After three major news outlets confirmed that Apple was ordering larger smartphone displays last week, the 4-inch iPhone theory is quickly going from rumor to fact. It seems like everyone is giving into the idea, including developers.

GigaOM recently polled a handful of high-profile iOS app-makers regarding the prospect of a larger-screened iPhone. And the general consensus seems to be that they aren’t too worried about it causing any major headaches…

Lenny Rachitsky, CEO of Localmind:

“We haven’t put a lot of thought into it yet, partly because we assume Apple isn’t going to pull an Android and fragment the device market unnecessarily. if they do, they must have a really good reason to do it, and we’re confident they’ll provide tools to make it easy to migrate. The last thing they want to do is put more friction in front of developers.”

And Localmind’s lead iOS developer, Nelson Gauthier, agrees:

“Apple often changes the requirements for iOS applications but they usually give developers fair warning and decent tools to accommodate new devices. The transition to Retina display and iPad were both relatively straightforward.”

These are actually really good counter-arguments to the notion that Apple would not change the iPhone’s display out of fear of fragmenting the platform.

Apple knows how important developers, and their 600,000+ apps, are to its ecosystem and the overall success of iOS. It’s not going to jeopardize that by making an iPhone with a mutant display that no one can work with.

If these 4-inch screen rumors materialize — and it’s certainly looking like they will — you can bet that Apple has made the needs of its developers a priority.

  • Be cool to get a bigger screen. I am anxious to see what Apple has up their sleeve this time around.

  • In my app it basically will only break the background images. Will be interesting to see if a potentially new screen resolution will give iOS developers call outs and split views like on iPad. Somehow Facebook App is already using these in their iPhone version of the app.

  • I’m bored of the same screen size need a change.

    • Anonymous

      Get an android.

      • he’s on an apple fan site for a reason

      • Kok Hean

        This is a fan site?!

  • Anonymous

    I just hope they do it. I am ready for a 4inch.

  • Perhaps there will be a compromise with the larger size to accommodate both existing apps and new apps.

    Kind of like with HD TV sets, you get “black bars” on the left and right of the image, so the low definition picture will properly fit in the screen…. The same could happen with old, unmodified apps.

    Additionally, with the new size, I liked your idea last week of using that extra space for some sort of notification area, or streamer, etc.

  • “it’s not about the size, it’s about how you use it”

  • they could just black out part of the screen and keep everything else the same…

    • please tell me you’re not serious

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      And why should they introduce a bigger screen, that wastes your battery much faster? To keep it black?

      Come on guys, it doesn’t make sense… Any of it… If it’s going to be bigger, it sure will be in the same proportions as this (and the previous) versions. And thus, previous apps -at best- will be scaled up. AND that wouldn’t look good 🙁

  • Anonymous

    A 4 inch would be ideal not to big and not to small yet compare to all other screen sizes android has which can be 2 inches to 5.7 then you start getting an idea of how bad fragmentation is. And this is not a route apple will take. The 3G and the 3 GS are old everyone is getting a 4 or 4s adding a new device with a bigger screen may inconvenience. Some developers but you know once the iPhone 5 goes on sale and there are 200 millions devices , everyone will just have to play nice.

  • Falk M.

    For the love of God, can we agree on banning this hideous tall iPhone mockup?
    It’s so ugly I cannot even express my disgust with these “aesthetics”.

  • I would love to see an iPhone with a bigger screen. 


    Everyone is talking about a “rumored” (aka. “*ss-made-up”) idea of a bigger screen, but I don’t see the effects of it to the battery life being discussed anywhere…

    I’d rather stick with the current display, then need to charge my iphone twice a day…

    2 cents…