It’s pretty common knowledge that the smartphone space currently belongs to Android and iOS. The two platforms make up more than 70% of the market, which at one time belonged to the likes of Microsoft and RIM.

But neither company saw the iPhone coming, and both failed to respond quickly. Now they’re fighting for the crucial “third platform” spot. Microsoft with its Windows Phone OS, and RIM with its new BB10…

We’ve all seen Microsoft’s platform. While it struggles to gain any real traction with consumers, it continues to receive praise from critics. And there has certainly been a lot of talk about Nokia’s latest WP7 handsets.

Then there’s RIM’s BlackBerry 10. After nearly two years of talking up the operating system as its savior, RIM unveiled BB10 this morning to an auditorium full of developers at its BlackBerry World conference.

Surprisingly, the OS itself looks good. It certainly has potential. But you know what else had potential? Palm’s Web OS. Unfortunately, the consensus in the tech world seems to be that this is too little, too late.

As much as we want to believe this is a company reborn, RIM is still stuck in its old habits. From its business-oriented sales pitch β€” how are you going to win back consumer marketshare with presentations β€” to its”alpha” handset it gave to developers that doesn’t make phone calls, RIM looked like its old self more than a few times today.

Of course, we’ll reserve our final judgement for when a BB10 device actually ships. But sadly, that won’t likely be for another 6 months. And from where we’re sitting, it looks like Windows Phone will snatch the crucial third spot long before that.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    that’s it. i am ditching the iPhone for this..


  • Looks good. But why did they display it on that brick looking device?

    • looks kinda like an iPhone 4/4s…..

      • Except it’s ugly and the bezel has a matte look.

    • Jimmy Chen

      Because it’s an alpha developer device that’s not going to be sold to the public.

  • Kok Hean

    Too late. πŸ˜€
    Google didn’t copy them and they got sad, so they copied Apple and Google πŸ™‚

  • Something new. Who knows πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    RIM will fail as usual

  • An interesting concept. I like it. I’ve never been a BlackBerry person, but this has me interested. I’m going to look into the development of BB 10. It seems really interesting. It may not over-take the iPhone, but I think BB has a chance against Android, and Microsoft. It’s do or die situation for BB right now.

    • no they dont…….lol

    • Jimmy Chen

      Good to see a few open, reasonable minds here

    • Anonymous

      Android has over taken iPhone but you think BB will overtake Android but not iPhone. Interesting take on things

  • Luis Castro

    I do like the way one would answer a call and the predictive text input.

    • I think the keyboard is overly complex and messy, and the call answering thing is not functional, just made to look pretty. I’d find both very annoying.

      • Luis Castro

        Yeah I agree with the call answering function, I do prefer CallBar found in Cydia. As far as the keyboard I still think it is a solid start to predictive texting input, which could get better with future releases (more accurate, less convoluted). I’m still sticking to iOS. But I do hope they can succeed, competition pushes innovation.

  • The only feature that sparked my interest was the predictive typing. It looks nice and is novel. The rest of the video? Yawn!

  • mordechai eliyahu

    do not invest in RIMs stock its just been falling since they announces this new phone same thing happend with the nokia lumia 900, Nokia’s stock droped from 5.00 to 2.5 in a week

    • Anonymous

      RIM didn’t announce a new phone. They demo’ed the new OS on a development device not meant to be sold.

      • mordechai eliyahu

        owwww so what they gonna do with this os that they made?

  • Whoever owned that ugly device is not my friend. That’s worse than Crocs.

  • Whoever owned that ugly device is not my friend. That’s worse than Crocs.

  • Web OS looked great. The reason I did not bought that tablet was it was too small. That’s all. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to tthis new OS… Concept looks very good!

  • new OS or not, it’s still suck. Just surrender BB!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that predictive keyboard is meant to be more efficient, but I could’ve typed that sentence ten times faster than it was displayed.

  • Hmmm and in their commercials they keep saying that “try doing thousands of emails on a touch screen keyboard” LOL!!!

  • jose castro

    looks just like apples ios with a bunch of blackberry crap. blackberry still sucks in my book.

  • Anonymous

    i cinda liked the keyboard SwipeUp for the words πŸ™‚

    • it looked like it took longer to type the message….lol….

      • Anonymous

        In the video maby it did, but i can amagine when you get used to it it will fly pretty fast bro πŸ™‚ it all about addapting

      • Anonymous

        Yep, you got agree, it is a cool feature. Right now I a typing on an android tablet with the word suggestions at the top and I find that looking at the, slows me down, but I can see myself using the word predictions a lot better. I guess someone will release an Android keyboard with this feature before RIM will release a phone with this new OS πŸ™‚

      • What we really need is for BlindType to make a comeback. Was super cool of google to buy the best keyboard technology I’ve ever seen, with a working iOS demo, and lock it in a basement. Thanks google! Scared much?

  • Actually looks pretty nice…but I would need to see more

  • Tell me why i thought i was looking at ios 6 or something until the black keyboard showed up. Hmm seems like Apple, oh wait RIM!

  • That phone looks like a lovely rimjob

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the end for keypad phone. Everywhere goin to flat touchscreen, there are lot of keypad phone too.

  • Anonymous

    You know, HP says that they’re gonna open-source WebOS, but I’m gonna be dead before they release it. I’m not even 13 yet. This means that they won’t keep their word, as usual.

    • Anonymous

      So, you seem to be dying forthe open-source WebOS..

      Sorry couldn’t help it πŸ™‚

  • Aric Bolf

    i liked the words that came up when typing. i wonder how that is controlled by the user

  • Travis B

    Since I’m on stuck on BB Enterprise for work, anything is a nice improvement…. Still would rather have freedom to pick any handset I want though.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of whether the features in BB10 are truly innovative, which except for a different predictive text it wasn’t, it still leaves ALL current BB users with the question: should they buy the new phone with the OS (whenever that happens) and can they rely on BB to survive past the launch. We all saw Playbook flop horribly and support has waned to a near nonexistence. A relaunch of a new device with this OS isn’t compelling enough for people to jump on board for $300 (assumed price launch) for a 2 year agreement. Most are savvy enough to wait out one cycle of the product to ensure they won’t be left in the cold. This means this product will not save BB. Palm was a victim of the same failures of BB, an inability to innovate.

  • Anonymous

    Big RIM fan for years and years. It will take something GINORMOUS to make me leave my iPhone. I would love to see RIM come back into the market place. Competition is cool

  • Anonymous

    Loved RIM for years. It will take something GINORMOUS from RIM to make me leave my iPhone. Come on back RIM, competition is cool.

  • [anonymous]

    Call me a slow person, but that shortcut keyboard system looked way too confusing; original, but confusing.