Are your Siri conversations feeling a bit like a dead end? Are you looking for a more conversational personal assistant? If that’s the case, then PersistentAssistant is a jailbreak tweak you need to investigate. PersistentAssistant forces Siri to continuously listen for new queries until your close the Siri window, making for a more engaging conversation.

PersistentAssistant is especially useful if you’re in a situation where you can’t use your hands to continuously re-invoke Siri — for example, when driving. Check out our video walkthrough inside to see how it works…

To use PersistentAssistant, all you need to do is invoke Siri once, and then it will continuously listen for new queries after the initial query is handled. This can be useful in certain situations, but it would have been nice for the developer to include a method to stop Siri from listening after our requests were finished.

If you’re interested in what PersistentAssistant has to offer, then you might also like Hands-Free Control, a tweak that adopts some of the same ideas, but executes them in a truly hands-free style. Neither of the aforementioned tweaks are for everyone; they both have their pluses and minuses, but for heavy Siri users it may be worth your consideration. PersistantAssistant can be downloaded for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • haha “real” conversation. with a robot… heh.

  • If only this didn’t conflict with AssistantExtensions’ Chat Mode, this would be amazing! I would probably talk to my phone for at least 10 minutes daily lol.

  • Nice !

  • What would be really nice is a tweak that lets you think before Siri cuts you off. I have noticed that any pause or silence results in Siri thinking you are done speaking, when many times that is not the case. Dictation on the other hand seems to have more patience.

  • Metroview

    Am I the only one that says in sync “This is Jeff, with iDownloadBlog.” as soon as he says it?

  • Stopping Siri from responding to queries is the major design flaw here. Hopefully they come out with an update soon.

  • Use it with dismisssiri tweak from cydia so when you’re finished talking you can just say cancel or close or whatever you choose your keyword to be

  • hehe … hey Jeff, I like it when u said :”oh its hard to spell !!!” so much funny

    • Actually he said that it’s hard to say and not to spell

  • finally! it’s like having to poke your fried over and over each and every thing you shave to say something. this is the fix!

  • Every time I add any thing that has to do with Siri, she stops working!

  • Osorio11

    Unlike the Siri UI in the accompyning walkthrough I have on the right side of my Siri microphone button two ugly little extra’s saying query and hide.
    I don’t like them, so how do I get rid of them while preserving the tweak, which is awesome?

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  • Kevin

    Can’t find this tweak in the search? Help?

  • Brotherman7

    I wished it worked for iOS 6