It has been brought to our attention that Absinthe 2.0 doesn’t work normally on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. When you click on the app icon to open it, nothing happens, and the Absinthe interface doesn’t load. That’s not entirely a surprise considering that Mountain Lion is still in beta, but more than a few of you have expressed troubles with the issue.

Likely, this was just an oversight by the hard working folks behind the Chronic Dev Team, and it will probably be fixed in an updated version of Absinthe. Until then, it’s incredibly easy to work around this problem and run Absinthe 2.0 successfully to untether jailbreak your iOS 5.1.1 device. We show you how inside…

Step 1: Download Absinthe 2.0 from our downloads page.

Step 2: Right click on the Absinthe icon and select “Show Package Contents”.

Step 3: Navigate to the Contents/MacOS folder and right click on Absinthe 10.6 and select Open With…Terminal.

Step 4: This will invoke the GUI interface of Absinthe, and you can now proceed with the jailbreak outlined in our iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak tutorial.

That’s all there is to it! Special thanks to Idhanta Kakkar for the tip. Were you able to successfully jailbreak using Absinthe on Mountain Lion after following this tip?

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  • Jeff. Help. The app doesn’t detect my device. Help me. Please.

    • hey hey

      I was in the same boat with u. i solved it only to see that cydia is being crippled. anywho, here’s what i did to fix it:

      backup with iTunes
      FRESH!!! restore from itunes to a clean 5.1.1
      activate the ipad thru itunes
      eject the iPad from itunes on the left side
      run these next 2 commands from a terminal app on your mac
      sudo killall iTunes
      sudo killall usbmuxd
      then run Absinthe from the command line as well and do the rest of the steps as listed by Jeff above.

      throughout all of this, do not DO NOT disconnect the usb cable for any reason.

      I’ll admit i went crazy switching cables and ports. cool thing about running absinthe via command line is seeing it’s progress written instead of a progress bar.

      • Hey Mat. I’m way to nervous to do that. Don’t know how to and I’m usure how to do it

      • you won’t break anything. are you running Mountain Lion?

      • No. Not running mt. Lion.

      • Hey. I did back up to iTunes. I did reset the device to a clean iPad 3. Didn’t eject cord. Stayed plugged in. And still no benefit. I’m so sad and my heart hurts. I don’t know if 1. I’m having a heart attack or 2. My heart is sad. I’ll go with (2) but this blows. Especially since I waited for this for months. (screaming)

      • lmao i want to help you!!!!!!! geez dude i dont want to see this s#!% on the news saying a common jailbreaker dies due to absinthe lol

      • Which OS are you using? Windows? Linux? Mac?

      • so then windows?

      • I have a Mac. Not running mt. Lion. I am on. MAC OS X. Version 10.6.8

      • okay. still, open up terminal (/Applications/Utilites) and run
        sudo killall iTunes
        sudo killall usbmuxd

      • I took off from life today to get this done. If I can’t get this done. I will clean my lawnmower blades when it is running. This is how I feel about a half good IPAD3. My iPhone 4s = 5.1 and jailbroken. I am not changing it until I figure this out. Why. It is great now. My IPAD3. No so great until jailbroken.

      • i know the feeling…..

      • what i’m trying to say is that it’s not the absinthe app. it’s other resources. you need to force stop them, then try re-running absinthe.

      • What does this SUDO KILLALL ITUNES and such do? I am picking up my kids from school who also will want their idevicea jailbroken also. What does this do?

      • Accept me in twitter so I can talk there. This may work better to conversate. I really want this done more than you know. My mower is tipped and full of gas. I’m about to run it and insert hand. What good are my hands if they can’t do this simple jailbreak. That I’ve done before with absinthe and redsn0w or whatever. I am seasoned with this. This version just is not working. SO. THOSE COMMANDS ARE ALL I ENTER AND IT SHOULD GO AND WORK? Line1. Line 2 and line 3. Just those 3 lines of code?

      • What does that code do? What does that code do?

      • sudo gives the following command admin rights to run
        killall kills the following process name.

  • Jeff. Help. The app doesn’t detect my device. Help me. Please.

  • I’ve been trying since 9am. Deleting app. Redownloading. Trying over and over. The absinthe 2.0 will open. But it will not detect my iPad 3 wifi model. Please I need this to have a optimal iPad. It isn’t the same without cydia.

  • I’ve never been so sad in life. :(. Just kidding but seriously. I am sad

  • Anonymous

    A Linux how to will be awesome 😀

  • Wish this was released earlier. Doesn’t really matter because I’m jailbroken now, but I had to switch over to Windows to get it to work.

  • JKH


  • Santi Hervella

    I did everything Matt said, but the terminal window says

    usbmuxd_send: Error -1 when sending: Broken pipe

    What now?
    BTW, trying to jailbreak ipad 3 on 5.1.1, using mountain lion

    • Try rebooting your Mac, redo the ipad restore, and even try a different cable. Make sure you try the updated version of absinthe too, 2.0.1.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip. I noticed it didn’t work on Mountain Lion, but just ended up using it on my Lion machine instead.

  • thx jeff

  • works great. Thanks for the tip!

  • works perfect!! thnks for the tip!

  • thanks a lot for this mate… if only every fix was this easy

  • Worked for me thank you!

    imac 21.5″ mid 2011
    ipad 2 wifi 32 gb
    iphone 4 8 gb
    ipod touch 4th gen 32 gb

  • I used this tip and I successfully jailbroke my iPhone 4. Thanks for the awesome tip.

  • works perfect! thanks!

  • Worked a treat!

  • Thank you Jeff! Got Cydia up and running!

  • Brandon Barton

    iPhone 4, Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) SUCCESSFUL!!! Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you, really appreciated.

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  • thx!!!!!

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    Worked like a charm.


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    thanks a lot, very cool tip

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  • Thank you!

  • thanks u really a helped me

  • thanks alot, worked like a charm!!

  • Mary

    I am in love with you and Mr. Kakkar for this tip. Worked like a charm…I tried the others and had no luck. Just wish I had found this 5 hours ago…haha.

  • worked like a charm.

  • Thank you Idhanta and Jeff!

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