Apple made waves earlier this week by diving into the prepaid market with the addition of Cricket Communications, America’s seventh largest wireless company which has thus officially become the nation’s very first prepaid carrier to offer no-contract iPhones come June 22.

Cricket iPhones are gonna be available with a cool $150 discount compared to Apple’s asking prices for unlocked devices, along with unlimited everything month-to-month plans. Per new rumor, the iPhone is about to go prepaid on Boost Mobile, too…

Citing a trusted source, Mark Hearn wrote for Techno Buffalo that the Irvine, California-headquartered carrier will begin offering prepaid iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S “in early September”, around the time frame when a next-generation iPhone is expected to arrive.

It remains uncertain if the Sprint-powered MVNO will offer its popular $50 Month Unlimited plan with Shrinkage, which includes unlimited talk, text and web, which also rewards customers who pay their bill on time by reducing their monthly bill by $5 down to as low as $35 per month.

Boost Mobile’s parent is Sprint Nextel so these will be CDMA iPhones. Virgin Mobile is another Sprint’s prepaid property so expect the iPhone to land on that network as well.

With Cricket now confirmed and Boost Mobile rumored, Apple’s clearly set its sights on the prepaid market. Going prepaid means you don’t have to commit your soul to a two-year deal. Instead, users get to choose among month-to-month plans that are typically cheaper, even if offering less too in terms of voice minutes and data allowance.

Another major advantage is that one can stop paying for these plans at any moment, useful if you’re cash-strapped or traveling abroad. The hardware also comes unlocked for use on other networks, which could be of interest to jailbreakers.

On the downside, you pay full or near-full unsubsidized price to get the device.

It’ll be interesting seeing how the iPhone competes in the prepaid market, which in the U.S. is dominated by the legions of Android handsets covering all price points, shapes and sizes.

The question is, will going prepaid be enough to milk the mid- and low-end of the market?

  • And still no T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      They can’t yet. They are running on a different spectrum. Wait for this fall.

  • yes, they need to empty the iphone 4 and 4s supplies

  • why does the headline say it will come to boost mobile on june 22, when in fact it will come on boost mobile in september?

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    sales will rocket if this happens.

  • Hell yeah people will buy this if it happens android is only making it because ppl can’t get the iPhone like that

    • Angelica

      Such BS, People go android because they have a different preference. Iphone is a great phone but completely overrated and overpriced.

  • And Jeff great job and I would change and buy this to have the power of the iPhone I don’t care what ppl say when I left this phone for the Evo yes the screen was bigger and all that but nothing compares to the iPhone nothing I had the 3Gs and then the 4 and now the 4S and all jailbroken n Im never looking back the iPhone is what all these phones look up to anyway so hey like they say if it isn’t broken why fix it n ppl keep buying it so who cares iPhone forever

    • Angelica

      If the iphone was what people looked up to why is it copying android feature like the folder option, or the notification bar? The best thing about the iphone is the look and feel. Droid has a bit more options WITHOUT unlocking. Again I like the Iphone especially for boost, but not enough to lie about it’s quality

  • marisela mendoza barraza

    va a salir el iphone 5 en boostmobile?

  • People go android because they have a different preference. Iphone is a great phone but completely overrated. People will buy this if it happens android