As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Samsung has challenged Apple’s smartphone dominance with yesterday’s introduction of the third-generation Galaxy S smartphone at the Unpacked event in London.

Featuring an incremental bump up in specs and a host of software enhancements, you’d assume Samsung’s marketing folks would proudly show off the device in official advertising.

Not so fast. A side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III commercials indicates Sammy’s got a whole lot of learning to do: their 60-second advert features the flagship handset three times less frequently than Apple’s commercial…

As we reported yesterday (for the sake of discussion), the new Galaxy takes aim at the iPhone.

Disregarding for a minute the growing similarities between Apple’s shiny adverts and Samsung’s over the top commercials, the new Galaxy gets little love as their 60-second ad features the actual product for ten seconds only.

For comparison, Apple’s commercial proudly features the iPhone 4S for 27 seconds, nearly three times more often.

And Apple’s is a 30-second ad, half the Samsung ad’s running time.

As for the new Galaxy, reviewers seem to like it, with some opining it’ll give the iPhone a good run for its money – at least until Apple releases its sixth next-generation iPhone later this year.

Taking a page from Apple’s book, the South Korean conglomerate gave the handset an incremental hardware refresh augmented with a slew of software-based enhancements.

On the hardware front, the Galaxy S III features a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor, a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display sporting a 1280-by-720 pixel resolution, an eight-megapixel back camera and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.

Software features are far more interesting.

For example, the phone tracks your eyes to figure out when you want to use it and sports a pop-up player of sorts, allowing you to watch a movie while multitasking.

It’s also got a Siri knock-off dubbed S-Voice (what’s with that purple tint, by the way), can recognize faces on the photos you take for automatic social sharing and has an Airplay-like feature that streams content to an HD TV set through the AllShare Cast Dongle, which is akin to the Apple TV set-top box.

At press time, the Galaxy S III television commercial on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel was conspicuously set to private.

If you’ve been wondering why all the fuss and can afford to spare an hour and fifteen minutes, the full Unpacked event video is now available online, included right below.

Yes, Samsung’s ad is attempting to evoke emotions.

But in my personal opinion, the company should consider hiring another advertising agency, because the advert ignores the basic rule – that folks like to see a product being advertised.

In related news, Flipboard for Android just debuted on the Galaxy S III.

Something tells me Phil Schiller won’t like this.

Kudos to Cult of Mac‘s John Brownlee for bringing Guida iPhone‘s original discovery to attention.

Looks like Samsung’s advertising department could make use of Apple’s marketing handbook to learn a thing or two about product promotion, no?

  • The samsung galaxy sIII is cool but where apple wins is in the marketing strategy. Samsung just sucks as it. Literally.

    • Kok Hean

      Then those crazed fanboys (not those normal ones) will say that Apple brainwashed people.

  • It looks like a good phone with some good features. Who cares how many seconds it was shown on the ad. If apple dont add new feature in the next iphone, samsung is going take their customers.

  • Apple needs to unveil something big soon…I want something NEW to play with. Sure, I could upgrade my old iPhone 4 to a 4S, but that’s just the same phone with a better processor, camera, and Siri…I’m tempted to jump ship.

    • a smit

      its just a phone dude … why waste your money?

      • Um, what?

      • Why do you need a new phone to play with if your current one suits your needs?

      • If we bought phones to suit our “needs” only, we’d all have crappy flip phones.

      • Um, what?

  • But in my personal opinion, IDB should hire a new writer.

    • Why do you give it a shot !
      On the main site there is a ” write for iDB ” go for it , you can do better than this ..

      • I give it shit because who cares how many more times the 4s shows up more than the siii in commercials. Now every voice enabled phone is a knock off Siri. Get real. This writer is always bashing non apple products. Recognize good competition puts that damn iPhone packed with features in your hand.

      • You must not know much about advertising. Also, the writer was not bashing the S III, he actually praised the phone. He just said Apple is much better at marketing than Samsung. Did you read the article?

      • Kok Hean

        I cannot see where the writer is bashing the new phone.

      • Even if he was … This is a blog site about .. iPhone , iPad , Apple tv.. Or you could say about Apple device’s .. It’s not going to push to hard on a Samsung device isit !

      • Also my comment was made by the reply that you made.. Which had nothing to do with this post…

      • Having previously tried my hand at this blogging thing I can sit here and truthfully say Christian is a breath of fresh air and his articles are top notch.

        It’s all to easy for a blogger, myself included, to just copy someone else’s work and change it about a little. Christian must put in a ton of effort into his posts as they are full of different sources and his own ideologys.

        As others have said he’s not bashing the S3 at all, but focusing on the poor advertising methods of Samsung.

        Keep up the good work pal.

  • If he speaks korean, we will understind him much better than this bad english. This show is for handicaps, sorry.

    • Kok Hean


  • Anonymous

    Woow, Siri ripoff? And yes, Apple needs to show something BIG now, their last really big thing was the iPhone 4. We want a device called an iPhone 5, with A6 processor, 10 MP camera, better battery life, Siri, 1gig RAM, iOS 6, and a new design with liquidmetal..

    • Anonymous

      all we need it’s the new iphone jailbreakable, open from the scratch 😉

    • with 3d or halographical screens full touch 90gig graphics card 😀 A90 processor

  • The “Galaxy S III” gets the looks right but Apple get it OS right, If only we could mash them up into one phone.

    • Anonymous

      The apps are the problem for all android phones.
      Even apps that are on both platforms suck on Android.
      My GNex has a big beautiful screen, but hardly anything decent to run on it.
      The screen on my 4S sucks, but the apps I have are great.
      And because the app quality is the deciding factor, my Droid hardly gets used.

      • Kok Hean


      • small lil shit

      • Kok Hean


      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, not only is the screen on the 4S smaller (which I can live with), the vibrancy and depth of colour is seriously blown away by the Super Amoled screen on the Galaxy Nexus. And I mean BLOWN AWAY! The difference is huge, and although overall I prefer the iPhone, the display is no comparison. I hope this is something that is addressed when the next iPhone is launched.

  • If it´s a good device, who cares how many seconds we can watch it? and perhaps, showing it that litle maybe makes some people to look for more info about it… well that´s just my opinion

  • i wamt my nintendo phone

  • Not to mention the Smart Cover, Siri, iTunes Match, and “one more thing” at the end of the presentation rip-offs

    Samsung lacks much originality

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why they’ve gone backwards, and removed ICS’s touchscreen buttons.

  • Anonymous

    This article is lol

  • I am the one who usually critisized this blog for thair articles. This post is well writen with a lot of profesionalism. I love to see realistic posts that show gadgets for what they are.

    I would love to switch phones because samsung has much better phones than apple now this days. Hell even the gs|| is much better still than the iphone 4s.
    But i will be patientt and wait to see if apple has something better in october, and that will be the time for me to upgade.

    As far as comercials go, u cant compare apple to anyone. They have the best advetisments than any other company out there.

    Thnx idb for being realistic and telling the truth for what it is.
    In return i will continue to visit this site.

  • Anonymous

    Christian Zibreg strikes again!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Christian!. While i was watching the unpacked event, I literally slept during most part of the event. The only thing that kept me going during the event was the excitement of Galaxy S3!. Their presentation sucks big time!. Hell, even i could give a more exciting presentation!.

  • I like Samsung products its easier to GSM unlock compare to iphone 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You know, the Mac V PC ads didn’t show the product they were selling at all. Either did the ipod ads really. Not saying it’s right or wrong but seems silly to call Samsung out for it.

  • Waseem Anwar

    if samsung will show device more than 27 seconds then we will say that they have shown extra which will also highlighted and debated….c’mon let it be.

  • Waseem Anwar

    if samsung will show device more than 27 seconds then we will say that they have shown extra which will also highlighted and debated….c’mon let it be.

  • Saw the presentation. “built for humans” they say… I say wer they building for animals previously? Obviously cell phones r for human. Samsung sucks at presentation. And one more thing Samsung didn’t redefined the smartphone! Apple did. 🙂

  • Tuguldur J

    iPhone still good for us or the world or solar system or galaxy, and do not need the third system and fourth system more systems galaxies now, cuz we are in here is i and world maybe iWorld! so and i understand one thing from that event mean “s” may be, sucks. sorry that Samsung.

  • Anonymous

    I love the galaxy s iii. much better than the iPhone

  • Ankit Sharma

    what do i do with a super charged hardware i still need the awesomeness tools that come with idevices 🙂 …I still sticking to ios devices… besides android … hard…

  • While I agree in general that making the product the hero of the advert is a good idea, I disagree that there is a universal law that simply showing the product more will make the ad more successful. Let me remind you of Apple’s 1984 commercial which was aired only once, and it features the product only at the end, and only for a few seconds. Yet this ad is part of history, and contributed to the cult of an excellent product.

    Now let’s take the endless row of detergent commercials with very strong product focus. Yet no one remembers them, and they must keep airing them to result any sales.

    In my opinion the more interesting and newsworthy the product is, the more it should be shown in the ad. If there is no real benefit or news to communicate (which is most often the case), the advertising agency has to come up with something to differentiate.

    Btw, I do think that Apple’ product focused commercials are a delight, and Samsung’s quoted commercial sucks. But not for the reason mentioned in the post.