Reaffirming the widely reported and credible rumor claiming the next iPhone will sport a taller four-inch display, a part leak has surfaced today indicating that the next iPod touch will also adopt a taller, 3.95-inch display.

As you can see, a claimed front panel from the next-generation iPod touch is taller compared to the current-generation iPod touch which has the same 3.5-inch Retina display like the iPhone 4/4S. This particular part measures in at 4.1 inches diagonally and has a hole for the physical home button right where you’d expect it…

It was leaked by a parts supplier and MacRumors got hold of it.

The publication also pointed to the home button flex cable and front and rear camera parts, seen below. These are said to belong to the next iPhone, though they warn a supplier hasn’t yet confirmed their authenticity.

Unfortunately, the image is too small and we couldn’t decipher what the label says in order to eventually determine the camera brand.

It’s been assumed the next iPhone will increase the back camera resolution to at least ten megapixels, but thus far no evidence emerged to substantiate this specualtion

Back in January, Sony unveiled a new tiny 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor with HDR Video that could be a perfect fit for an ultra-thin iPhone 5.

Here’s a demo of the HDR Movie function it provides

According to a press release, Sony’s new CMOS uses their unique “RGBW Coding” function which allows images to be captured with low noise and high picture quality even in low-light conditions. The new  HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie function allows brilliant color to be captured even in bright settings.

9to5Mac today chimed in with some new info pertaining to the iPhone 5, or whatever it ends up being called.

The publication has it on good authority that Apple is already testing prototypes of the next iPhone which sport a 3.95-inch display with a 1,136-by-640 pixel resolution.

Despite concerns that changing the form factor will break third-party apps, developers reportedly aren’t too concerned, believing Apple will either use the extra pixels for new interface controls or provide tools to make the transition as painless as possible.

In theory, most apps would automatically adapt themselves to a taller representation by simply scaling up their content canvas a bit. Only graphics-intensive 3D games would need to be re-written with a taller display in mind.

We should find out more about the next iPhone at Apple’s annual developers conference, which kicks off on June 11 at San Francisco’s Moscone West.

According to our poll (take it now), nearly one in two readers wouldn’t object to a four-inch iPhone whatsoever, while one in five preferring a 4.3-inch display like on the Samsung Galaxy S II.


  • Anonymous

    If the new iPhone screen is taller but not wider I will honestly get a windows phone or android. I’m tired of this tiny screen.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure which phone i’d buy but I know 1 thing for sure, if the new iPhone looks like the 4 and 4S then I won’t be buying … I’m seriously bored now and it needs a major re-design.

    • Yeah, if they just make it taller, it’d be weird
      It thats the case, I’ll get the new Lumia 900

  • I’d like a bigger screen. :/

  • FINALLY an iPod Touch rumor.

  • Timothy Williamson

    I think this would be a great way to get more screen real estate without making the iPhone any bigger.

    For concerns about scaling (I think this has been suggested before) but Apple will probably implement the ability to display apps that haven’t been updated for the new resolution in the “old” resolution with black strips on the left/right of the screen.

  • Oh geez here we go again. Leaked parts.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like they should make the screen this size and just take the home button out. The concepts I saw on iDB with a virtual home button looks really clean.
    I think its also time the dock connector changes, its been there for how many years now? When people didn’t have iPhones you’d have to buy a new car charger, so just deal with it for one year. How about a Thunderbolt port to charge, exchange music and other media extremely fast, and connect to your TV if you can’t use Airplay.
    I don’t know, just ranting to get this blog poppin’

    • Definaltly agree with just making the screen taller and no side bezel and not just a taller iPhone. Like the idea of a thunderbolt port but it’s not a high enough demand for it especially for pc so their would have to be an adapter so that would suck but I would agree in the future

      • Anonymous

        Most likely the future will be wireless charging, we already have wireless video streaming and wireless music transferring through iTunes

      • asda sada

        wireless charging??? are you kidding me?? electricity needs two different points with different potential energy to move the electrons in the conductor, how on earth are they gonna do that , i hate to say it, but man you just went full retard.

  • MWi

    @asda sada: ever heard about electric induction, every seen samsung Galaxy s3 keynote?

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  • Where’s the hole for the speaker? Or do they intend to remove the front camera?