the interest of her!!,?? I use SIRI all the time. But, to lose the jailbreak? Just wait till the CHRONIC DEV TEAM says the jailbreak works on ios6. Then do it. For shizzle

  • Apple, pls bring siri to ipad 2. There is no need for noise cancelling tech !!!