South Korea-headquartered Samsung, now the top smartphone and cell phone vendor in the world, just posted on its YouTube channel the first official advertising for its latest would-be iPhone-killer, the flagship Galaxy S III handset unveiled less than two weeks ago.

Unlike last year’s Samsunged campaign, this high-profile advert is free of any direct or implied Apple spoofing. Even though it does ignore some pretty important marketing basics, the commercial is kinda cool (if I wanted to be cynical about it, I’d call it a typical agency bulls**t).

If anything, one’s gotta appreciate Samsung’s focus on establishing an emotional connection with the viewer in a manner that resembles Apple’s Siri advertising. Have a look and tell us whether this Galaxy commercial is a match for the world’s greatest marketing machine…

This is basically the same video Samsung showed at the “Mobile Unpacked” event in London’s Earls Court earlier this month.

A description on YouTube includes this blurb:

Effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, Samsung GALAXY S III reveals a new concept of smartphone.

Designed for humans and inspired by nature, the GALAXY S III is a smartphone that recognizes your voice, understands your intention, and lets you share a moment instantly and easily.

Though S-Voice is playing a catch-up to Siri, Samsung has realized its handset advertising should focus on a select few key features that stick in mind.

As for the features the advert omits, I’d certainly highlight ten-hour talk time.

Speaking of which, web browsing really kills the battery thanks to predominantly white web pages that, coupled with a monstrous AMOLED display, suck up the juice in no time, putting the phone at No. 14 behind all rivals in web browsing battery tests.

As for the commercial, Samsung got the creative concept right this time.

From the official unveiling to this advertisement (and beyond), Samsung keeps on telling prospective buyers that the Galaxy S III is “inspired by nature” because the phone can tell what you want to do before you set out to do it.

That’s quite memorable and original a tagline in my book.

The Galaxy S III is not just a fine phone, it’s an outstanding device and as such justifies heavy marketing spending.

Contrary to other phone vendors, only Apple and Samsung appear to have the marketing mojo to get the word out about their flagship products in a way that strikes a chord with buyers.

When was the last time you saw a really cool advertisement for a Sony Ericsson device?

Can you recall any memorable advert for a Motorola phone over the past twelve months?

Didn’t think so.

  • Impe83

    I remember the motorla Zoomcspot.. they wasted tons of cash on that ad rather that build a “decent” tablet.. FAIL!

  • Anonymous

    Good to see Christian Zibreg not bashing on Samsung or Android. Again.

  • Anything on the planet can’t replace the iPhone 4s!

    • Anonymous

      How about… an iPhone 5?

      • CANF800SL CANF800SL

        How about a quad-core iPhone 5

    • Kok Hean

      How about a gaming computer?

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Nope, it would probably be too heavy and big to carry around as a PHONE! 🙂

      • are you that pathetically weak? liberals these days, uggh

  • Not enough to make me give up my 4S. I did that once and cried. Android sucks. Here is an idea apple iOS on that phone. I like the edge to edge look and the size is good as well. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand stupid ads.

    Q: Do I care about some dumb-ass couple trying to communicate through a sheet of glass?
    A: No.

    Show me the design, tell me the specs, explain the functions. Done.

    • Except only about 1in 10 buyers will care about the specs.

      • because 9 people are idiots?

      • cuz 9 peoples know how their 4S can play console quality games without a lag and a quad core!

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Nope, I guess you here are the idiot… If you want to see specs, go read the tech specs page… Ads are, well, ads… Not there to list your belowed quad-semi-tetra-core-giga-mega-hertz crap…

        Btw, I did find that scene, with the two “lovers” press their phones together through each side of the glass, VERY DUMB! Who does that??? (If you see someone doing anything like that, I’d suggest you bitch-slap them right there… LOL!)

      • where is the like button?

  • that commercial was artsy and all…..but….it was crap.. what were they trying to sell? Medical insurance?…. flowers?……a dating service?…….one minute long and it doesn’t show you anything about the device……..odd… is just like android…..fragmented, confusing, buggy…..

    note to samsung… should hire me to do your commercials… charge a fraction of the price…. and i could crap a better advertisement.

  • designed for humans ?
    as if other smart phones r not
    beside i can’t see the phone when people are happy and jumping maybe this scene was cutten from another commercial

  • We should stop the “iPhone Killer” thing no? Nothing is going to kill it. Not anytime this decade any way.

    • Anonymous

      Come on, be realistic. Don’t let yourself be blinded by your fanatism.

    • @michael…aren’t you even a little embarrassed to talk that way?? so pathetic

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        ROFL… Hey Kurt, are you a Troll, or a gnome trying to look like one?

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t like the “designed for humans” thing. I mean, who else was designed for!? Freaking aliens!? Although the phone doesn’t look bad at all.. Not an iPhone, but still not bad.

  • “Samsung Galaxy SIII, designed for humans” too bad I’m an alien….

    • CANF800SL CANF800SL

      Apple designed by Aliens used by Humans…

  • Is this really news?!? for christ sake, your posting an article about samsung not bashing apple in a commercial….

    • look who the blog post was written by

  • What the hell was that?!?!?!? An ad for a new feminine hygiene product?????

  • Whaaaaaat?! That’s a horrible ad Christian. Where is the product?! What does the product do?! Where Apple gets it right is they project emotions via images and still manage to incorporate the device and it’s major features. This shows me nothing about the GSIII. I’m sure it’s probably a great phone but show me what it does.

  • Samsung is trying to Copy apple… There doing a bad job this commercial is extremely cheesy

    Connect with nature hahaha

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Nokia – Connecting People
      Samsung – Connecting Nature

      Apple – It just works 🙂

  • Guest

    I like the advertisement, but just like Ziberg said, it’s so typical, I feel like I’ve seen millions of these types of commercials. Granted of course most of them aren’t advertising a mobile phone, most of these types of commercials advertise hospitals or medication. It’s good to see that Samsung isn’t bashing Apple.

    • every apple commercial is the same. every new version of iOS looks the same. every macbook looks the same, the front of the iphone, ipad, ipod touch look the same year and year out. apple is the least innovative company. they design something then never change. look at that ugly stripped scroll bar on mac OS….it hasn’t changed in more than 10 years.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Hey numbnut:
        1) That is absolutely what we like and love, as Apple users. (Mostly)
        2) Why are you here, if you don’t like it? Go ahead and cherish your beloved Android, or WP or BB10, whatever!

      • Anonymous

        1. You talk about innovation, about Samsung NOT being innovative, yet when you realize the only big change the iPhone has had is the creation of a new white model, you use it as an excuse. I KNOW, as a “regular here, that there are really smart people, who maybe have their own good reasons to choose Apple. But YOU, sir, are clearly a HIPSTER who knows NOTHING about what you’re saying.
        2. I think Kurt has been here for a while, and so have I. And whether we have an iPhone or Android phone, iPad or Galaxy Tab, there is a reason we are here, so you are ABSOLUTELY NO ONE to tell him or me to leave. Because I’m sorry, but the comment section is for opinions. And if in your case, you can’t stand reading opinions different from yours, THEN DON’T READ THE COMMENT SECTION, BRO.

  • Sooooo it’ll predict when I’m horny and will start playing my stashed porn by itself? That could cause a problem at work.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how people are looking FOR EVERY POSSIBLE DETAIL to bash on this commercial. Enjoy your phone, people. Whether it’s an iPhone, or an Android phone, if you have it, it’s because YOU prefer it. So if someone else doesn’t share your same taste, SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Grow up, they are PHONES.

    And, by the way, please stop saying “Apple is the best”, “nothing will ever beat Apple”, blah blah blah… It makes you look like technology slaves.

  • I love the design of a lot of phones but the problem for me is that only one phone runs iOS and that’s why I stick to the iPhone. The day Android runs like iOS I might switch but until then, iPhone it is.

  • Adesh Rampersad

    Great article , taught Sebastian wrote it , but u are also very good.

  • god what an emotional pile of crap, i mean cmon “connects with nature”, “designed for humans”
    how do you come up with that kind of nonsense? how about some info on the product for a change.


    It’s really not like the previous Samsung ads that we’re used to, that’s right… But, they did forget a few things… I mean, it’s nice to see how people would use the gadget in their normal lives, and Apple knows how to show off their devices, being in use…

    Samsung here, shows us a few happy people and although there’s nothing wrong with it, I can’t get the idea… There’s no answer to the question here: “What new does it bring??? Why should I pay again?”

    Maybe next time, but again, there’s development and it’s nice to see…

  • erm, S III designed for humans. previous samsung models were for animals then ?

  • While it runs android I’ll stick to the iPhone.
    I bought a Samsung galaxy tab to have a go at android and I put it back for sale on eBay the day after =)

    Love the apple simplicity

  • I hate to say it, but the model on that phone is beautiful. I could see myself carrying that around… just without android buggin’ the thing up

  • That’s got to be the more boring, and uninspiring smartphone commercial ever. They might as well just stick to the ‘make fun of iphone’ campaign. Confusing, and just plain boring. You fail AGAIN Samsung.

  • naheed asif

    I personally like this phone but have had an iphone since the 1st gen iphone and love how easy it is to use but having had a samsung s2 for a while while my 4s was getting fixed my fault not a phone fault i liked it but not the battery used consistently for 8 hours and dead as a dodo the samsung s3 will be the only mobile i would switch too but apple support is hard to beat by samsung

  • Well it’s nice to see they’re trying to market their phones based on some merit now and not “Well it’s Apple so you’re stupid.”

    That said, I still don’t know what’s so special about this phone. I’m an Engineer by profession and I want tech info. I want to know what this thing IS and what it can do.

  • Christian, please stop being such an apple fan boy. It gets annoying and takes so much quality from your “articles”.