As noted by The New York Times, Facebook has announced a new standalone application for the iPhone and iPod touch called Facebook Camera. The app is intended to make it easier to take and share photos on the social network.

Facebook members will be able to use the new software to upload high resolution photos — up to 2048 x 2048, choose from a selection of 15 filters (makes sense), and pipe the images directly into their Facebook photo albums…

From Facebook’s press release:

“See friend’s photos all in one place – When you launch the app, you’ll see a feed of just great photos from the people you care about. You can swipe to see more of any album or tap to enlarge an individual photo.

Share multiple photos fast – Now you can quickly share multiple photos all at once instead of having to post one at a time. Just select the shots you want to share by tapping the check-mark on each photo and then hit post. You’ll have a chance to add a caption, say where you were and tag friends before you share.

It’s also easy to edit photos with new tools like the ability to crop, rotate and add filters to any picture in your camera roll.”

It’s interesting that there isn’t a single mention of Instagram in the app. But if you recall, Facebook was working on a photo sharing app long before it made the $1 billion acquisition. Will the two apps ever collide?

If you want to check out Facebook Camera for yourself, it appears that it is now available in the App Store.

So, Facebook Camera. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Another facebook app, why are they not all built into one? That would streamline things.

  • Anonymous

    Ehm Instagram ehm

  • buy instagram

  • Anonymous


  • Kok Hean

    Please fix the Facebook app first before releasing other buggy ones.

  • even they bought instagram they still compete on what they own. great move facebook!

  • Anonymous

    It’s there now.

  • I don’t see it on the App Store yet

  • Looks familiar lol.

  • It’s on the app store

  • Anonymous

    I plan on checking it out…. how long it stays on my phone is another question.

  • The app has just gone live on the US App Store. Kind of dumb of facebook to release a competitor for it’s own $1 billion dollar deal.

  • Anonymous

    Fix the current FB app and the actual Website first!!! İ cant remember facebook being so awkward to use on any platform!!!

  • Still waiting when they are going to place all this features in one single app…

  • Yeah if its as slow and laggy as the facebook app I don’t want it….

  • Had it a total of 5 seconds. Deleted it!!!

  • FB is giving the app store a bad name and all of its apps should be removed. The twitter app’s not that much better either. I get zero notifications on twitter.

    • Tom

      Tweetbot FTW!

      • Thanks, Tom. I would but I don’t really want to pay for it. But thanks for the recommendation anyway mate.
        It would be nice if the social network chosen by apple could work properly.

  • Given that they have purchased two photo sharing apps before releasing this, I think they are trying to dominate the photo sharing sector… Makes perfect sense to buy two photo sharing companies then release your own app.

  • Hahah it has filters already. But no frames.

  • …..Really Facebook?Really?

  • Aric Bolf

    For the convenience of being able to upload multiple photos at once, we lose the ability to tag the photos independently of each other (they all get the same description) and we lose the ability to move the photos out of the Mobile uploads folder into a relevant folder (no “move to other folder” in the desktop facebook).

    Until they fix both of these major problems, i will not use this app.