As rumored back in January 2012, Sony has brought its music streaming app to the iOS platform. A newly-released iOS client works in tandem with the Japanese giant’s own online music service dubbed Music Unlimited, enabling you to stream Sony’s catalog of fifteen million of songs to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The program arrives on the heels of Spotify for iPad, which landed on the App Store on May 2, 2012. Of course, to fully enjoy the Music Unlimited iOS app, you’ll need to pick a Basic or Premium subscription. Luckily, a 30-day free trial Premium subscription is available, allowing you to sample the service and the iOS app before committing to a monthly subscription, which starts at $3.99 a month…

The basic plan limits your selection of channels and only allows you to like/dislike individual tracks.

If you need more features, Sony will gladly up-sell you to a ten bucks a month Premium plan that let you listen to charts, mark songs for offline listening, create your own playlists, access premium content and so forth.

At the time of this writing, Music Unlimited was available to people living in the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The program just landed on the New Zealand store and will be available shortly on the US App Store via this link.

Note that the Music Unlimited app doesn’t support the iPad natively (yet).

Here, your release notes.

– Stream as much as you want.
– Enjoy ad-free Channels programmed in a wide range of genres, moods, eras, and more. No skip limits.
– Listen to your personal collection of songs and playlists when matched via any PC using Music Sync.***
– Discover your next favorite song with Music Unlimited’s recommendations. Listen to your music from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.****

Premium Subscribers also get:
– Play any song on demand from the Music Unlimited catalog of millions of tracks.
– Add any song or album from the catalog to your personal library for easier access.***
– Add to and edit playlists you create on the Music Unlimited web application.
– Browse Premium Channels and the top songs in your favorite genres.
– Listen to new releases added weekly.

An app that provides access to a rival music service would have been unheard-of on the App Store not so long ago.

How times change, eh?

So, Music Unlimited for iOS.

Do you care?

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Anonymous

    I might try it for 3.99

  • Anonymous

    i’m already paying 10 a month for Spotify but this does more

    goodbye Spoitify!

    • Anonymous

      yup, and if you have a ps3, you have access to everything there as well through the same app on the ps3.

      • Shugo Asakura

        As well as PSP and Vita.

      • Anonymous

        oh, nice! Didn’t know that but there you go! Even more options!

      • Anonymous

        cannot wait to use it on my PS3 as well!

  • Well_Said

    I’m from Sydney Australia and it’s NOT available yet on the app store

  • Well_Said

    Yes its available now, I’m downloading now 🙂

  • I live in Israel but have a U.S. Apps Store account (credit card billing address), will I be able to use this here or does it track actual location? Thanx in advance.

    • The app store does not track your location. You can try downloading the app and see if the actual app tracks your location, If it don’t you should be able to listen to million songs 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome. I was waiting for this impatiently. If you have a ps3, like I do, you have access to everything there as well, through the same app on the ps3.
    AWESOMENESS. Gonna try that 30-day trial now. I was saving it for this.

  • Anonymous

    or i can just continue using pandora and not pay a dime and not have to fumble with picking my next track or even building a playlist. my well established stations always have a good queue for me…

  • I wish Apple had an app like this… well… I would prefer something more like Zune where you can download stuff to your PC/Mac/iPhone/iPod/iPad and stream anything you want on demand. For now I’ll just stick to Zune.

  • Anonymous

    just to verify, the correct name is: Music Unlimited?

  • Well_Said

    Wow The sound quality on Sony music unlimited is amazing

  • Yeah, Sweden is also in the list. But I prefer Spotify. It’s much more stable, fast, better design and so on. I really hope that they can press the prices a little bit because I can’t afford paying $10 when my month income is $0.

    • I never actually used Spotify before, untill recently it became my favorite unlimited music streaming app! Telia gave me a free 1 year subscription for spotify, and now, i´m using this everyday on my Iphone and Ipad! It´s a really really good app and music streaming service 🙂

  • If your jailbroken there’s an app on cydia called grooveshark and you can download music right off there and basically do exactly the same thing from this app butt grooveshark is free

    • David Villamizar

      actually it has a monthly fee too, the only free version it’s in beta and is a web app that runs even on non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad, yet it has the same features for free.

  • David Villamizar

    is this better than spotify for non-sony products owners?

  • You are american right?

  • You are american right?

  • It’s not in AppStore in USA yet!

  • Anonymous

    why is it taking so long for the USA release?! take my money already!