A new report out this morning points us to an allegedly leaked part purported to belong to an upcoming sixth-generation iPhone (not to be confused with a front panel part leaked by another source). It looks like it’s machined from a single piece of an aluminum alloy, similar to Apple’s Unibody manufacturing process for notebook chassis. If authentic, the leaked part casts additional light on the backside and profile of Apple’s upcoming iPhone revision.

It does reinforce the mostly agreed-upon thesis of the next iPhone having a slimmer chassis and a much smaller and rounded dock connector…

9to5Mac has the story:

From what we can see, the part does follow a lot of the rumors and speculation. For instance, you can see the smaller dock connector at the bottom and it appears thinner overall. We’re told that the extra space on the bottom is used by Apple to enhance the speakers which will be louder and of a higher quality than the current iPhone. The supplier says the back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminium alloy (not liquidmetal).

The publication was forwarded the backplate part by iPhone repair experts at iFixyouri, but whether or not it belongs to one of the prototypes, the final product or is simply a fake is anyone’s guess at this point.

I know a blurry spyshot don’t do it justice, but I’m kinda not liking this back plate, looks pretty fugly to me.

What I’m liking a lot is the “enhanced speakers” claim.

Apple should be credited with improving the loudness of the iPhone’s speakers as we’ve come a long way since the original iPhone in this regard, though lots more should be done.

I’m still finding myself dissatisfied when the speakers quality on my iPhone 4S.

Also, isn’t it a high time that the iPhone gains stereo speakers?


UPDATE: MacRumors posted these 2 blurry shots, compliments of uBreakiFix.com. As noted by the publication, the spacing and the font type used for the word “iPhone” on the back panel looks anything but legit.

  • is it grey or what? bullshit

  • Not to be an idiot, but a smaller dock connector really doesn’t have much affect except on accessories.
    Although I do think those speakers on the bottom looks better

  • Anonymous

    just what i have in mind! but i’m gonna stick to my iphone 4 for now .. i dont have any money 😛

  • It looks really nice, I’d buy it!

  • “when the speakers quality on my iPhone 4S.” uhm is that right?

  • Smaller dock connector? I think that dock connector is the same but iPhone now has 40 inch screen. Right about time to stop these “screen size wars”.

    • 40 inch screen? sounds bulky

    • 01.

      40 inch… we are not talking iPad extream….!!!!

    • iphone 40 inch!?!?!?!?! WOW thats so cooooooool

  • It’s like a remake of the original iPhone. But better. It’s like a iPhone classic

  • i think i might like this one 🙂
    especially better speakers!
    don’t like that the connector had to be smaller..

  • Who plays music on there little iPhone speakers instead of headphones or blue tooth anyways come on find another piece of the puzzle to make better than the fn speakers please

  • micro usb ffs!

    • Anonymous

      If you want that mate you’d better switch to Android because I don’t see Apple switching to USB anytime soon due to the fact they can more or less monopolise the accessories market when it is limited to select peripherals .. Just my opinion of course.

  • Anonymous

    It’s no look like a “NEW” design…

  • Hope the dock connector doesn’t get smaller, I want to keep my accessories!

  • M Last

    I bet that dock connector will be these same

  • That two-tone color doesn’t look good.

    • Ernesto Carrillo

      Looks like shit if u ask me!!!! Gay rumors if u ask me!!!

  • Long. Hope that apple don’t make that. Stereo speakers please. 10+MP camera please.

  • It looks to fake, it confirms almost all the speculations, and the font is weird. Btw apple discarded the speakers holes since the iPhone 2g because of the dust entering permanently!

  • jose castro

    i dont think apple will change the dock size.. all the iphones/ipads/itouch/nanos … ect have the same dock size……. i dont think they would make a change like that yet….

  • Looks legit. I kind of like it.

  • And where is the new dedign?

  • What is that little hole between the camera and the flash? any ideas?
    Also the head phone jack being on the bottom will take some getting used to.

    • Who Care

      Enhance audio capture when taking video.

  • the back panel looks awful

  • After getting my hopes up for months before the iphone 4s at all the “prototypes” that were leaking and how BIG the new iphone 5 was and then right before everything learning it wasnt even going to be the 5.. I am not getting hopes up for anything until an official announcement is made!!

  • I’ve always wanted by iPhone to match my MacBook Pro.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is fake

  • What that’s ?

  • Anonymous

    It’s definitely not legitamate. The design looks horrible and very un johnathon ive. You can tell from the speaker grills, just some pin holes? Come on, i will be very disappointed if John did came up with this design. I mean even the back has too much going on, the two white glass bits sandwiching the aluminum back plate, pure design overkill, absolutely not apple-like simplistic.

  • Anonymous

    The case is so butt ugly that I cannot believe anyone would think that this actually came from Apple.

  • I don’t think the design changed much, though :/ the speakers looks nice, at least 🙂

  • Can’t be true ,look at the font where is says iPhone…

  • Anonymous

    Great. Now I need a new speaker dock.

    • Trust me they’ll have converters…but remember this isn’t the official iPhone 5 (yet)

  • This stuff is really ugly, or 4/4S are so awesome…

    I think I found my reason to keep my 4S for years =]

  • It looks to me that we might have a home button on a touch panel there 🙂

  • The iPhone really needs a complete redesign. They all look pretty much the same at this point, esp the front. It’s stale. Ive needs to step it up.

  • It doesn’t look appealing to me. I had more expectations..
    What happened to what they call ‘The Apple Design’?
    I just hope they are working on something better than this..

  • It doesn’t look appealing to me.I expected more than this..
    What happened to what they call ‘The Apple Design’?
    I just hope apple is working on something better than this..

  • how much…

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. It’s not hard to take proper photos either. These ‘MrBlurryCam’ photos conveniently hide the finer details that would instantly out them as fakes. Why wouldn’t you take the shrinkwrap off and take some high resolution photos of the casing under good lighting, if you were in possession of the real thing?

  • Mark Petersen

    Actually, looks like it’ll take roughly the same logic board, with larger battery. The silver square on the lower right is where the SIM would go. The just incorporated the back into the midframe. All the screw mounts on the right are for the logic board, and disassembly would be through the front, like the 3G/S was. That may mean Apple may do screen replacements in-house…


  • Dude apple must think we are suckers. They want us to buy the same phone again with only making a few changes. I’m sorry but apple needs to start making more options on the phone instead of just giving us little more options here and there everytime they make the next iPhone. Plus they made the accessories different not to make it better, but to make money on us cause now we all have to purchase new accessories. Apple it’s time you gave back the ppl more instead of thinking about marketing trying to Make more money out of us. I’m not buying the new bullshit iphone5