With just ten days until Apple’s keynote at WWDC in San Francisco, details about iOS 6 and the next iPhone have been trickling out steadily on a daily basis in past weeks.

A credible source has now stepped forward, casting more light on growing expectations concerning the next major update to Apple’s iOS operating system which drives the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In a nutshell, there’s going to be little, if any, Earth-shattering additions to core OS features. Instead, I was told, headline enhancements are focused on stock apps across the board…

My source has deep connections at Apple and has historically proven accurate and in the know when it comes Apple’s in-house projects.

Additionally, most of the stuff this person knows hasn’t been rumored before.

That said, the source would often stop short of detailing sensitive specifics in order to protect individuals that manage those projects at Apple.

Before we get to the big stuff, let me first break some let-downs.

Firstly, don’t expect widgets in iOS 6.

Not that jailbreakers will be shedding a tear, but I thought you should be aware of this.

Secondly, the home screen “is exactly the same”.

Thirdly, the source characterized a rumored switch from today’s iOS color scheme toward a more subdued, albeit sexier, silver appearance as not being “a biggie”.

And for the final disappointment, I pressed this person to come clean on the enhanced Maps app with awesome 3D view, based on declassified missile targeting. Specifically, I wanted to know whether Apple had finally addressed turn-by-turn navigation concerns.

Given Android’s strong focus on navigation, I asked if iOS 6 would let me speak aloud a desired location while the device is locked and instantly get actionable directions, bypassing altogether the tedious ‘unlock, run an app, tap-tap-tap’ procedure.

“Maps is completely leaked out”, my source quipped. “Nothing more to add”.

All-new 3D view that leaked from an enhanced Maps app in iOS 6 is so last month, folks.

Now, onto the big news.

Apparently, “there’s much cooler stuff coming”, the source teased. Just don’t expect “anything fancy” because “not much will change” in terms of OS services.

Instead, some “really big stuff” is to be expected in just about every stock iOS app, each holding major surprises and much improved capabilities.

“Basically, you wont know it is iOS 6 until you launch apps”, the sourced pointed out.

Apple apparently re-wrote iOS apps from the ground up, tapping a few new capabilities in iOS 6 to deliver groundbreaking enhancements.

The aforementioned changes in apps have been described to me as “impressive” and certainly beyond this person’s expectations of Apple, which is saying a lot concerning the source’s credibility and connections.

“You’ll be surprised”, I was told as the source re-assured a skeptic inside me that “you’ll find the update worth it”.

This person has also corroborated reports that both Camera and Photos apps are in for some notable, long-expected upgrades.

Summing up, the source noted:

Lots of stuff, across the board. You could say iOS 6 at least matches iOS 5 in terms of new capabilities. Both are similar in breadth of feature additions.

Notification Center and iMessage were pretty big features in iOS 5, so this could be deciphered as a way of saying that iOS 6 could gain at least two major new capabilities of such magnitude.

Also, this:

iPad 3 owners will find the iOS 6 update well worth it.

Unfortunately, this person wouldn’t budge and remained tight-lipped when repeatedly cornered to detail possible improvements to how iOS handles multitasking.

This, in turn, has led me to believe that iOS multitasking could actually get a much-needed boost, presumably much in the same way Notification Center in iOS 5 had improved upon pretty Spartan notification management capabilities of iOS 4.

Whether or not Apple will finally enable true multitasking on iOS devices is anyone’s guess at this point, though that’s not to say the company isn’t trying out multiple approaches to multitasking internally.

If history is an indication, true multitasking will very likely be a hardware-dependent feature, probably requiring 1GB of RAM and an A5X chip.

Theoretically speaking, this would limit true multitasking to the new iPad the next iPhone which reportedly runs a new chipsaid to combine an S5L8950X CPU core from ARM Holdings with 1GB of RAM and an SGX543 GPU core from Imagination Technologies.

Feel free to chime in with your observations down in the comments.

  • This is great new for jailbreakers: less OS tweaks means easier for us developers to update our tweaks.

    • Falk M.

      It’s great, because I can’t wait for the day I can stop jailbreaking! 🙂

  • “probably requiring 1MB of RAM and an A5X chip.”

    I think you mean 1GB of Ram..

    And relating to the article. I have to say I am very excited for updates to all stock iOS apps, and also what I expected.

  • we won’t know until we see it, hm? I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • So he basically told you… ‘there’s some really cool stuff coming in iOS 6!’

    • Anonymous

      Basically, but slightly more than that. While he didn’t say what was coming, he did say more of where it is coming. Every bit of new information is still new information. How many rumors of major stock apps rewrites have you heard thus far?

  • I hope that Youtube will get a redesign!

  • Still no answer on why the 4S was changed from 3G service to 4G? there has to be a good reason why this is only on the 4S and no other and dont say its for the speed cuz i have a 4 and 4S on same network and the speed is the same on both. would be nice to know if they have LTE in the works for it. i dont see any reason why it cant use LTE. I just wish apple would come clean on why they really did that. it gives a sence of false advertising to thoes of us who think they have LTE when we see the 4G on our cell.

    • google it yo.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never seen it say 4G on my 4S

      • Just update your iphone to iOS 5.1.1

      • Anonymous

        It is updated. I’m not on AT&T so I don’t have this fake 4G icon nonsense

      • HSPA+ is technically 3.75G because HSPA is 3.5G and LTE is 4G and HSPA+ is in between

    • Anonymous

      @syler it’s because the 4S and as of this moment only the 4S supports the faster HSPA+ network (provided you’re towers have been upgraded). The 4G definition basically states that any significant upgrade over a 3G network can be called 4G which is precisely what T-Mobile and AT&T are leveraging.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Before getting a 4S I thought the “4G” icon was idiotic but after using the 4S on HSPA+ it’s definitely a significant and noticeable speed improvement. I’d prefer them using “3G+” instead but “4G” is better than no indication.

    • Apple didn’t make it “4G”. AT&T did this and forced Apple to change it’s “3G” icon to “4G”. So don’t blame Apple.

      • I’m not blaming apple at all. If history tells you anything about apple they don’t really do what others tell them to do its more like its apples way or no way. Which makes me wonder why they let AT&T tell them what to place on their iOS device. And like the other reviews said there is not a noticeable difference so why not leave it saying 3G like other smart phones. I only ask because I have had people see that my iOS say 4G and think its LTE and it’s a pain to explain that it’s not real.

    • Anonymous

      It only says 4G when you’re on AT&T’s HSPA+ network, which is 14.4 Mb/s, the iPhone 4 only supports 7.2 Mb/s. HSPA+ is considered “4G”

  • I think you mean “[Feel] free to chime in with your observations down in the comments.” not fell.

  • Anonymous

    Widgets – Not important
    Multitasking – Not important

    Better authentication – important (FB, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox etc)
    Email client – Important (easier attachments please)
    iCloud -important need documents to actually work.
    Contacts – important. Better manageability

    Maps – Turn-by-Turn GPS important for head to head Android battles.
    Siri – important. Better performance and more functionality
    Calendar – needs sharing/subscribing features built in
    Folders – not so important but more items would be nice (especially on iPhone)

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. I don’t see why, years later, anyone is still asking for “true” multitasking.

      • besides, what is “true” multitasking? I consider my iPhone to have true multitasking because it works really well

      • True multitasking would be to actually open 2 or more apps at the same time (split screen) not running in the background, and i think it would be great on an iPad impossible on an iPhone

    • Aric Bolf

      “Email client – Important (easier attachments please)”

      Absolutely! It’s quite annoying to be forced to go to the photo client to email a photo.

      • it is a side effect of “sandboxing” … i think
        i would rather be safe than lazy … but if they can do both i am all for it

      • Aric Bolf

        I am not a lazy person. Your definition of lazy is overly broad. Lazy is not doing something at all. Reducing labor to get the same effect is NOT being lazy, it’s being efficient and convenient.

    • Anonymous

      In your opinion !! There isn’t anything YOU say you want or need that I want or need so let’s hope that Apple doesn’t just give us what certain people want and gives everybody something new. I personally don’t use widgets on iOS or on my Android phone, other than fast toggles for Wi-Fi etc but I want Apple to start giving people the choice. Why shouldn’t there be widgets? because you don’t want or need them? Why shouldn’t there be features like widgets that people like me may or may not use and people like you just not use?

      Just because one person doesn’t need something doesn’t mean it should be overlooked, after all, not everybody likes the same things.

      • Anonymous

        I sell iPhones. My list isn’t what I personally want but rather the mundane stuff that hundreds of people i’ve chatted with are looking at. Widgets …never come up. Multitasking …never comes up. Dealing with emails, contacts and backing up and syncing always comes up.

        There is a huge chasm between what the Geeks online want and what they layman walking into the store wants. Which is why I recommend never trusting a Geek to be the vox populi. Different mindset

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Noone says there “SHOULDN’T”… But, they will have to make a choice… Or even, they HAD to make a choice…

        So, in that regard, I hope they don’t/didn’t go the way of widgets.

        I’d really not want moving tiles/widgets etc. on my homescreens, I like it this way.

        But, better lockscreen -as in Lockinfo- would be better.

        ** And, these are my wishes… Go make your own wishlist…

  • Anonymous

    iOS 6 needs to address fairly basic and daily issues. For instance

    “Now that i’m PC-Free how do I get music from my Mac/PC across to my iTunes on my iOS device WITHOUT using iTunes?”

    “How do I email groups?”

    “How do I delete a bad address from my auto-complete in mail?”

    “How do I purchase an app without being yanked from the App Store? The iTunes app doesn’t do this?”

    “How do I merge my Gmail and Hotmail contacts”

    I’m for Star Trek features and whatnot but iOS 6 will be a success if eradicates a bunch of iOS micro annoyances.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean, “How do I get music from my computer to my phone without having to sync with iTunes?” This is already covered with iTunes Match…

      If you mean, “How do I get music to my phone without having to use iTunes on a computer at all?” this is covered, too: buy it from iTunes on your phone. For better or worse, you buy into Apple’s ecosystem when you buy an iPhone. For Apple, music = iTunes.

      • Anonymous

        I subscribe to iTM but it is an extra cost. What I’m hoping to see is iCloud support in the Music and Video app for easy sync.

        The problem with the second solution comes from people with music purchased from other sites or ripped from CD.

        iTM is so flexible it’s well worth the $25 annually but there does need to be a free solution that doesn’t involve Wireless/Wired tethering to iTunes.

      • Anonymous

        Why would there need to be a free alternative? iCloud support for Music is exactly what iTunes Match is. iTunes Match for videos would also be a welcome addition. But how much easier of sync do you need other than Match?

        iTunes Match is also for those that have CDs and music from other sites. Put it in iTunes, iTunes matches it and it’s immediately available on your phone. Trying to ditch a PC? Fine. Put everything in iTunes, pay $25, iTunes matches and uploads all your stuff. Download it to your phone. Don’t renew iTunes Match ever again and make all future purchases from iTunes. Or you could just keep paying for Match and keep everything always accessible in the cloud and save your precious space on your phone.

        The problem is there is no way to make something like this free. iTunes Match is already a steal at its current price. Check out how much Spotify or Samsung’s new Scan and Match and Subscription services are. But even if you did make this functionality free as part of iCloud, they’d still keep the 5GB limit and your music would count against that. Going PC free means you’d be backing up to iCloud, which can alone eat up most of your free storage. So what happens when you go over 5GB? You get charged… So why not just charge for the iTunes Match service so you can make that better and then not count it against the iCloud storage limit? Well, that’s what they did.

        The other other thing they could do would be to let you add to Music directly on the phone through some file download mechanism in Mobile Safari and then have the matching happen directly on the phone, which also doesn’t sound very feasible. Not only would it break away from Apple’s security practices in iOS (barring some complete rewrites in this regard) but it would also take away from the whole ecosystem thing again and allow you to circumvent the mobile iTunes Store.

    • Anonymous

      iSub Streamer

  • Greg Hao

    Given Android’s strong focus on navigation, I asked if iOS 6 would let me speak aloud a desired location while the device is locked and instantly get actionable directions, bypassing altogether the tedious ‘unlock, run an app, tap-tap-tap’ procedure.

    “Maps is completely leaked out”, my source quipped. “Nothing more to add”.

    Wow, way to not break any news.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but if Apple doesn’t add spoken directions I’ll be pissed. It’s been a major disappointment since it didn’t arrive in iOS 5. None of the other updates are as critical.

  • Anonymous

    need to find a reliable source for a Dev slot..

  • Yeah, YouTube app really sucks.

  • It seems Apple will not be implementing any IntelliscreenX type support for iOS 6. Pretty disappointing.

  • I would like to see Siri become more impressive. I just don’t find her to be that helpful. Sometimes I could find my answers way faster than waiting for a response or repeating myself until she hears me out.

    • I say that until machines can think for themselves without the need for various things needing to be programmed in, speech recognition is merely a gimmick.

  • Anonymous

    They need a new way to multitask. Double pressing the home button feels ancient at this point. Perhaps a zephyr like implementation?

    Also, who’s your source, name and social security number please.

    • Zephyr would be fantastic! It’s an awesome tweak.

    • MY source is obviously a person in the know 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Dang. At least use your source to get me a job there. I’m a Dev, I’ll sneak some jailbreak code in the next release lol!!


    Why would anyone need PC-grade multitasking on a mobile phone/pad?

    So that a video can play in the background?
    So that a 3d-render can finish, while I play a game?

    What’s the reason? There’s none… Or, none that makes any kind of sense…

    • andyhmltn

      You don’t need it no. The reason it comes up a lot is because it’s something android has that iOS doesn’t so you constantly hear it crop up in fanboy wars. That being said, I’m on android and the current approach to multitasking is HORRIBLE. I have to forcefully close each application instead of just hitting the home button for fear of clogging up my phone and running it down to a crawl later on down the line. I much prefer iOS’ way of doing it. IE: Press the home button and we’ll freeze what you’re doing until you need it. Looking at it logically as you said, there really is no other reason to multitask apart from the whole pandora/background music thing… which ios has.

  • siri for iPad 3 is probably the only reason why it will be “well worth it” to update

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, core apps like calculator, stocks and weather will come to the new iPad in iOS 6 as well support for Siri and major improvements to email.

  • Siri for the masses would be good in IOS 6 but I guess that will never happen lol

  • Nic

    This is the most vague, useless article I’ve ever read! Zero facts, zero information.

  • it means the jailbreak of the new iOS 6 ipsw will be easier because of a little of OS tweaks

  • Anonymous

    How about getting time stamps on every text message in the message app

  • We don’t need real multitasking. That would just take a toll on the hardware, battery, and performance of the OS. Unnecessary especially when you can only see one app at a time on the screen. what needs to be updated is the way to bring up multitasking and how to manage it. Double tapping the home button has led to many broken home buttons and having to hold the icon then delete it is annoying. I think palm OS had the best implementation of multitasking ever besides having apps running all the time which like I said took a toll on battery and I would always see my friend quitting apps on their Pre because of it. Enough about that. Having no changes to the homes teen isn’t a big deal. How much time do you really spend on the home screen anyways. It’s the apps that are important. Without them there is no iOS.

  • Anonymous

    So does that mean there is no silver appearance on iOS 6?

    PS : No news about icloud or Siri upgrade? That’s the real thing I was expecting for.

    Especially I’ll be pleased when siri can understand Korean. Although I’m korean, I’m still talking English to my phone!

  • I just hope they make the multitasking like with SwitcherCleaner

  • John W Baxter

    There is no such thing as “true multitasking.” There is multitasking as I understand it (for every value of “I”).

  • Good

  • Will iPhone 3GS Get iOS 6 Update

  • I do have a few wishes for my everyday needs, rather than impressive sell arguments.
    Multitasking was something that PC fans would throw at Mac fans in the old days. And while it had some relevance then it isn’t something I miss on my iPhone or iPad.
    What really, really annoys me thought, is a number of stupid limitations – especially since Android competitors make it.

    I would like to have a decent filesystem, not a system that limits me to handle a few files in a few not-so-obvious ways, ususally via iTunes.
    I would like to print to any printer without hassle, not just to a few HP ones.
    I would like to be able to use a USB memory stick with my iPad.
    It would have been nice to have a built-in memory card reader, not another little thing that disappears or is left home when I need it.
    I would like to be able to change (software) keyboard – for example one with cursor keys.
    I would like the e-mail to handle files easier and more intuitive.

    So why do I use an iPad and not an Andrid tablet. There is fout answers – Filemaker, Keynote, Numbers and Pages! These softwares are outstanding, albeit Pages is a bit harder to work with than its Mac OS counterpart.

    Exciting new software, okay, but there is still space for refinement in the OS itself.

  • Apple is retreating further into it’s shell. The days of Google+Apple are over and everything will be in-house. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon Apple released their own video social network, very akin to YouTube.

    I’ve given up on everything Apple, as now their business tactics are to coast along on the reputation they have, instead of creating groundbreaking new products that could change the world, and to sue everyone.