Now here’s something a little different: GhostSiri — a tweak that will allow you to invoke Siri without being subjected to the Siri UI.

It’s currently a concept tweak in the very early stages of development, but I see the potential for something good here.

Take a look at our video walkthrough inside…

The main problem with GhostSiri in its current form, is that there’s no way to handle graphical snippets from Wolfram Alpha and the like. Since Siri doesn’t appear at all, there’s no means to display the snippets normally displayed via the Siri interface.

After talking with the original developer of the tweak, Rudolf Lichtner,  it appears that he is taking some measures to display the snippets by other means. Apparently there will be a settings panel that will allow you to decide what you want to display, and what you want to keep hidden.

How do you think this problem should be handled? If you’re a developer, or you just have an idea in general, be sure to leave a comment below with your ideas or suggestions.


  • Hmm yeah I don’t know about this one. I like the visual interaction / confirmation with Siri. Like you said though, it is a concept. Let’s see what it has in store for us later.

  • I wonder if it work’s with Spire or Siriport.

    • jose castro

      im sure it would. just hope that it dont use winterboard

      • It doesn’t use WinterBoard, I can confirm that.

    • It will.

      • jose castro


      • Ronald Weaver

        So I’m kinda confused, will it need winterboard or not? First you said you can confirm no then you said it will. It will was another response?

      • He said it will work with Spire.
        It does not require WinterBoard… Why? Because I (the developer..) hate WinterBoard…

      • Ronald Weaver

        For years I used winterboard as a normal theming tool. After a few months of watching your videos I dropped it. I never looked back. Sometimes I would like to do more ssh hacks to do native theming but Im a little too lazy to do it. My phones are almost identicle to yours. I have a white 4s and a black iPhone 4. Your video review inspired me to buy the new iPad . It’s wifi tho. All devices are 32gb. What model iMac do you have? Mine is a 24inch 8.1 model its all I could afford at the time. I have a idea I really wanna chat with u about for the native reminder system. What’s the best way to get back and fourth with you?

    • All Siri tweaks work with Spire, SiriPort, etc


  • That is Badass! I would love to have that! I think thats how siri shld have came out of the box and when u ask it certain things that need wolfan thaninterface shld pop up! Cant wait to jb my 4s and use this tweak!

    • Hi, I am going to try to make a almost usable version until tomorrow evening. Can you tweet me your Mail Address so I can send it later? (It will PopUp WolframAlpha, and Weather, Stocks, all the things you need to see.. until release I plan to make a settings panel to set which things should popup and which shouldn’t)

  • jose castro

    i dont no they need to implement a smoth interface for those type of questions that are asked that dont display when ghostsiri is in use. same with asking siri to text, ask about weather ect. and also PLZ no winterboard.

  • Maybe graphical snippets could be sent as notifications.
    You say “who is Steve jobs”
    Siri says “here you go” and sends you a notification with a link to either the graphical snippet or respective app.

    It could be useful while on the go to create a list in notification centre of links to subjects you’d like to look into at home.

  • this is not workout

  • Maybe the developer should use iOS notifications to display the Wolfram Alpha snippets.

  • that would be neat….. does not bringing up siri’s interface help performance-wise? i think it might work better(any little bit is a good thing)…..

    or maybe you could make the status bar blink?…..if you have the phone on mute(or just want the visual)…

    and as far as the wolfram data or other graphical responses…….maybe make them slide up(from the bottom to up?…. similar to the notification center.


    • I will make that Statusbar blink thing… WA will just popup as usual Siri window, I think..

      • It defeats the purpose of ghostsiri if anything pops up and interrupts what you are doing. If you’re going to work on keeping siri out of the way, that’s exactly what you should be doing. No pop-ups.
        I think you should look into notifications, or any other way of keeping graphics passive until the user decides otherwise.
        What would be ideal is if siri could read the WA entry to you. There would be a double-height-status which you could tap to stop siri speaking and view the graphic.

  • It’d be nice if it showed a notification banner after each command that when slid down, it would show the siri interface.

    • I read this after what I posted, but I like your idea… just want to take it slightly in a different angle.

  • I would like it if it had a Siri bar somewhere while showing the rest of the screen. I like to see aspects of the app I am using… even if just a pseudo-notifiation banner.

  • Anonymous

    I would try to detect when widgets appear (rather then text) and show the Siri UI when that happens (or at least show a notification banner to bring it up).

  • I am wonderin where all my posts go…I i write something long then…it is gone….

  • Sent. It is still just a concept tweak. Might have bugs.

  • Sent. It is still just a concept tweak. Might have bugs.