If the title to this post seems a little familiar, you’re not imagining things. AutoProtect is a tweak that works very much like Filippo Bigarella’s CleverPin, in that it auto-disables the passcode lock once it senses you’re on a “friendly” Wi-Fi network.

Although it’s certainly not an original idea, AutoProtect works well from my testing, and provides you with a nice balance of convenience and peace of mind that’s often hard to come by…

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of CleverPin, let me explain how AutoProtect works:

You start by putting the SSID of your home Wi-Fi network in the AutoProtect settings panel. If AutoProtect sees that you’re on the qualifying Wi-Fi network, your passcode lock is automatically disabled.

Once you leave the friendly Wi-Fi network range, the passcode lock is then reenabled.

This is a great tool to have if you want the convenience of not having a passcode lock, but still want to protect your information if your phone is lost or stolen. It won’t do much for you if someone happens to break into your house, but lets hope that never happens.

AutoProtect is available for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    I just installed it, and I think its a great idea. I love it.

  • M Last

    I really need it!
    thank Jeff for news 🙂

  • neat.

  • Not only when You are at home. I mean, if I clone that used SSID inside my Wi-Fi spot, then when You get close to that spot, You run with your passcode off too.

    • you have a point, but it makes no sense.

      • Me Too

        It does if the phone were to be stolen, the thief could just sniff the air for the last 3 SSID’s(the iPhone announces when probing the last 3 previously connected wifi access points – very insecure) that it connected to and impersonate one of them(chances are one of them is your home SSID, even if your home connection is encrypted the iPhone auto connects to any matching SSID even with no encryption – very insecure) and your passcode is pwned, that easy. 

        If you use a passcode to protect from possible exposure if stolen, don’t be using these tweaks. They’re a major security risk.

  • I’ve been using CleverPin for ages now and very happy with it! So if this one does the same job then I’d recommend it, just depends on which developer you want to support :p

    • Plus, most lock screen tweaks are supported by or for CleverPin.

  • Doesn’t seem to work with Stride 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Ok it would work for me if my iPhone won’t turn the wifi off and switch to 3G every time it goes to sleep. I’m using cleverpin though. I’ll give this one a try

  • Sadly cant get it to work with AndroidLockXT 🙁

  • CleverPin is perfectly reliable ands thus necessitates no change for me.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea!

  • Well hey, for free I’ll certainly try it. CleverPin may be better, but it’s one of those tweaks that just wasn’t worth the cost for me, personally.

  • Anonymous

    in fact I need to password protect my iphone WHEN i’m at home 😉

  • cool tweak!!

  • Diogo Cortez Alves

    Doesn´t work with LockInfo…

  • great idea. Although ive been waiting for years for a Jailbreak that does location Based Profiles. Changing Settings, Ringtones, Volume/mute ect. Location based on GPS was the idea, but using multiple WIFI location seems the more reasonable way…. if anybody wants to make it 😉

    • I think I will do it … It’s the same idea that AutoProtect
      I’m the developper of AutoProtect 😉

      • Great job man! What I really am dying for is this same concept to enable/disable bluetooth. In other words I don’t need Bluetooth at home or in the office where I know the SSID but while I’m out and about or in the car it automatically activating would be magical!

      • Thanks , this app is free.. and it works. So far found no issues..

        You the man ..

      • Me Too

        If wifi were controlled(on/off) via location based profiles, anywhere you created a geo-fence around a location you wanted wifi to turn on and then AutoProtect could prevent passcode prompt at any of these set locations, or just AutoProtect itself being location controlled, would be the ultimate in security and convenience, since wifi would be disabled when not in a set location, thus preventing any thief from ever listening to wifi beacons. The only weakness is if they happen to come across one of the set locations and they gain access to everything, which could be foiled by a mandatory one-time code entry requirement once at the location, at the very least this could maybe buy you some time in tracking it down. This may only prevent the undetermined, because there are forensic tools for iPhone 4 and older phones that ramdisk boot a ssh daemon allowing access to the files that contain the passcode while including tools to also brute force it. The iPhone 4S is safe from the ramdisk boot though. If they were smart or undetermined, they would just restore the phone to stock. A jailbroken passcoded iPhone 4S could use a IOS restore blocking tweak, a afc2remove tweak to prevent access to the jailbreak file system via usb, and a wifi location based profile to disable wifi to minimize/block attacks over wifi to become completely safe from being wiped and sold, the thieves would spend so much time trying to restore it they would get caught with stolen property.

  • It bugs your iOS mail app. Everything will say “this message has no content” while it’s installed/active. Is there some sort of workaround for it?

    • it didnt bug mine ;)) Did you try restarting your phone. I didn’t have to restart mine but it worked

    • Love it but…
      yep, screws up the email. Sure, it works when I reboot, but I’m tethered, and who wants to reboot constantly just to see email?

      It only happens occasionally. Not sure if it’s chance or if I swipe before my phone changes from 3g to wifi.

  • So basically everyone who has my phone and knows what my WiFi is called can bypass my passcode with this? Not such a pleasant idea…

  • If I respring and let my phone sit for several minutes, mail works again, but not consistently.

  • This is supposed to be added to my mail comment…

  • Andrei Minzu

    is there an app that does this toggle by just pressing a button? I mean activate/deactivate passcode lock easier and whenever u want?
    like when u enable/disable 3g or wifi with sbsettings.
    P.S. an app that works with IOS6 🙂

  • Greg Aspenson

    Downloaded and installed the latest. iPhone 5 resprings ever 10 minutes or so using this app. Proceed with caution.